Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Regret ~ What to Do?

Hi, I recently went in for a permanent eyeliner tattoo consultation, but somehow got sucked in to it right then, right there. The lines don't seem 100% perfect, but the scabs have not fallen off yet. The line is a thin line on my upper lash line, and some of the scab already peeled off... i can see that the line below is not solid. Any advice on what to do with it now? Peel the scab off and hope it fades faster?? Get a touch up elsewhere to "correct" the line? I am really worried and wish i did not get this at all... esp from a money hungry lady. But i am trying to make the best of the situation. Also, do oily lids tend to fade the tattoo line faster? Thanks for any responses!
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Touchups for permanent eyeliner

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It is too soon to tell just how much pigment will left in place. Never pick scabs off, you could end up with scarring, or loss of some of the pigment. This could leave you with much more patchy results. Gently cleanse the areas, and remove only what is loose and about to fall off. Then, lightly moisturize the area.

It is quite common to have a touch up procedure. Contact the practioner whom performed your procedure. They should have some policy in place to address the need for touchups.

Remember also that eyeliner tattoo may not last "permanently." You may need to have another treatment in a number of years.

Northborough Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent eyeliner does tend to fade over time

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With a recent permanent eyeliner tattoo, there is no way to know for sure how much tattoo you will ultimately get.  In particular, the skin is quite thin, and only the pigment that actually made it into the dermis (as opposed the the more superficial epidermis) will be permanent.  In addition, some of the pigment that becomes "permanent", will still fade somewhat over time.

Definitely do not pull the scabs off.  Let them fall off naturally, and give it about four to six weeks to see what it looks like.  At that point, you might want to consider a touchup.

It is also possible to use laser to remove the eyeliner tattoo pigment, but is tricky to prevent injury to the eye (or eyelashes).  When I do those treatments, I use a metal laser "contact lens" to protect the eye from the laser.  The treatments are slow, because the laser energy has to be kept low to avoid injury to the eyelashes.  But, it does work, if you decide you want to remove the pigment.

James Nachbar, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Eyeliner Regret

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Follow the directions the provider gave you during the healing period.  Do not try to peel off the color as that can leave a blank spot in the liner.  After the liner is completely healed, go back to the provider who originally did the work and discuss the retouch with them.  Then if you are not comfortable continuing on with the same provider, fine someone else who can do the touch-up work needed.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Procedure to Remove Permanent Makeup and Tattoos

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You need to wait and you need to see what things look like in this area for about 6-8 weeks to know what the procedure actually did to you. As the others have noted, do not pull off the scabs, they are being used for wound healing and is one of the reasons we get scabs following cuts andthen when things heal, there are usually no scars.

Once things have proceeded, it is not unheard of to need a touch up procedure for the tattoo — this should have been reviewed with you prior to the procedure. We need to make sure that people understand the procedures we are doing before we do them — the risks, the benefits, the alternatives, the costs, and what the post-care instructions are. It appears, from your comments, that most of these were not reviewed with you before you had this done.

If at some point you want to have a laser procedure to remove this, then find a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who does a lot of tattoo removal, as this area needs to have test spots and unique care in how it is handles with lasers – both Q-Switched Nd; YAG and the newer Pico laser systems.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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