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29 Yrs Old Moderate Acne Since Forever - Glendale, CA

I've had bad skin since I was 13 years old. I've gone through all kinds of routes to address it- dietary changes, ProActiv regimens, oral antibiotics, photodynamic light therapy. The last gave me the best outcome by far, but it was way too expensive for me to keep up the treatments. Recently, I... READ MORE

Embarassing Acne

I have been dealing with adult acne, and it is the absolute worst. I've spent so much money on all the different washes and creams, with no improvement. It wasn't until I saw Dr. Ellern and was treated with the smoothbeam laser that I saw a change. Now, my skin is clear as can be! I got my face... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Very Oily and Sensitive Skin - Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi all, som I had my first smoothbeam treatment last week and would like to share my experience with you. I have very oily skin with large pores and breakouts. Beside this I have very sesnsitive relief with mild rosacea and time to time also seborhoic dermatitis...joy... I have tried many... READ MORE

Smoothbeam is Awesome for Oily Acne Prone Skin - Austin, TX

I'm 28, started breaking out when I was about 22, and I first tried Smoothbeam several years ago and did 4 treatments. The laser works by shrinking the oil producing glands in your skin, which do recover eventually, but it kept my skin clear for a couple of years. After suffering through some... READ MORE

My Miracle! - Houston, TX

I developed cystic acne 3 years ago, when I was 25 yrs old. I always had acne prone skin, but this was so bad that I wouldn't leave the house except for work. My face was in so much pain from the deep cysts. I changed my diet, had my hormones tested, tried new makeup, vitamins, everything except... READ MORE

Smoothbeam Treatment for Hormonal Acne, Chin Only - Rochester Hills, MI

I went for my first treatment 2 days ago. I insisted on specific settings and didn't use any numbing cream, and the office allowed it with a special waiver of liability. No redness after an hour, swelling, or pain. The next day, active lesions were better and entire area was less red then... READ MORE

Great Experience at Dr. ! - Laguna Niguel, CA

I have gone to Dr. Klein for the smoothbeam laser treatment, botox, juvederm and laser hair removal. One stop expert shop for all of my needs! READ MORE

Smoothbeam Laser for Scars - Santa Monica, CA

Please don't do the smoothbeam laser. I went for acne scars and I trusted the doctor/nurse and let me tell you, it has been a month and I got dark spot on my face after the treatment. so on top of my scars now I have t deal with dark spots on my face. READ MORE

Smoothbeam Left Marks on my Skin - Astoria, NY

I am Asian and have sensitive skin. The technician burned me and now my skin is left with dark circle marks. I hate it. READ MORE

Very Satisfied with Smoothbeam for Oily Skin / Acne

I had my first Smoothbeam laser treatment a week ago, and already oil production is way down. I didn't have terrible acne, just little bumps here and there. And since I'm going the Fraxel route in the future, I'd like to take care of the lingering acne issues than have it mess with the Fraxel... READ MORE

Non Ablative Laser Ruined my Skin!

In an effort to improve my excessively oily skin and a few mild indented scars I opted for Smoothbeam (non ablative) laser treatments. I'm very pale skinned (Northern European Caucasian) and told the dermatologist during the consultation that I tend to scar VERY easily (both hypo as well as... READ MORE

Smoothbeam Kind of Works

(female,30 years old) I had 1 smooth beam treatment (also a micro dermabration right before) last year. I didn't think it did anything at first..but after a couple of months I noticed I wasn't getting any big, painful zits..especially during the monthly break out.still small ones though..so... READ MORE

Smoothbeam Worked for Me!!!!

I've had 2 treatments already and I saw a difference after the 1st treatment. My coworkers tell me they see a great improvement. My oil production had reduced, and I can actually say that my BIG cystic acne (hormonal) are somewhat controlled. Usually I'll get like maybe 3-5 big ones, after the... READ MORE

Smoothbeam Did Absolutely Nothing

I had done it over a year ago, did one session/month for 4 consecutive months ($500/session, price excludes the numbing cream). I still have acne, still have scars. While I was getting the treatments, I was using topical creams like Duac (which does help a little) and Doxycycline. I also cut... READ MORE

Hated the Results and the Experience -stripes on both cheeks - Boston, MA

My experience was a disaster. I traded in major blood vessels for hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. In other words stripes on both cheeks. I am so depressed I could die. I wish I never had the procedure done. It was the first time I went to {doctor's name appears above for registered... READ MORE

Waste of Money; Scarred Me, Results Were Horrid

I have moderate acne scars on both of my cheeks. I've been trying to soften the appearance since 2001. I've also spent thousands of dollars doing non-ablative treatments. Anyways, back in 2003, the rave about Smoothbeam seemed promising. A lot of people gave positive feedback on the laser, so I... READ MORE

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