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Approved by the FDA for treatment of detached retinas, Silikon 1000 is a form of liquid silicone that's also used off-label as an injectable filler for wrinkles, facial volume loss, lip augmentation, and acne scar treatment.

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Several years ago I had a rhinoplasty leaving me with an irregular crooked nose. My right nostril was missing cartilage & my nose tip appeared to be uneven. I had spoken to several plastic surgeons reguarding a revision rhinoplasty in which I would need cartilage grafts & a surgery which... READ MORE

I have had dark circles under my eyes ever since I can remember. I tried every possible product I could find that promised it was the solution. Even if I had a ton of energy I always looked tired, something had to be done. I came across Dr. Joseph an took a chance, it was the best thing I... READ MORE

I originally went to Dr. Joseph for him to reduce some of the bagginess under my eyes. People were always telling me I looked tired when I wasn't. While I was there I decided to have the folds around my nose and mouth done. No pressure from the doctor - I just saw how good it would look. Since... READ MORE

The positive thing is that the results are permanent and the disadvantage is that I did not research it enough to feel confident that it is safe and because I had a guest coming for the holidays, I let the doctor talk me into it because I was anxious to look good. They said I might be happy... READ MORE

I did some homework before actually venturing out to speak with a doctor about a procedure to diminish the lines that had cropped up around my mouth. I came across fillers like Juvederm and Restylane but did not like the idea of continually needing injections. Then I stumbled across Silikon 1000... READ MORE

12 years after a nose job that went terribly wrong, I was left feeling insecure and depressed. I decided I needed to make a change. Living in NYC, I had the best Dr.'s at my disposal. But I was soooo afraid of having a second nose job, especially since three of the doctors said they would need... READ MORE

I got my upper lip injected with silikon 1000 and love the results. I was able to right to work, I had no pain. It looks great and-- natural! No duck mouth here READ MORE

I have always had dark areas under my eyes which I accept since it is a hereditary trait. What I did not like however is that the volume under my eyes had gone down. I have no problem camouflaging my dark circles with makeup but I cannot hide the tired sunken in look and loose skin my eyes have... READ MORE

I was unhappy when I looked in the mirror. All I saw were the deep lines around my mouth, my thinning lips and the deep frown lines on my forehead. My sister had gone to Dr. Joseph for similar issues and had great success with her treatment. I decided to take a look at Dr. Joseph's website. I... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty surgery performed by another doctor in 1994, It looked good for a few years but i started to notice a very lopsided, indented and unnaturally pointy nose. I felt extremely uncomfortable with my appearance and did not want to undergo another rhinoplasty in fear of it looking... READ MORE

I have been going to see Dr. Joseph for over a year and can’t say enough about his care. I've been treated with Silikon-1000 for my nose & lips. From entering his office and working with his kind assistants, to the cleanliness and order of his treatment room, all the way to the check out p... READ MORE

Hey folks, About me, bad acne in my teens, pretty bad scarring but not as bad as some. If you took the scars away you would probably say I was actually quite good looking. Sadly though my self esteem has been shattered over the last 2 years due to failed attempts at fixing my scars and actually... READ MORE

I was always dissatisfied with my nose because of dents here and there but never wanted to have surgeries on my face ever...I didn't like the sound of temporary injections either because I hate having repeated treatments for life! But sadly most surgeons only offer temporary injections and I was... READ MORE

Dr. Jay G. Barnett is described as a pioneer in the use of liquid injectable silicone so I had high hopes for my appointment with him, but unfortunately these were quickly shattered. He had barely entered the room before he said he didn't want to treat me. I insisted he at least take a look at... READ MORE

Had a procedure to fill cheek area from facial wasting. Each 1cc syringe costs $1000 (very small quantities (.01cc) of Silikon® 1000 are injected into an area with a limit of 1cc total at 4 week intervals Will have 4 or 5 more treatments over the 4 or 5 months for desired results. Will update ... READ MORE

I just finished my last treatment of Silikon with Dr. Kass. I started seeing him about a year ago and started this whole process. I wanted something permanent in my lips to make them fuller, but I didn’t want to have surgery. That’s when I found Dr. Kass on google. I read about Silikon 100... READ MORE

I need to entitle my opinion and of course my bad experience with this doctor. 2 months ago I had silikon injected in my nostril, nose, now I feel is the worst mistake I ever done in my life first because silikon should never be injected Ib the nose and especially near the tip. I consulted... READ MORE

Mi experiencia fue asi: Fui adonde una mujer en Florida para recibir inyecciones en los gluteos en el 2009, y pague $ 500 ... al día siguiente, viajó a mi tobillo. La mujer me dijo eleva la pierna, y se ira la inflamacion ... nunca lo paso . Empecé a tener dolor en el 2010, dificultades de sa... READ MORE

The appointment was very east to schedule i will be seeing the Dr on monday and will report back with all details and photos i would like to document this here lets see how it goes i live in westchester so i will travel to N.J im a bit nervous about the debate over silikon in general but im... READ MORE

I went in to see Dr. Joseph to try to enhance my lips. My top lip was a bit larger then my bottom and I was also interested in a fuller look all around. I was pleased to see how nice he was and super friendly. Walked me through step by step of what was going to be done and I walked out a happy... READ MORE

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