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Only FDA-approved for retina surgery, Silikon 1000 is medical-grade silicone that has been used off-label to fill in wrinkles and create volume in the face. Silicone is called a permanent filler since it cannot be broken down by the body, or easily removed.

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Silikon 1000 for Acne Scars

I have really bad acne scars on my face and wanted to try the silikon micro droplet technique. After reading all the real self reviews I was very excited to try this in thoughts that it would help my acne scars! When I had my appointment, Dr. Joseph was really nice and explained what he was... READ MORE

Turned out great!

Had a silkion 1000 on one side of my nose. Also had several botox injections. Expected some bruising, but had none! Dr. Swetnam was very conservative with the amount of the injection. I agreed with that. It has been 5 days and I see the improvement, but no other signs of the injection. Very... READ MORE

Silikon for Chin and Lips - Delray Beach, FL

Was tired of spending money on fillers that didn't last. Decided to try silikon. Had 4 treatments to chin area over two years. Also tried 1 syringe in lips. My lower face has fallen to the point that I'm going for a chin implant, lower lift and neck lift. Would like to know if anyone has had... READ MORE

Thank You Dr. Eric Joseph - West Orange, NJ

I waited too long to visit Dr. Joseph. He fixed me and my awful rhinoplasty (from different doctor years ago). He is so funny and talented. He saw everything that was wrong. I may have to go for another set of injections in a few weeks but his caring, upbeat, and charismatic personality are... READ MORE

transformation no one thought possible

I had surgery on my broken nose ages ago. Two weeks following that surgery I broke my nose again. It has never the same. After decades of seeking help from very talented doctors -to no avail- I finally made an appointment with Dr Joseph. After two appointments I'm seeing... READ MORE

Best experience ever!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I am the worst at writing reviews but I need to at least try for this Doctor! I'll start by saying, Dr. Kotler is amazing - very sweet, very patient, very clear explanations of everything! I have had 2 of my 3 injections for a non-surgical nose job. After the first injection I literally cried in... READ MORE

Silicon 1000 - West Orange, NJ

This guy is amazing - traveled from Texas to see him after all the positive reviews on here - totally worth it AND I'll be back for a second treatment. His bedside manor is adorable and more importantly his work is fantastic READ MORE

Wonderful Experience with Silikon 1000 - Saint Petersburg, FL

I am a 48 year old male and I am writing because I want to help others who may need services like I needed. I broke my nose when I was in my 20’s, resulting in disfigurement and leading to two rhinoplasties by supposedly excellent surgeons. Despite their credentials, these surgeries left me n... READ MORE

30 Year Old in Need of a Nose Fix - West Orange, NJ

I have been going to see Dr. Joseph for over a year and can’t say enough about his care. I've been treated with Silikon-1000 for my nose & lips. From entering his office and working with his kind assistants, to the cleanliness and order of his treatment room, all the way to the check out p... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Treatment UK - Suggestions? - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

Hey folks, About me, bad acne in my teens, pretty bad scarring but not as bad as some. If you took the scars away you would probably say I was actually quite good looking. Sadly though my self esteem has been shattered over the last 2 years due to failed attempts at fixing my scars and actually... READ MORE

Awesome Experience! Fixed my Nose Dents Without Surgeries! - Beverly Hills, CA

I was always dissatisfied with my nose because of dents here and there but never wanted to have surgeries on my face ever...I didn't like the sound of temporary injections either because I hate having repeated treatments for life! But sadly most surgeons only offer temporary injections and I was... READ MORE

Silikon® 1000 - New York, NY

Had a procedure to fill cheek area from facial wasting. Each 1cc syringe costs $1000 (very small quantities (.01cc) of Silikon® 1000 are injected into an area with a limit of 1cc total at 4 week intervals Will have 4 or 5 more treatments over the 4 or 5 months for desired results. Will update ... READ MORE

Love my New Lips! - Clearwater, FL

I just finished my last treatment of Silikon with Dr. Kass. I started seeing him about a year ago and started this whole process. I wanted something permanent in my lips to make them fuller, but I didn’t want to have surgery. That’s when I found Dr. Kass on google. I read about Silikon 100... READ MORE

Awful Experience with Doctor Joseph and Silikon 1000 - West Orange, NJ

I need to entitle my opinion and of course my bad experience with this doctor. 2 months ago I had silikon injected in my nostril, nose, now I feel is the worst mistake I ever done in my life first because silikon should never be injected Ib the nose and especially near the tip. I consulted... READ MORE

Mi Experiencia Real Durante Estos 7 Anos De Tener Silicone Inyectado En El Cuerpo. Colombia, CO

Mi experiencia fue asi: Fui adonde una mujer en Florida para recibir inyecciones en los gluteos en el 2009, y pague $ 500 ... al día siguiente, viajó a mi tobillo. La mujer me dijo eleva la pierna, y se ira la inflamacion ... nunca lo paso . Empecé a tener dolor en el 2010, dificultades de sa... READ MORE

I Will Update This First Appt On Monday for Silikon 1000 Nose Augmentation. West Orange, NJ

The appointment was very east to schedule i will be seeing the Dr on monday and will report back with all details and photos i would like to document this here lets see how it goes i live in westchester so i will travel to N.J im a bit nervous about the debate over silikon in general but im... READ MORE

Excellent Results!! - West Orange, NJ

I went in to see Dr. Joseph to try to enhance my lips. My top lip was a bit larger then my bottom and I was also interested in a fuller look all around. I was pleased to see how nice he was and super friendly. Walked me through step by step of what was going to be done and I walked out a happy... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Wanted Larger Than Life Lips. West Orange, NJ

I've been coming to Dr. Joseph for probably five years now and I would not go anywhere else. It took me a while to get the look I was going for, as he is one of the "less is more" believers, and having adapted that belief, you are privileged to be one of his patients. There are many doctors out... READ MORE

Well Worth the Travel - New Jersey

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. I traveled from Vancouver, Canada to see why everyone loves this doctor so much and I was not disappointed. Dr Joseph has a cheery disposition and his work looks natural. There is nothing else you could wish for. He has high ethics, under... READ MORE

33 Year Old - Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Using Silikon 1000 - West Orange, NJ

For years I've been bothered by a slight asymmetrical bump on my nose that was the result of a childhood injury but I did not want to go through the expense and recovery of a rhinoplasty surgery. My sister in law recently had a nose job performed by Dr. Joseph and raved about him and his office.... READ MORE

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