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For those who want to never apply eyeliner again, permanent makeup offers a way to keep your face on forever — emphasis on the forever. Most commonly patients will have their eyes outlined, eyebrows added, or color enhanced on their face, eyelids, or lips. LEARN MORE ›

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I did it 10+ years ago and it has faded a bit but still looks fine. I did the whole lip area, not just a liner. I think that is better.Enga at Playgirl Salon in Santa Maria did it. There is also a very good tatoo artist at A La Mode in SLO> READ MORE

Hello: I was well educated in esthetics in Poland since I was early twenties. In my late 40's after chemo, I wished to restore my eyebrows, eyelashes. Go to maybe Pigmentation Centre in Mississauga, or Toronto, or somewhere. I do not know. I never see someone so without respect to me, to student... READ MORE

I had recently had my eyebrows tattooed on and I really recommend it if your are considering it. I save so much time now when I get ready and it looks great! It looks so natural that when I look back at previous pictures of me I only now realized how unnatural my eyebrows looked before when I... READ MORE

I did my eyebrows they dont look very same but they r fine and healed, the problem was with my lips I did my lips liner and color, it was very very painful although she put cream for me but was not useful, just one day after the job done my lips get burnt and hurt because I had sore fever before... READ MORE

I am missing the outer third of my brows due to Hypothyroidism. I have been penciling them in for 10 yrs but they have never looked natural now they do. READ MORE

I had been intrested in this procedure for some time and ran into a lady tht had had her lips done. when i saw her it was early morning and she had no other makeup, so it was very evident that her lips had been was done very well. i asked her about it and she told me taht it was being... READ MORE

Painful: The technician injected small needles of dental anesthetic into my eyelids and lips - It was dreadful, I was not sure I could continue with the procedure but I didn't want half a job so tolerated dreadful pain. Once the anesthetic took effect it was not so bad. I thought it would... READ MORE

I had my brows done three times. Would not do again. I have spent over one thousand dollars in laser removal. READ MORE

Im based in the uk and had eyeliner done, its approx 7 months old now and its already turned a dark blue/grey. this is my biggest regret getting eyeliner. i would love for it to be removed but havnt got a clue where to go, the lady that did it gave me points at the end which i did not ask for... READ MORE

I got my eyebrows tattooed last month and so far I am very pleased. My eyebrows were originally very light in color and there wasn't much hair or an arch so I was looking to get my arch defined, and my brow darkened so I would no longer need to fill them in every day. The process was... READ MORE

I had drops in my eyes, and numbing medication applied to the lids. I did experience a tickling sensation. I had absolutely NO bruising. This procedure was not done at a hospital or clinic. It was done by a hairdresser who decided to add permanent make up to her services. She did my friend first... READ MORE

Im 54 and my eyebrows were very thin and light. ive had them tinted and wasnt happy and i had to go back every month.ive researched cosmetic tattoing extensively and didnt rush in. i had them done yesterday and i absolutely love them. she went with my natural brow,so tattoed over my own eyebrows... READ MORE

Ok over a year ago, I got my eyebrows done and at first my eyebrow was swollen, then now my forehead seems to be getting swollen a little. I'm a hair stylist and since I've ahve these brows I've been alleric to hair and make-up. I'm dreading this because I cant be creative as a... READ MORE

I wanted to wakeup looking like I did when I went to bed. Its great to rub your eyes or cry & no smear. My eyeliner was done 7yrs. ago & needs no touch-up. I recently had my eyebrows done & wow!  No pain. READ MORE

I did a lot of research before I decided to have my brows done because I have seen some VERY Scary eyebrows that look so fake. Dina gave me a free consult and I felt so comfortable that I canceled my 2 other consults I had set up and made an appointment with her. I am VERY happy, she did... READ MORE

I have had my permanent eyeliner makeup for 15 years now and Samira knows how much I appreciate having it being a beach bum. Samira is top of the line in her field and I highly recommend her talent,and my eyebrows looks so natural like hair strokes,now Iam going to get my permanent lip color so... READ MORE

I had my lips done two days ago and it's a horrible mess! I have a small white scar on my natural lip line. I wanted that filled in and a little shading on my lips. This lady tattooed a line about a centimeter above my lip line....I could of died when I seen it. The color is not much darker... READ MORE

I had permanent eyeliner done 3 times in 5 years. It doesn't last and shouldn't be called permanent. In less than 2 years it fades to nothing and has to be redone. The worst part is that the scar tissue that forms as a result of the tattoo does not tan and now, 10 years later I still... READ MORE

Well it was a hard slog for me, I first went to someone (Harley St London) after reading some magazines I saw the person's name many times printed and it all looked very good, the lady was quite pushy and rushed me a little too much, I felt I was under to much pressure and not relaxed at all... READ MORE

Was a bit apprehensive with the thought of needles however once the technician put on the anaestetic everything was pretty painless. Was very pleased with the outcome particularly as I did not have to travel far to get to them in Cheam. READ MORE

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