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Silicone injections are sometimes used in augmentation or enhancement procedures. LEARN MORE ›

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Best Non-surgical Rhinoplasy - Beverly Hills, CA

I highly recommend Dr. Kotler to anyone who is considering a nose job. Besides his amazing staff who make you feel so comfortable and loved every single time, Dr. Kotler has the best bed side manners and is so knowledgeable in his field. He takes his time to examine the nose thoroughly and... READ MORE

Injections - Chicago, IL

I live in Chicago I'm looking for a safe injector. Pls help. I've been researching for months. I'm scared but I really need this done. Pls message me. I hv others whom who like to acquire this information as well. I was hoping to have this dine inarch or april. How long does the injection... READ MORE

I Got Butt Injections About 9 Years Ago and Everything Was Fine Until - New York, NY

Hi real self, I've never wrote on a blog like this before but after reading so many reviews I felt obligated to share my story and I hope it helps someone out there. I had my butt injected once when I was about 19yrs old by a Colombian lady named Barbara in a spa. I knew a lot of girls that did... READ MORE

scare 3 years i had my but injected no reaction yet.:( - Los Angeles, CA

Hi well my problem is that 3 years ago i had my but injected with silicone :( i dont have any problem but ill like to remove it cause they say is bad, i got so scare they said is better to remove it than to have it..... can someone help me with more info if they had this problem and if theres a... READ MORE

My Sixth Visit to the Buttocks Docter

HI GUYS I ALWAYS WISHED FOR A BIGGER BEHIND . WAS NOT BLESSed at birth. I mean my cheeks sucked in more than my back. Not cute!!! SO I STARTED MY JOURNEY 2 years ago. After hearing horror stories about injections i still became very curious... I meet a stripper who had a kim kardasian Bubble... READ MORE

Deadly Silicone Injections Buttocks - New York, NY

I was injected with silicone 700 cc approximately five to six months ago and almost died in March. I was in a coma in a New York hospital. I was injected by a woman who said her name was Melanie from Miami. Melanie dissappeared as soon as I became ill. She was recommended by a friend who is now... READ MORE

Very Risky! - New York, NY

I had 3 rounds of injections last year and the doctor injected too much in several areas giving me bumps all over my face! My face looked very bumpy and all the subsequent doctors i saw said it was obvious i had silicone injected. I finally had to get the bumps surgically excised- one on my left... READ MORE

Silicone for Acne Scars - Saint Petersburg, FL

I've always wanted to do something about my acne scars and came in for a consultation to discuss my options. He was very honest with me about expectations, and wanted to ensure that I was not expecting perfection. Instead of selling me on more expensive laser therapies, he recommended a more... READ MORE

15 Years and Happy - South Bend, TX

I had my face treated due to lipodistrophy from HIV meds. Lipodistrophy also caused me to lose fat in my butt---was totally flat. i had 7 treatment with microdroplet silicone. i look great and have had several MRI scans (due to other illnesses) and the buttock area is still showing microdroplets... READ MORE

Butt & Hip Injections - Chicago, IL

I only had my silicone injections for a little while, but so far i dont have any problems, it took me about a week to heal and my ass jiggles and its soft. im a stripper and i live in chicago, our clubs are all about the ass. i was always insecure about my butt but i never had the guts to do it.... READ MORE

When Will I Notice Results? - Miami, FL

4 days ago I recieved 800cc of silicon oil injection into my buttocks (400cc each) I have yet to notice a change in size. Im still a little sore but how long does it take to show results. I know the complications and fully accept my risk, just inquiry about the results and timeline... READ MORE

Silicone Dangerous - NY

I had 2 treatments with liquid silicone for traumatic scars on my face, many of these i believe were not suitable for treatment with any filler. i have been treated in well established and known dermatologist office and i thought i was in safe hands. unfortunately i have ended with very ugly... READ MORE

Lose the wrinkles - Great Doctor! - New York, NY

Lose the wrinkles/look younger READ MORE

Silicone Breast Injections - Chicago, IL

I was 17, and this "doctor" was giving these silicone shots in a hotel and my girlfriends and I went and had the shots done.Since then my mammograms have shown my breasts to be very dense, and they are cystic I'm told. How do I know if they are 'cystic' or otherwise? Is... READ MORE

Got SILICONE INJECTIONS Wanted It Removed Got It 20 Years Ago - New Orleans, LA

Well of course it looks fantastic at first, laugh lines are gone, boobs are huge and hips rounder, but eventually reality sets in over time... I have very nice breasts, so far, I have always worn a sports bra, they are actually tear dropped or so Im told, but I have just started to notice a... READ MORE

Please Don't Do It! - Florida

Had a series of 100 dollar injections 20 years ago, when there were no alternatives like restylane. looked great for 10 years. the job was well done at first. men flocked to me. now they don't even look twice. all the silicone is sagging, leaving me looking 10 years older than my age. my... READ MORE

He's the BEST! - West Orange, NJ


Polymer 350

Owing to dimples in my face I had a filler (biopolimery 350) injected in my cheeks 2 years ago. with time it has moved down and now it bulges a little on both lower parts of my cheecks. READ MORE

After Effects of Silicone Injections in my Buttocks

I am very depress for the decision I made to have silicone injections in my buttocks. I asked the person injecting me was this real silicone and she assured me it was. The procedure went fine until several months had expired and i notice my butt was firming up, so much that it feels like a rock.... READ MORE

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