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Silicone injections are sometimes used in augmentation or enhancement procedures. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm so happy I found help! Im excited to get this junk out my trunk! (Literary!) I recently travel down to Miami for a consultation with Dr gallerani. He explained to me the dangers of the situation. Of having butt injections.. I immediately knew I had to get the stuff out out of my body. He... READ MORE

Hola mi pesadilla comenso hace alrededor de 8 anos en la.rep dom cuando por vanidad me inyecte biopolimeros en caderas vulva y pantorillas desde ese dia comemso mi pesadilla unos granulomas y ardor y picor horibles y no encontraba doctor k pudiera resolver mi problema hasta k me comenta de uno... READ MORE

Bueno comenzare con mi caso de biopolimeros es tan dificil para mi ya que estoy en depresion constante y mas con este mal que me ha asechado , no duermo por estar pensando en este terrible mal que tengo mi pesadilla comenzo en junio de el 2012 en monterrey n.l. mexico ahi al ver los fabulosos... READ MORE

My experience with Dr Mallol by far was amazing. I went in for reconstructive surgery to my hips, and buttocks. 7 years ago I made the mistake of putting silicon gel on my buttons that migrated down to my hips and legs. He lipo my legs and belly in order to transfer the fat into my muscles in... READ MORE

Recently went for a consultation with dr shahine in Nyc I saw on YouTube that he takes out liquid silicone with out cutting the butt open. During the consultation he was very informative and what he was saying actually made sense unfortunately he has so many bad reviews I'm nervous but desperate too READ MORE

I went to see dr gallerani because I had made such a big mistake to have silicone injections done in a place called Bella beauty . My skin started to turn black not a lot of dr deal with this situation that a lot of girls are dealing with . Before the surgery I always felt like fainting now that... READ MORE

I got silicone injections in my ass as well.. yes it doesnt have any lumps and my injector are quite good at it coz of long time experience. But for me as now having a nice ass are worried for d future complications.. its a foreign liquid that will be injected to our body. (Liquid)--> so it may... READ MORE

METACRILL LEAVES EYES UNDER ME VERY noted! BOULE lumps and necrosis! I've been consuming operation under the eyes have scars and eyes to cry! I would like SOMEWHAT looked better, but I have not enough money and since October I'm on sick leave! What would be done with a scar? FACELIFT LIKE WHAT?... READ MORE

About 30 years ago I received a few silicone injections in the cheek. Nothing could be seen for several years. But now 2 small bumps appear because my skin decreases and I think it will be worse later. On the left side it's very superficial but it's deeper and bigger right side. Very unnatural... READ MORE

I've had this disaster on my buttocks for 10 years and im soo ready to get it out. I have hard lumps and discolorations in the area. I hear Dr. Carlos alberto Rios is specialized in this procedure in removing this substance with minor scars. I never been to colombia as i am from nyc. Is anyone... READ MORE

Hello my name is Aaliyah. In 2007 i had my first injection of liquid silicones to make my butt bigger. After a few months the volume seemed to become less so had more let inject. Over the course of a few years i let inject. Multiple times silicones. Unfortunately it was done on the Black... READ MORE

I've always felt self conscious about the appearance of my nose it from when I injured it as a kid and it didn't heal back properly, it grew back with a slight hump on the side of it. Dr Lawrence and the staff were very helpful and informant, Dr Lawrence explain to me what he thought would be... READ MORE

I had very bad acne scars all over the face. Due to my jobs on stages, I had tried almost everything to fix the scars. I heard about Silicone injection years ago, but I chose laser treatments, after 12 courses of fraxel, which costs fortune when it just came out, which never gave me satisfying... READ MORE


Hi, I don't normally come on site to give common. because I've been told if you don't have something nice to say then don't say nothing, Well I like to give credit where is due. for the past two years I have some keloid under my neck and face. for what I read on line I thought the was no help... READ MORE

Hello ladies I had silicone injected in me in 2007 thinking it was a vitamin and I wanted to share what Ive learned from experience and research. When you first get your silicone injection shots they look great. The butt is nice big and giggly at first. With the years you start to develop lumps... READ MORE

It is not acceptable by most doctors to inject silicone into an area of the face! It moves! I had it done to my lips, and the results were bad. After a few years, the silicone micro droplets moved south, gravity always wins. Some of them got infected, say, when I had a cold, then I would have to... READ MORE

I went to a nurse and cosmetician at her home for a few years. Over that period of time, she did permanent eyebrows and eyeliner for me, which I was happy with.What I am not happy with was injections she did. She did some silicon injections on my marionette lines and also smile lines. I... READ MORE

Around December /November I had permanent filler done on my face by a Brazilian Dr in New york. She is a real Dr. who comes to NY twice a year to inject what she calls bioplastique, which is a permanent filler approved in the European Union (but i think she lies and charges an arm and a leg for... READ MORE

I highly recommend Dr. Kotler to anyone who is considering a nose job. Besides his amazing staff who make you feel so comfortable and loved every single time, Dr. Kotler has the best bed side manners and is so knowledgeable in his field. He takes his time to examine the nose thoroughly and... READ MORE

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How much do Silicone Injections cost?

The typical cost for Silicone Injections ranges from $17-$5,980 with an average cost of $2,175. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 55 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more