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Silicone @ 11 Years Ago

Sooooo I think I have just about been through the ups and downs about this big mistake that I made. I had no idea that wanting a bigger butt would have costed me a lifetime of pain to get rid of this poison out of my body. I have spent months after months almost a year now trying to find someone... READ MORE

37 Year Old Wanted Permanent, Fuller Lips - Tulsa, OK

I had juvaderm back in Sept/October and absolutely loved it! I wanted to keep it up but it was just too much $. I found Dr Cuzalina at Tulsa Surgical Arts and flew out here from Las Vegas to have it done. I really liked him, the staff was amazing and I had overall a great experience. It's inly... READ MORE

Liquid Silicone for Acne Scars... Best Money Every Spent! - New York, NY

I never write reviews. I mean, never. What's compelled me to write this one is: 1) I'm thrilled with the results I've seen with the procedure thus far, 2) I think it's important for people like me who have suffered from acne scars to be able to make informed decisions based on actual patient... READ MORE

Silicone with Kenalog Injections Complicated Deformity - Los Angeles

After silicone injections made lips unnaturally large with some lumping, kenalog was injected. This caused additional swelling, atropy, dimpling and further enlargement. Please respond with the detrimental effects of kenaglog injections into lips to remedy excessive silicone, and what can be... READ MORE

Silicone Injections

I went to see a highly respected NYC PS doctor for an asymmetrical chin, some excess skin on my neck and the nasolabial folds. He injected silicone under my eyes, On the bridge of my nose and in the nasolabial folds. It has been exactly 3 months and there are bags and puffiness under my... READ MORE

Silicone Injections to Fill Depressions Caused by Acne Scarring.

Many people are negative on medical-grade silicone injections. I disagree. I'm a 50 year old male who had acne as a teenager. Scarring occurred and I was in search of a permanent solution. About 15 years ago, I had a Board Certified dermatologist in New York City inject micro-droplets of... READ MORE

I had an awesome time

My name is Lenore, and I have been seeing Dr.Slupchynskj for Lip enhancement by Silicon injections in both upper and bottom lips. Previously, I have been to about three different lip enhancement surgeons and none of the three was successful nor comparable to Dr.Oleh's results. He was and is very... READ MORE

Dr. Barnett is the Best - Boca Raton, FL

I am very pleased with the care provided to me by Dr. Barnett today. I am fifty-nine years old. I had some lines on my face and I had a drawn look, near my cheeks. Dr. Barnett put a numbing agent on my face and fifteen minutes later, administered silicone injections. It's been a few hours... READ MORE

65 Year Old Very Reformed and Very Former Sun Worshipper!! - Spring Lake, NJ

I had received silicone injections in my upper lip a few years ago and was so pleased with the procedure and the total experience, that I returned for a little tweak. Dr Sterling and his staff are so welcoming, friendly and listen carefully to their patients to give them the best advise and... READ MORE

Silcone Facial Injections. Beverly Hills, CA

I decided to do silicon injections because it is permanent and very safe when done the right way. Dr. Emer explained the procedure step by step and with his experience made the procedure minimally painful and worth it. I am very Happy With The Results!!! I would recommend the Roxbury Institute... READ MORE

do not i repeat do not do silicone injections - Palm Coast, FL

I just want to write a review about a topic that seems to not have a lot of people warning other people about the dangers of it. I had silicone injections 6 years ago. I have not had any serious complications that I can truly say were related to it and I thank God that I have not and pray that I... READ MORE

Biggest Mistake I Had - Malaysia

I got silicone injections in my ass as well.. yes it doesnt have any lumps and my injector are quite good at it coz of long time experience. But for me as now having a nice ass are worried for d future complications.. its a foreign liquid that will be injected to our body. (Liquid)--> so it may... READ MORE

METACRILL MI Liquidated Handsome Face!

METACRILL LEAVES EYES UNDER ME VERY noted! BOULE lumps and necrosis! I've been consuming operation under the eyes have scars and eyes to cry! I would like SOMEWHAT looked better, but I have not enough money and since October I'm on sick leave! What would be done with a scar? FACELIFT LIKE WHAT?... READ MORE

72 Years Old - Canada

About 30 years ago I received a few silicone injections in the cheek. Nothing could be seen for several years. But now 2 small bumps appear because my skin decreases and I think it will be worse later. On the left side it's very superficial but it's deeper and bigger right side. Very unnatural... READ MORE

Silicone Injections Gone Bad

I've had this disaster on my buttocks for 10 years and im soo ready to get it out. I have hard lumps and discolorations in the area. I hear Dr. Carlos alberto Rios is specialized in this procedure in removing this substance with minor scars. I never been to colombia as i am from nyc. Is anyone... READ MORE

Silicones Injections in Buttocks and Hips Go Terribly Wrong - Belgium

Hello my name is Aaliyah. In 2007 i had my first injection of liquid silicones to make my butt bigger. After a few months the volume seemed to become less so had more let inject. Over the course of a few years i let inject. Multiple times silicones. Unfortunately it was done on the Black... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Nose Filler for a More Natural Look Due to Nose Injury - St Petersburg, FL

I've always felt self conscious about the appearance of my nose it from when I injured it as a kid and it didn't heal back properly, it grew back with a slight hump on the side of it. Dr Lawrence and the staff were very helpful and informant, Dr Lawrence explain to me what he thought would be... READ MORE

Totally Worthy It. - New York, NY

I had very bad acne scars all over the face. Due to my jobs on stages, I had tried almost everything to fix the scars. I heard about Silicone injection years ago, but I chose laser treatments, after 12 courses of fraxel, which costs fortune when it just came out, which never gave me satisfying... READ MORE

Silicone Injections for Symmetry - Portland, OR


Miramar Dermatology #1 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I don't normally come on site to give common. because I've been told if you don't have something nice to say then don't say nothing, Well I like to give credit where is due. for the past two years I have some keloid under my neck and face. for what I read on line I thought the was no help... READ MORE

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