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Permanent makeup involves implanting pigments into the skin to reproduce the look of cosmetics. Some of the most popular applications include enhancing colors on the face, especially around the eyes and lips. Like most tattoos, permanent makeup fades with time and may require touch-ups. LEARN MORE ›

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3D Permanent Eyebrow Makeup - Las Vegas, NV

I had a great job done and they look perfect. There was no real pain. It was a little uncomfortable but not painful. She drew it on first. Once I agreed to the shape, she went over that shape with real looking hair strokes. I got a free retouch a few weeks later and I healed both times in a few... READ MORE

Natural Permanent Makeup - Southampton, NY

I have to admit that in the beginning, I was very skeptical, especially after one of my best friends got the most horrifying permanent makeup ( eyebrows ). She was very unhappy and needed to find someone to fix them. Through a plastic surgeon, she found a German permanent makeup specialist in... READ MORE

I Love my Eyebrows - Glen Ellyn, IL

I love my new eyebrows, she took the time to draw them in carefully and they have never looked so good. My own were not this even before and I get compliments all the time. Thank you! READ MORE

Bad Eyebrow Tattooing

This is about bad eyebrow tattooing. It's also about a bad blepharoplasty that had to be revised (the pen lines in the were sketched in by a different surgeon as a suggestion for the revision), but right now let's stick to the tattooing. This tattooist was 'medically... READ MORE

So Worth It - Birmingham, MI

I had my top and botton eyeliner tatooed at Consher Organic Spa in Birmingham MI. I love it, they did a great job. I'm going back for my brows next month. READ MORE

Eyeliner Tattoo, Wanted a Natural Look (In Brown) Came out with a Really Harsh Black Eyeliner Tattoo - Sydney, Australia

"Beware of clinics/people who advertise heavily" should have kept to this saying....This particular lady advertises very heavily on Google in Sydney. She makes it easy on herself by using black (or talk customers into black) as browns are not as stable for her and she might need to... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup - Utica Twp, Michigan

In 2003 I went to a lady who did a pretty great job on the first visit--with one exception: she did the color too dark. She gave me a cholocate brown which is not what I was used to. But since I barely had eyebrow hair, I was happy. The second visit was one of the biggest mistakes of my... READ MORE

Painful Eyeliner on Upper and Lower Lids - Rhode Island

I decided to get my eyeliner done on my upper and lower lids.I wear it everyday and i was tired of being smudgey. the woman who did it was in her early fourty's wearing a tight plaeather dress and heals. i told her what i wanted and she began doing the liner in black. It was extremely... READ MORE

Eyebrow Nightmare - Dallas, TX

I went in August to get permanent eyeliner and eyebrow. I frankly did not do a lot of research, and based on the fact that she has been in business for several years, I thought I would be safe. This was a mistake and I am paying for it now. I am in the middle of having painful, expensive... READ MORE

Love my Eyebrows - Rancho Bernardo, CA

I have always had fair eyebrows & have always thought that eyebrows gave a face life. I had my eyebrows done, a light taupe & they are GREAT!! My face looks already "done" without having to put anything other than moisturizer on. READ MORE

Permanent Makeup Results - San Diego, CA

I thought a lot about getting permanent makeup. As I got older my natural lip color began to fade and it made my face look all pasty so I was always reaching for the lipstick. As an outdoorsy kind of girl this doesn’t really jive with my lifestyle. I love the color – it actually... READ MORE

Not if You Are Under 50!! - Newport Beach, CA

In September of 2007 I had my first permanent makeup experience when I decided to get the lash enhancement done. This procedure is not so bad since they just place tiny black dots in between your lashes to give them a fuller look. In fact, I was so happy with the results that I decided to get my... READ MORE

Love It. Got It for $100 Plus 5 Yr Warranty

I got my eyes and eyebrows done. my auntie does it in las vegas. her names min. salons called min perm make up. she has a 5 year warranty. go back as many times to get touch ups or if u dont like it. it was 100 for my eyes and 100 for my eyebrows. i think its like 200 now i got i done when i was... READ MORE

Eyebrows Are Worth Having - Phoenix, AZ

I went to a cosmetic tattoo artist who has been doing this work for ten years. She was very forthright with me. I had quite a bit of pain when she was scoring the eyebrows for the line, but then when she filled them in I felt nothing because she topically numbed me. I don't numb well, and I... READ MORE

absolutley terrible!!!

NEVER EVER LET THIS WOMAN TOUCH YOUR FACE I had my eyebrows tattood on 5 years ago. The experience itself was extremely painful and I was left with blood trickling down my face on the train home. Once my scabs had come off I was left with grey eyebrows! Not chocolate brown as requested. &... READ MORE

Beautiful Place

My experience with Raegan Williamson at Skinetics Medical Aesthetics was wonderful. Raegan made me feel welcomed and showed professionalism. She calmed my nerves because I was a bit nervous. She did permanent eyebrows for me. Skinetics had a relaxing atmosphere, SPA like. It was clean, the... READ MORE

Jelena is the ONE!!

I have thought for years about doing permanent makeup, but I knew I would have to find the right person. I saw Jelena for eye liner and lips and I am so thrilled with both things. She is methodical, calm, and observes the highest standards for cleanliness and precision. Doing the eyeliner... READ MORE

Uneven Semi-Permenant Eyebrows

Hi guys. Just want some opinions and feedback. Full story below. Short version at the end. First off, let me start by saying that I have gotten microblading done a total of 4 times prior to this mishap. So I'm well aware of the semi-permenant makeup process, how it heals and what it should... READ MORE

Place is a Total Ripoff

These people are snakes and will milk you for every penny. I paid over 2500$ over the course of a year and a half to get electrolysis done on a very small area (eyebrows) and still wasn't getting results after all that time. After doing some research, I found out that the average amount paid for... READ MORE

Makeup, Permenant and Rejuvenation - Los Angeles, CA

I was really looking to make my eyebrows look less sparse and to have more fullness in my lips and to make my skin a lot smoother and clear. I went to Lisa Lex in Los Angeles and she completely transformed my face with only doing minimal amounts of work. She really knows what she's doing and is... READ MORE

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