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Revision Rhinoplasty Next Month Hopefully!!! Philadelphia, PA

So I wanted rhinoplasty since I was 12 when I had first learned about the procedure. I had a large dorsal hump and just all over not very feminine nose and was always made fun of and known as the girl with the big nose. When I finally turned 18 my parents agreed to let me get it done! We went to... READ MORE

29 Year Old Single Mother in Need of a Rhinoplasty Revision - West Orange, NJ

I needed a procedure done to restore a more natural look to my nose that had been over-operated and appeared twisted. Unfortunately, my nose did not have a full correction with the previous procedures done by two different certified plastic surgeons. I remember writing down all the pros of... READ MORE

Dreams Do Come True !!! - West Orange, NJ

For years I thought about improving the way my nose looked. I thought a subtle change would help me to feel better about myself. So I decided to have rhinoplasty surgery by a qualified and reputable Doctor in NY. The day after surgery I became concerned when I noticed a small dent near the tip... READ MORE

Best $1350 I Spent in a While! - West Orange, NJ

I'm usually a happy smiley person and lately I've been antisocial and never wanted to get my picture taken because I can see how my face has aged. I wanted to get rid of the tired look and deepening nasolabial folds. I've done perlane and restylane which had good results but it wasn't permanent.... READ MORE

Revised Rhinoplasty with NO Surgery!! - West Orange, NJ

I had a Rhinoplasty done back in 2008. After the swelling went down after a year, I was very unhappy with the results. My nose was very thin and I was unhappy with how the tip looked. I had 2 sessions of the Silikon treatment and I am very pleased with the results. My nose looks more even... READ MORE

Do Not Wait, Go to Dr. Kotler. I Shouldn't Have Waited This Long! Beverly Hills, CA

So I had a rhinoplasty about 12 years ago ( from different doctor). That doctor thinned out the bridge (yuck) and after a few years it collapsed on both sides and made the bridge even thinner and asymmetric. There was an indent here a twist here an indent there.. Hated it. Hated it so much. ... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Silikon 1000! - West Orange, NJ

This procedure was pain free, symptom free and absolutely permanent. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants beautiful results that will last a lifetime thanks to the skill and expertise of my Dr. I wanted to look more youthful and am totally happy about my decision and results... READ MORE

Tom Lattarulo. West Orange, NJ

I'm very satisfied with my results .To tell the truth it went beyond my expectations. ..I have had other procedures done for my acne scarring nothing worked until I went to dr. Joseph...finally I found something that worked..If you're a person that's is going through what I went through ... READ MORE

Horrible Eye Circles FILLED In! It Looks Great! - West Orange, NJ

I had a rough summer taking care of a sick relative, it drove me into the ground with stress! I had looked around for solutions for my increasingly hollow eye sockets that make me look skeletal and worn out. I had spent wasted money on fillers that could only be used in my cheeks like juvaderm,... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Lips - New York, NY

I received silikon 1000 lip augmentation from Dr. Slupchynskyj at his office in NYC. I was more-or-less pleased with the results, however the left side of my upper lip appears to be filled more than the right side. I called to schedule another appointment to have it evened out and some more fill... READ MORE

The Sweetest Dr & Staff Ever! - Orange, NJ Silikon 1000 for lips after failed fat transfer & other fillers

I traveled to NJ Saturday June 28th before NYC Urban Ink Tattoo Convention ... I took lots of selfies before and after. Dr Eric Joseph was amazing :0) very comforting and informative. His staff was very helpful as well! I saw many reviews from his patients and he is the best person to do this... READ MORE

Lips, Silicone 1,000 - West Orange, NJ

I have already had 3 syringes injected. Last one almost two months ago. I absolutely love my lips right now. They look natural and feel soft. Every syringe was injected with 1,5 months in between. I had a few bumps (not too bad though) and the doctor injected them with something at no cost.... READ MORE

22YO Lip Enhancement - South Orange, NJ

BACKGROUND INFO: I had JuvedermXL injections done by another local plastic surgeon which left visible bumps under my lip and did not last more than 4wks.PROS: Walking into Dr. Joseph's office was one of the best decisions I made! His staff reduced my anxiety greeting me with friendly smiles and... READ MORE

Nostril Reduction

I originally came to Dr. Joseph with the intent of somehow lowering my nostrils the slightest bit. To me, it seemed like they were too visible from the front view and it really bothered me every time I looked at it. With the help of a small silicone injection, Dr. Joseph was able to help me... READ MORE

(2) Silikon 1000 Treatments for Lips- VERY Happy - Orange, NJ

I was unsatisfied with the appearance of my lips for a long time and after lots of research I chose to get Silikon 1000 from a great and experienced doctor (Dr. Joseph). I had Juvederm injected to my lips before but didn't like the swollen appearance and how quickly it went away. I wanted... READ MORE

Non-surgical Revision Rhinoplasty. The Best $$$ Spent. West Orange, NJ

I am very happy with my results. I had traditional rhinoplasty over 15 years ago that resulted in asymmetry. I was nervous to get full nose- job again for fear results would not be much better. I am sooo glad I discovered Dr. Eric Joseph. He is excellent at what he does. The experience... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Corrected my Undereye Hollows - West Orange, NJ

I had a filler procedure in Feb of 2010 and was not happy with the result.I had swelling, redness, and a white bump under my eye for a few months!! I researched facial specialists and made an appointment for free consultation with doctor I found to be specialized and experienced in fillers and... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Nose Job Using Silikon 1000 - West Orange, NJ

So let me start off by saying I always disliked my nose. I had a bump on the dorsum and my tip was a little droopy. I had my first rhinoplasty about 3 years ago by another surgeon and was left with an open roof deformity. I was unhappy so decided to get revision. About 6 months ago I went to a... READ MORE

Lipodysthopy (Facial Waste) Silicon 1000 - New York, NY

I would like to share my experience with DR OLEH SLUPCHYINKY,and the very positive results.I was having some serious sinus problems. Which making it. Difficult to sleep and breathing also I had a condition called LIPODYSTHOPY ( FACIAL WASTE) with causes SUNKEN CHEEKS.I went for a consultation... READ MORE

West Orange - Dr. Joseph - AMAZING! - West Orange, NJ

I've had two surgeries on my nose - first was a septo/rhino and the second was a revision because I couldn't breathe out of my right nostril. That was fixed but I was left with a concave section on the right side of my nose. I read about Dr. Joseph on here and on makeupalley.com and decided to... READ MORE

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