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For those who want to never apply eyeliner again, permanent makeup offers a way to keep your face on forever — emphasis on the forever. Most commonly patients will have their eyes outlined, eyebrows added, or color enhanced on their face, eyelids, or lips. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my semi permanent make up on my brows which has gone horribly wrong. They made them too dark, big and one sat above my natural hairline. I only wanted a little bit of smpu but came out with awful eyebrows. I was pressured and knew the minute she started I was making a awful mistake, but to... READ MORE

I had permanent lip liner, eye liner and brow done. It made me age 10 years older and I came to the realization that natural beauty is better. You can always put on make up and then take it off. But with permanent make up you lose that choice. Shortly afterwards I desperately wanted it off,... READ MORE

Hi, This is first review I have ever done but I thought I must give it ago! 5 days ago I had permanent makeup done on my brows I've wanted the treatment done for a long time as mine full out and I have patches someone recommend a lady to me I looked her up and her work looked good, then one... READ MORE

I wanted to let everyone know that I went through with the OPHTHOGLOW procedure that implants a thicker limbal ring to my eyes. It was very easy and painless and makes my eyes look amazing. Studies show that people with thicker limbal rings appear younger and more attractive, and my green eyes... READ MORE

Hi there, Seven weeks ago, I had semi permanent eyebrows tattooed. My lady was really nice and really helpful when choosing the shape and colour but when the scabs came off they were very different from each other and they were a dark greyish blue. One had a higher arch and was a bit shorter... READ MORE

My sister-in-law did this and swore up and down that she loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat, It seemed like a good-plan, time saving and all, so I went to get it done- upper eye-lid only- thinking, "This is great, it will save me time in the mornings etc etc." I had a groupon for... READ MORE

Saves so much time in the morning. I only had the uppers done. Being blonde my eyelashes don't show up much, so this really opens up my eyes. You can just put mascara on and you're ready. Considering having my eye brows added to to make them more filled in. Want my lids redone because the first... READ MORE

Ladies really need to research where they have their procedure. My experience was in Fort Worth , Texas at Bella permanent makeup, under the guidance of the owner and instructor Debi Childers. I had black eyes from bruising, scabs on my lips, after healing , nothing to show for all the pain.... READ MORE

While researching permanent make up, I called LHR (Laser Hair Removal Skin and Vein Center) and spoke to Kristie Malanoski regarding a procedure that I was interested in. Advising Kristie that I was interested to learn more about Diana Callas' experience with permanent make-up and specifically... READ MORE

I had permanent eyeliner done. I had the uppers done initially, & was told to come back in 4 weeks for the lowers. When the scabs came off the upper lid I was missing quite a bit of color on the right. I came back in 4 weeks and she did the lower lids. A few days later the scabs came off... READ MORE

I have been using either pencils or the Anastasia Brow Kit for years now and it never looks the same. I'm fair skinned with natural ash blonde hair so I look very washed out without makeup on. When I found out about the 'micro pigmentation secret', I began researching permanent makeup places... READ MORE

I thought it was a good idea, because I am sensitive to most eyeliners, and I have dry eyes and tear a lot. The procedure went didn't hurt. Felt like a picking sensation. I got a call to work the next two days and it was lovely working with suave on my eyes. I wear glasses so I had to... READ MORE

I did it 10+ years ago and it has faded a bit but still looks fine. I did the whole lip area, not just a liner. I think that is better.Enga at Playgirl Salon in Santa Maria did it. There is also a very good tatoo artist at A La Mode in SLO> READ MORE

Hello: I was well educated in esthetics in Poland since I was early twenties. In my late 40's after chemo, I wished to restore my eyebrows, eyelashes. Go to maybe Pigmentation Centre in Mississauga, or Toronto, or somewhere. I do not know. I never see someone so without respect to me, to student... READ MORE

I had recently had my eyebrows tattooed on and I really recommend it if your are considering it. I save so much time now when I get ready and it looks great! It looks so natural that when I look back at previous pictures of me I only now realized how unnatural my eyebrows looked before when I... READ MORE

I did my eyebrows they dont look very same but they r fine and healed, the problem was with my lips I did my lips liner and color, it was very very painful although she put cream for me but was not useful, just one day after the job done my lips get burnt and hurt because I had sore fever before... READ MORE

I am missing the outer third of my brows due to Hypothyroidism. I have been penciling them in for 10 yrs but they have never looked natural now they do. READ MORE

I had been intrested in this procedure for some time and ran into a lady tht had had her lips done. when i saw her it was early morning and she had no other makeup, so it was very evident that her lips had been was done very well. i asked her about it and she told me taht it was being... READ MORE

Painful: The technician injected small needles of dental anesthetic into my eyelids and lips - It was dreadful, I was not sure I could continue with the procedure but I didn't want half a job so tolerated dreadful pain. Once the anesthetic took effect it was not so bad. I thought it would... READ MORE

I had my brows done three times. Would not do again. I have spent over one thousand dollars in laser removal. READ MORE

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