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Teosyal, made by Teoxane Laboratories, is a range of hyaluronic acid based injectable dermal fillers. There are two product lines: Teosyal and Teosyal RHA. The Teosyal RHA product line is for the most mobile areas of the face: the perioral area, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead, and crow's feet. The Teosyal line addresses the appearance of lines, wrinkles, hollows, and scars; under-eye circles; adding volume; the appearance of the skin; and plumping the lips

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29 Years Old, Redensity Ii for Under Eye - Toronto, ON

I have been self conscious about the hollows under my eyes since I was a little girl and finally wanted to do something about it. I have never done anything like this before so I was a little nervous. The ladies from Skinjectables recommended Redensity ii to treat the dark circles and I could... READ MORE

Teosyal Filler - Japan, JP

Teosyal Filler has brought me ordeals 2 years after the injections as to hard spots and swelling from the outside of the nostril up ender my eye. No issues until after the 2 year mark. Moves from left side to right side to forehead where injections were made. Going to local doctor to see what... READ MORE

Amazing! - Leeds, GB

For years now ive been constantly told I look tried and had I slept okay? etc etc Ive also had a horrible bump in my nose which ive always wanted surgery for but could never afford or felt too vain to have done. I had a consultation with the doctor at skin doctor leeds which is in the UK... READ MORE

Has Anyone Used Dr. Gidon Frame in Vancouver BC for Injectables

Has anyone been treated by Dr. Gidon frame in Vancouver BC for fillers? I am most concerned about filling my tear troughs and want someone experienced who can achieve desired results. There are many horror story's of botched fillers and I have not been recommended anyone to see in Vancouver BC.... READ MORE

Eye Bags Begone. Toronto, ON

I am standing on my rooftop and want to give a shout out to Robyn Vandrmoor, RPN of Refine Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the absolute best. A magician. A miracle worker. I might even recommend her for sainthood. Yesterday, July 3 2015, I drove down to Toronto from... READ MORE

Teosyal with Dr Torgerson - Toronto, ON

After many misadventures with juvederm at other facilities .. temporary happiness and residual unhappiness, I finally had a meeting with DR torgerson. I expressed my disappointments with former fillers and how was beginning to feel that I did not look like I wanted to or what I did before.Dr... READ MORE

41 Years Old, 2 Kids. - Edmonton, AB

I had Teosyal in my cheeks, nasolabial folds, under eyes and lips in October, 2014 done by MD at his medical office. After the procedure got the written Treatment Plan: "every 9-12 months - Fillers 1/2 - 1 syringe ( 325- 650 CAD). " In the middle of January I noticed, that the effect of the... READ MORE

Teoysal Filler Cheeks, Nosolabial, Lips, NIGHTMARE Destroyed my Face - Vienna, Austria

I had teoysal injected 3.5 months ago in my cheeks(Redensity II) nosolabial (global action) and lips (teoysal kiss). Doctor injected too much and my face looked too full and unnatural. We tried to dissolve it already 4 times already with small portions of enzyme Hylase, but very slowly it's... READ MORE

Dr. Adibfar is an Artistic Genius! - Toronto, ON

I have been a delighted patient of Dr. Ali Adibfar for several years, and have the utmost respect and admiration for this genius in his field. I am now 65, and thanks to Dr. Adibfar’s outstanding skill with cosmetic injectables, I am proud to say that I look at least fifteen years younger; in f... READ MORE

21 Years Old - Dermal Fillers (Teosyal)

I wish I had stuck to Teosyal/dermal fillers only (instead of turning to invasive and irreversible surgery). Before my bad surgery experiences, I used dermal fillers for the nose, cheeks, and chin with fantastic results. The good thing is that if you don't like the results, you can always... READ MORE

Switched from Juvaderm Ultra to Kiss* - Costa Rica

I moved to costa rica and really needed a touch up my bottom lip. It was almost one year since I got juevaderm in Canada. It lasted about 12 months. Still I loved the way my lips looked after getting a filler, I needed a little more. I did my research and went to a certified dermitogist here in... READ MORE

Skinology is AMAZING! -Richmond Hill, ON

Had such great results here, love my eyes now, Skinology has great injector who made my dark circles and sunken eyes disappear. i feel so much better about how I look. great place. The people there are very experienced, they look natural and not overdone so I felt comfortable as they answerd all... READ MORE

Sleeping Beauty - Toronto, ON

A liquid face lift that has fooled everyone! Teosyal is a fabulous filler! Filler was strategically placed to make me look 10 years younger and well rested - no matter what! Was skeptical of results but have to say the compliments I've been getting speak for themselves "You look 10 years... READ MORE

I Had Lip Filler Teosyal - Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

It is a discusting product that goes lumpy and is nothing at all like juvederm which some people doctors using teosyal say,my mouth is all lopsided and I am considering getting it removed.I am seeing a doctor tomorrow or as soon as possible ,I am considering getting the product that removes... READ MORE

Teosyl Dreadful Still Swollen -Ukiah, CA

Had teosyl 8wks ago nasal labial folds and its started to get heavy lumps and feel rock hard , had to wait coue wks before surgeon could inject with hyalaurondise so therefore they had become very hard heavy swollen.after injection to dissolve 2times its still puffy on one side and lumps won't... READ MORE

Teosyal Liquid Facelift - Toronto, ON

After the stress of going through a divorce, I had lost some weight which was great except for my face as the extra fat filled out my face. I felt I looked somewhat deflated and my face drooped. I needed to put back some "weight" in certain areas to pick it back up! I went for a consult where... READ MORE

Teosyal - Azerbaijan

Had teosyal filler just once on my upper lips, it's been over 4 years and it still has not dissolved, worse thing is it's not even in my lips anymore, it is above them! I had a small amount in the lines side of mouth which feels lumpy too! I hate having any photos taken close up! It's permanent... READ MORE

Puffy Eye - Abbotsford, BC

Does anyone know if i can remould teosyal redensity? i had this filler injected under my eyes for dark circles but it seems that on the left the filler was placed too low and i now look tired like i have puffy bags under my one eye. should i have it dissolved or can i re-mould it?...i dont want... READ MORE

Dr. Jugenburg Is Quite Adept With Dermal Fillers! - Toronto, ON

The "Procedure Type" is a Dermal Filler (not listed in the choices on realself.com) My experience with Dr. Jugenburg at his office in the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute on May 22 2013, was a very good one. His office is beautiful and is located in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. ... READ MORE

Bad Teosyal Injections - Can I Get my Money Back? - United Kingdom

Three months ago I decided to get lip injections in my upper lip after deliberating for over a year. I did my research and went to the most prestigious (and expensive) treatment centre in my city. When I went for my 'consultation' I was rushed into making the decision by the receptionist to get... READ MORE

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