Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

A doctor friend of mine told me that tattoos darken with age. I'm thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed, but don't want dark eyebrows when my hair turns gray. Any thoughts?

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Permanent Eyelbrow Tattoos

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"Permanent" may be a misnomer for permanent eyebrow tattoos. Depending on the pigment, the eyebrow tattoos tend to fade with time. If not done correctly they can also change color. DO NOT get BLACK tattoos for the eyebrows, they almost always turn to BLUE! Go to an experienced medical aesthetician or someone certified in permanent eyeline/tattooing and ask to see photos or even talk with other patients.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Eyebrow Tattooing Will Fade Over Time

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This should not be a major problem because most every permanent eyebrow tattooing will fade over time. It still may be different than the hair on your head but will lighten over time, so if this is something you want to do, I think you will be fine.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Permanent makeup uses pigments instead of inks that tattoo artists use.

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Typically with permanent cosmetics, pigments are used in the skin instead of ink which leads to a slow fading process over time so that you will not have to worry about darkening of pigmentation over the years. The pigments that are used are not the same that are used in a regular tattooing process. Touch ups are sometimes necessary to maintain the vibrancy of the pigment so you should not have any trouble with your brows darkening as you age. A highly skilled permanent makeup artist will be able to blend color appropriately if you decide to touch up down the road to match your changing hair color.

Natural pigments lighten with time

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If your esthetician or nurse uses natural pigments, they will actually lighten with time.  In fact, permanent makeup is probably a misnomer.  It is actually semi-permanent makeup, as it will fade sufficiently to require touch up in about 5 to 10 years.

Ronald Friedman, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Brow Permanent Makeup

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Permanent makeup on the face typically fades with time.  You can also ask the provider to use a lighter pigment and then have them retouched more frequently if you are worried about any darkening.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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