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Does anyone know if i can remould teosyal redensity? i had this filler injected under my eyes for dark circles but it seems that on the left the filler was placed too low and i now look tired like i have puffy bags under my one eye. should i have it dissolved or can i re-mould it?...i dont want... READ MORE

The "Procedure Type" is a Dermal Filler (not listed in the choices on realself.com) My experience with Dr. Jugenburg at his office in the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute on May 22 2013, was a very good one. His office is beautiful and is located in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. ... READ MORE

Three months ago I decided to get lip injections in my upper lip after deliberating for over a year. I did my research and went to the most prestigious (and expensive) treatment centre in my city. When I went for my 'consultation' I was rushed into making the decision by the receptionist to get... READ MORE

Hi, I have been using this dermal filler in my lips for 6 years now, constant. The first two years it had to be injected in every 6 months but after that I only need to do it every 14 months now! How amazing!!! This is the best filler I have used and stuck with, I have used... READ MORE

After 9 days from having the injection to correct my dark circles, it just looks unnatural. The lines that I had are now protuberant and I am just "lucky" I wear glasses so I can go to work without scarring people, at least I think it's not so noticeable. I hope the effect will fade away soon... READ MORE

I want to look a bit polished and take some wrinkles away. The outcome was disastrous. I look like a duck and the partitioner has been completely negligent. She was only after my money did lip augmentation which I did not asked for. I have two eye bags and a massive lip with uneven sides. Lots... READ MORE

I had my first lip injections done with juvederm xc. It literally lasted 3 weeks which was probably only the swelling that was giving me volume. I went to a friends clinic and had gotten half a syringe of teosyal. It's lasted me and the volume is still visible unlike the juvederm. I am in my... READ MORE

I wanted to try the teosyal kiss product to enhance my lips. It has been two months and my lips are very lumpy it has formed hard balls that are tender and when I wake up in the morning my lips are even more swollen as if they are retaining fluid. The worst filler for lips because it is not soft... READ MORE

I advise anyone thinking about getting any kind of filler treatment to think long and hard about it and to do extensive research first. I am extremely disappointed with my filler treatment on my cheeks. I have developed a large lump on the left side of my cheek that the doctor prescribed medrol... READ MORE

Dear Teosyal readers, I had Teosyal injected into my nose on Oct 20 2011. Started from the second week, it was leaking down on my left cheek made a big red lump, it was itchy and it made my face imbalanced and It made me 10 years older than before and I look very sick and dispirited. I went... READ MORE

I did my lip augmentation in augustus 2011 with teosyal. Now it looks somewhat fine but the first months my upperlip looked on the right side more thick than on the left side. My lip was asymetrical (sorry for the english but I live in Belgium). There was 1ml injected in my upperlip. Now my lip... READ MORE

I had two separate treatments of Teosyal. I wanted a liquid lift to give me back the cheekbones, and definition in my face that seemed to recently disappear at 36 years old! All I can say is wow! I love it. It not only helped me get the cheekbones back but my self esteem as well! There was... READ MORE

Syringe was defective & snapped during injection causing massive pain, bruising & swelling. Bruising on face was unsightly & lasted weeks. Teosyal warrantied & replaced defective syringe with practitioner. Matter was brought to Teosyal's attention & ignored. Unfortunately... READ MORE

I had two small lines under my eyes running down alongside my nose. I did not have bags under my eyes at all. Doctor told me Teosyal would correct the lines by filling the area and making them disappear. I assumed one injection each side of my nose area. Doctor proceeded to inject several times... READ MORE

Instead of having the full amount of a normal lip injection, I had the "mini lip injection" where the vile is separated into 4 viles, I had two, 1 for the upper and 1 for the bottom lip (So basically I had half of the normal amount injected into my lips) The pain was very minimal... READ MORE

I had lines appearing so thought a filler would do the trick,it did do for 3 months than it got lumpy i would have filler again but only if i had a skin test. just over a year ago i had teosyal injected in my lip, about 3 months later i developed a lump above my top lip, the doctor who... READ MORE

Help,i did it yesterday,its swollen but i stil see the lines,i dont think it works on me,who has the same experience,please tell me what is going on READ MORE

Pros of this procedure are lips look better than they used to before, but the cons is the pain during the procedure is somewhat unbearable!Hi, I did Teosyal Kiss injections only once in my lips in July 2008, and we are now almost in 2010 and my lips are still fully plumped! Is this possible?... READ MORE

Experience was good and pain free but worried about side effects as my lip is now sore. I had the procedure as wanted a more full upper and lower lip as work in the beauty industry.I had teosyal kiss put in my lip over a week ago and now my lip is swollen, itchy and hot to touch. It also looks... READ MORE

I had what I thought was restylane (but was actually Teosyal) injected into the naso-labial lines by a cosmetic nurse who had successfully treated me with botox in the past. The result was over-filling in the lower right cheek.I requested hylaronidase some weeks later, to diminish some of the... READ MORE

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