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Oh, Yes, VERY Worth It - Fair-skinned, Freckled Redhead

My 1st foto was incredible! I did not experience much discomfort, at all (did use a numbing lotion)but I don't have a high pain tolerance, so thought it would be worse.I am very fair and wanted to get rid of some darker sun spots (I already have freckles)...not only are they gone - my skin looks... READ MORE

Can a Photofacial Treatment Dissolve Radiesse?

I had radiesse filler for my "laugh lines". Then I had a photofacial done one month later. Radiesse filler was great! Photo facial left alot of bruising and even one minor burn about two inches long on my forehead. It's been four days and swelling and bruising still very evident. I had... READ MORE

Blister on my Cheek from Photofacial

I did my first photofacial with my dermatologist in Dallas, Tx. Actually it went great except I had one area on my cheek develop a hugh blister. It filled with a lot of fluid. The blister was the size of at least a half dollar coin. Next morning I called, and she put me on bactroban ointment,... READ MORE


I had two photofacial done, 2 1/2 weeks a part. I was told that the photofacial would help me get rid of active acne, acne scars, and sun spots. So I signed up for 5 treatments. after two treatments I don't see any change but I am breaking out more.Is this normal during treatment. I have three... READ MORE

Worth Your Time and Money if You Hate Your Skin Like I Do

I had a photofacial because I had some redness from past acne breakouts that seemed to never get any better and the texture of my skin wasn't terrible but it bothered me. The procedure was a little uncomfortable in areas of the face but nothing to cry about. I immediately noticed the... READ MORE

Results from One IPL Facial

I have capillaries around my nose showing and some sunspots with large pores around my t-zone. After my first IPL facial I noticed less capillaries around my nose and some improvement on my sunspots. Pores look about the same to me. The doctor said I'd probably need three treatments. I'm... READ MORE

Not Happy with Results and Very Expensive - NOT WORTH IT

I had 3 treatments. . . first one seemed to work a little bit. . the 2nd and 3rd actually made it worse. i do not advise this for hyperpigmentation. does not work. READ MORE

Photofacial-moderate Improvement

I purchased a package which included 3 photofacials and 3 microdermabrasion sessions. I've completed all but 1 photofacial. This series has lightened some of the discolorations from sun damage but has not completely removed it. I guess I was expecting better results. The first treatment went... READ MORE

Had Good Skin to Begin with So It Didn't Make Much Difference

I purchased a package of 5 FotoFacials & 5 Microdermabrasions. But, even at 37, I had good skin to begin with. So I didn't see much improvement. My husband had it done, too. He had acne scars and oily skin and it really made a huge difference. I would only recommend if you have bad skin to... READ MORE

Great Results from Photo Facial

I have always had broken facial capillaries around my nose and cheek area, but I was always able to hide them with makeup, but the older I have gotten, 45 yrs old, the worse they have become and it became harder to cover them up. The extra foundation makeup was making me look older. I finally... READ MORE

First Time Was Fine!

I had my first IPL and was scared after reading reviews on this site. I went to a popular med spa in my area. The owner of the salon does all of the facial IPL work and performs a ton of them. The cooling gel went on and then the zaps began. I flinched for every one. She stopped to give me a... READ MORE

One to the Face, So Far, and Now I Want to Do my Chest, Too!

US $150 for 1 IPL treatment by a certified laser tech under a doctor's supervision. The doctor was present at the facility, but not in the room. The equipment was a StarLux500 by Palomar. I'm 46 with skin type high II/III -- white, but not too pale, with a very rosy undertone. I don't have... READ MORE

Not So Sure About Fotofacial

I had a fotofacial done by a medical doctor on Thursday. Today is Saturday and my face looks horrible right now. I have a medium complexion. Most reviews about IPL's tell you there is no down time and most can return to work. That is not true in all cases. I have reddish/brown spots and scabs... READ MORE

IPL in Florida

I have just started the IPL treatment and I am amazed with the immediate decrease in my hyperpigmentation. After years in the sun I developed the darkening on my forhead and around my eyes, I had tried all high end products available before venturing into the medspa. Truely, if your disturbed... READ MORE

Dramatic Improvement in Texture and Sun Damage

I have had this done 2ce - I need to have a couple more but even after one "Photo facial" treatment, I saw marked improvement. At first, your skin looks awful but then as the old skin sloughs off, baby butt soft skin with less spotting emerges. I recommend having it done on a Friday... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old and a medium skinned hispanic. - Great Results! - La Mirada, CA

I'm 28 years old and a medium skinned hispanic. I have undergone a series of 4/5 treatments so far using a broad band light for my photofacial. I used to go tanning a lot in my late teens/early 20's and the sun damage it caused bothered me even though it was minor. My skin glows now without... READ MORE

A Waste of $1200 - Charlotte, NC

I had the IPL photofacial. A series of 3 treatments. They threw in a fourth for free because it was even clear to the people providing the treatment that the first three had accomplished nothing. In fact, I think the hyperpigmentation is actually worse, brought more of the melanin to the surface... READ MORE

Pigmentation Removal Satisfactory

I worked in intense sun for many years and have many flecks of pigmentation. Results are satisfactory but not dramatic. but am still half way through a series of 5 treatments. The pigmentation spots are getting lighter. After every treatment tiny dark flecks of pigment come up from the spots... READ MORE

You Need Realistic Expectations for This Procedure

I had dark stripes of dark pigment on my neck from sun damage as well as broken capillaries on my chest, a genetic problem.  After 5 IPL treatments, the discoloration on my neck was reduced by about 50%; disappointing after being promised the treatment would eliminate it.  Although it... READ MORE

Best Treatment Around...

I'm Canadian and the price of the photofacial varied. I saw no difference in the results based on price. I would get the most reasonably priced one out there. I decided to get the treatment because of the non invasive quality and wanted a result that was me, but maybe a bit more bright and... READ MORE

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