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Approved by the FDA for treatment of detached retinas, Silikon 1000 is a form of liquid silicone that's also used off-label as an injectable filler for wrinkles, facial volume loss, lip augmentation, and acne scar treatment.

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I am an eye surgeon who flew to MN to be treated by Dr. Joseph. I had rhinoplasty 8 years ago by another surgeon. Afterward I had a deep supra-alar crease on one side and alar retraction. I had seen his many successful results of treating these problems with Silicon 1000. Within 3-5 minutes... READ MORE

After a bad rhinoplasty and cartilage grafts that ended up leaving protrusions, I did not think there was much more I could do. I had radiesse a few times, which looked great, but always wore off and also carries a risk of dead tissue so doctors were reluctant to inject it into the nose. After I... READ MORE

Silikon 1000!!! the BEST . Doctor Kass is very knowledgeable and you can ask him anything. He makes time for the patient and still is very prompt with his appointments. He is AMAZING, very professional, very HONEST, and loves natural look, made me feel confident again. Because of him I... READ MORE

I would recommend Dr. Kass to anyone. I've been going to him for about a year in a half. I first got silikon 1000 with him and I've had very good results. He knows what he's doing and he definitely won't over inject. He's very careful with his work.. He absolutely will also listen to your every... READ MORE

I have always had thin lips and I was never happy with them. Finally, thanks to the amazing Dr. Eric Joseph, I HAVE lips! After two treatments (Jan 15 and Feb 28, 2015) they are full, look natural, and are absolutely beautiful! And they are forever. The procedure was rather painless and there... READ MORE

I was bit by a dog in the face when I was five, and my upper lip has been uneven ever since. The asymmetrical appearance of my upper lip and my crooked smile have been a major source of insecurity since I was little. A doctor in Fresno, CA recommended I research the micro droplet technique for... READ MORE

I am 33 years old and have always had deep tear troughs and malar bags which have gotten more pronounced with age. I recently researched options for improvement and decided a facial filler would be a good option. As a medical professional I wanted to trust my face to an expert and decided on Dr.... READ MORE

Ive heard so many great reviews on silikon 1000. Im trying to find a reputable board certified plastic surgeon in Ma or CT. I have wide depressed scars from acne. Not ice pick. I have had the Pearl procedure and 5 PIN procedures. Nothing has worked! Im having a hard time finding someone in my... READ MORE

I've had fat injected in lips. It looked great, but didn't stay. I don't like the lip implants and I don't want to keep doing it. I thought about fat injected in the eye under eye area, but it seems so expensive. I don't have time to wait and save. I need something done now. If anyone... READ MORE

I have had two rhinoplasties and my last one resulted in a few minor indentations in my nose. After researching my options, I came across Dr. Joseph and Silikon 1000. I read his website online and saw all of the wonderful before/after pics and reviews that were made about him. I figured since I... READ MORE

Doctor Joseph did an amazing job on this procedure, he was able to fix the bump I had with my nose, by having me get 2 treatments my nose already looks so much better, while still looking natural. He also was very direct and straight forward about the procedure and what was gonna be the best... READ MORE

I always wanted nice lips but I have had never courage to change something Very early this year I looked in the mirror and I thought: "man I'm getting older" and my lips are disappearing. I said to myself "I AM NOT READY TO GET OLDER......YET"*_* So I started to look for... READ MORE

I was going to put that I wasn't sure I felt it was worth it however after I thought about it I do have to say it is. I like a lot of young ladies really enjoyed by 20's and 2 years ago, I started to notice the consequences. Smoking on and off for nearly 10 years thinned my lips a lot and as a... READ MORE

Dr. Joseph is amazing! Just when I thought I had a horrible rhinoplasty, he assured me he could help, and he did! He answered all my questions and eased my fears. Unlike your typical doctor who will tell you what you want to hear, Dr. Joseph gives you his honest professional opinion. He has... READ MORE

My under eye bags were THE worst features I had to deal with . Well, actually, more like suffer with. I could not leave my house without putting any type of concealer on. Even when I did I still looked tired and unrested. Under eye concealer would just NOT do the job. No matter how much I... READ MORE

I made the decision earlier this year to get permanent lip augmentation with Silikon 100. My decision was based on approximately 40 hours of research over a six year period. Previously I received 3 lip augmentations with Restylane. I liked the results for Restylane but the injections were... READ MORE

I noticed as I got older that the (after 17 years old) that my nose started to look a bit different from before. I didn't want to go for surgery but after visiting Dr. Joseph's webpage I liked the idea that i could qualify for the silikon 1000 nonsurgical procedure. I am very happy with the... READ MORE

After years of dumping good $ into temporary fillers for my lips (& making tons of doctors very wealthy in the process) & researched options w/ the permanent filler, Silikon1000. I went to various consultations in New York City, and ended up going with Dr. Frank. I am so happy I did. I worked... READ MORE

I had a bad experience with Dr Thind. He promised to cure my Tinea Versicolor and asked me to send him pictures. He wanted me to pay him to send me medication by DHL but refused to tell me the name of the medicine. He ended up wasting my time and giving me false promises just so he can get paid.... READ MORE

I had very fine lines around my Mouth and had a little line in my chin filled in. After the swelling from the injection went down it was like I hadn't even had the filler it looks the same as before. Should I have some kind of difference ? I had my lips done and saw the results right away from a... READ MORE

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