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Teosyal, made by Teoxane Laboratories, is a range of hyaluronic acid based injectable dermal fillers. There are two product lines: Teosyal and Teosyal RHA. The Teosyal RHA product line is for the most mobile areas of the face: the perioral area, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead, and crow's feet. The Teosyal line addresses the appearance of lines, wrinkles, hollows, and scars; under-eye circles; adding volume; the appearance of the skin; and plumping the lips

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Teosyal Kiss Dermal Filler - Mississauga, ON

I am extremely happy with how my lips look! I always had a small upper lip and was very subconscipous about it, until I got the Teosyal Kiss Filler. It wasn't as painful as I suspected, and my lips were quite numb during the procedure. I didn't get any bruisining, only some swelling for a couple... READ MORE

Nasolabial Folds, CELLULITIS Infection - London, TX

Dear all, my horrendous experience with Teosyal began 2 months ago (http://www.realself.com/question/blue-discolouration-nose-area-teosyal ===> few hours after treatment) and I really want to share with everybody what happened to me. I had a practitioner recommended to me by an... READ MORE

Amazing Mini Lip Augmentation - Mississauga, ON

I just got my lips done at a local cosmetic clinic/medical spa in Toronto, Canada. The doctor was AMAZING! She totally knew what she was doing and gave me exactly what I had asked for. I had done my research before getting my lips done so I knew exactly what I wanted and I loved that fact that... READ MORE

Teosyal... Still Evaluating - on Day Two and Totally Loving It

I got the mini-lip injection (Vancouver does it, haven't seen anywher else). Loved it - went in for a top lip and the nurse said my lips were even and that most people who want a fuller looking lip just do the bottom. She suggested I do both otherwise it could look uneven with just the top.... READ MORE

Teosyal - Bump After Three Years Still Here

Hi guys, I've seen realself was asking for more reviews on teosyal so here we go. I injected this product first in june 2007 five times and again in september 2008 two or three times.So I notice a bump after the first session in 2007 which is still here today. I made a biopsie to find out what... READ MORE

Teosyal to Straighten my Nose and Smooth Frown Lines - Love the Results but Quite Painful

Since my teens I've dreamt about getting a nose job but I've always been worried about the risks and couldn't justify the cost. I though I'd never get it done unless the price came down a lot. Recently I discovered that fillers can soften the shape of the nose as well as filling my frown lines... READ MORE

Teosyal Ultimate 3 for a 64-yr Old Female in Hamilton Ontario Canada

I chickened out on my facelift. It would have been my second one. My friends told me not to do it; that it wasn't necessary. I also started having nightmares - emotionally, I just wasn't prepared. In addition to being a newly minted senior, have lost about 15% of my body weight and a lot of fat... READ MORE

Teosyal Terrible Exerience! I Look Like a Duck.

I visited a well known lips boutique in Toronto to enhance my lips and left with a lumpy uneven duck mouth. I have used Juvederm before and was always happy with it as it never felt hard or lumpy. I am embarrassed to be seen now and can't wait to have it dissolved tomorrow. The injector used... READ MORE

Dark Circles and Fullness Under the Eyes.

The office staff, technicians and Doctors at Dr. Ellis's/Dr. Jumaily's office are very caring, informed and welcoming. I have learned about the latest procedures and what would be best for my skin. I have always left the offices feeling great and more positive about myself. I would highly... READ MORE

Terrible Filler! - Laval, QC

Used Juvederm for last 6 years and loved it! This product is not the same. Does not blend softly in skin and resulted in more hollow looking eyes that I didn't have before!! Can't wait for this to dissolve. At 7 month point and still not good! I can feel the product under my skin which I never... READ MORE

27 Years Old Redensity II for Under Eye Bags - Toronto, ON

I am only 27 years old but I had been struggling with deep asymmetrical eye bags after having gone through RAI treatment for Graves Disease and developing mild Thyroid Eye Disease. I spent years getting myself healthy again and got my condition under control and I decided it was time to do... READ MORE

Teosyal Product and Dr. Pamela Taylor , Part of Dr. Cory Torgersen Team

I have had so many consults with plastic surgeons over the years about facial paralysis from Bell's Palsy and what to do about the residuals of the paralysis. Years ago when this first happened, my mouth was on the right side of my face, and all the facial muscles had collapsed on that same side... READ MORE

Trans Women Get Fantastic Results with Facial Feminization Injections by Very Knowledgable Surgeon - Toronto, ON

Dr Adibfar's eye, experienced hand and surgical background provided an above and beyond the norm experience or me. I have have at least a dozen surgeries and consulted with countless surgeons for facial feminization but Dr Adibfar has now rise to the top 5 spots in my books. He explains... READ MORE

Teosyal Facial Injection - Toronto, ON

Dr Cory Torgerson helped me with various problems on my face and my nose and literally changed my look beyond my expectations. I could not believe the results in my nose definition, my youthful face, and the appearance of my lips all in just one procedure. I have visited other doctors before,... READ MORE

No Other Clinic Compares - Bristol, GB

The staff at Simon Lee's Aesthetic Medical Clinic provide a professional and personable service. Having been visiting the clinic for a couple of years I would not even consider going elsewhere. I've previously tried another clinic but it certainly does not compare to the standard of service... READ MORE

Botox & Lip/Cheek Filler 5 STAR ***** Toronto, ON

FIRST OFF, BEST PLASTIC SURGEON OFFICE I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO! Quinton is not your "typical" nerdy quiet surgeon. I went in for a consultation which was FREE by the way, and he was 100% HONEST and genuine. Very friendly and personable. The nurse and staff there were very welcoming as soon as I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Redensity Ii for Under Eye - Toronto, ON

I have been self conscious about the hollows under my eyes since I was a little girl and finally wanted to do something about it. I have never done anything like this before so I was a little nervous. The ladies from Skinjectables recommended Redensity ii to treat the dark circles and I could... READ MORE

Teosyal Filler - Japan, JP

Teosyal Filler has brought me ordeals 2 years after the injections as to hard spots and swelling from the outside of the nostril up ender my eye. No issues until after the 2 year mark. Moves from left side to right side to forehead where injections were made. Going to local doctor to see what... READ MORE

Amazing! - Leeds, GB

For years now ive been constantly told I look tried and had I slept okay? etc etc Ive also had a horrible bump in my nose which ive always wanted surgery for but could never afford or felt too vain to have done. I had a consultation with the doctor at skin doctor leeds which is in the UK... READ MORE

Has Anyone Used Dr. Gidon Frame in Vancouver BC for Injectables

Has anyone been treated by Dr. Gidon frame in Vancouver BC for fillers? I am most concerned about filling my tear troughs and want someone experienced who can achieve desired results. There are many horror story's of botched fillers and I have not been recommended anyone to see in Vancouver BC.... READ MORE

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