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Permanent makeup involves implanting pigments into the skin to reproduce the look of cosmetics. Some of the most popular applications include enhancing colors on the face, especially around the eyes and lips. Like most tattoos, permanent makeup fades with time and may require touch-ups. LEARN MORE ›

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DUNJA GHAG Gave Me PERFECT Brows!!! Victoria, BC

I got my eyebrows done as a semi-permanent procedure. I wrote a review on her site and will continue to support HER work as an extremly meticuous brow technician. Please find her on youtube. The brows are not shaved, she uses a medical grade numbing cream NO PAIN NO PAIN NO PAIN. She is very... READ MORE

Lip Tattoo. Wanted to Wear Natural Lip - Elk Grove, CA

First off I thought I can enhance my natural lips...I thought about lip augmentation but thought that's an ongoing I decided to tatoo my lips. Biggest mistake I made in my life. :/: been depressed over it :/ . She went over the lip line now I have 5 small holes above my lip line! And... READ MORE

Eyebrows. Richmond, AU

I have just read some VERY negative reviews about Caroline Magnion, owner of the Dermal Institute, Richmond Vic. I couldn't agree more about her inability to listen. She tells you what you want to hear and then does a 'one size fits all' treatment. She tattooed my eyebrows and they were... READ MORE

30 Years Old, New Eyebrows = New Face - Gainesville, FL

I was about to turn 30 and I needed a pick me up. I was working so much that I started only putting on my makeup in the car while I was driving, needless to say my makeup skills were getting a little sloppy. Growing up I had some eyebrows but not much and as I got older they were getting even... READ MORE

Eyebrow Tattoo - No Colour Once Healed - Perth, AU

Hi this is the second time I've had my eye brows tattooed. First was with a gun I was left with one eye brow with no colour and the other brow with minimal strokes ( had lost 90% of colour). So I went for follow up visit and this time the tech did a different technique called embroidery tattoo... READ MORE

Upper Eyeliner Age 19. Waxahachie, TX

My mom and I both did upper eyeliner (soft black) and it's just kinda dumb. I have 3 tattoos on my body and within a year the eyeliner tattoos had faded to dark grey with frayed looking edges. Tattooing over the scar tissue for touch ups hurts worse than anything I have experienced. This does... READ MORE

Needed a Touch Up and Tweek the Old Work. - Rochester, NY

Joanne was very thorough and knowledgeable. She answered my questions and explained as she went. She noted that I bruise easily and had to do the touch up in two separate sessions, included in what I had already paid her. She did not make me feel rushed. I am looking forward to getting my... READ MORE

The Biggest Mistake! - New Jersey, NJ

I had my eyebrows and the eyeliner done and had no problems though the eyeliner was a little painful. Then I decided to have the lip liner and color blend done. OMG! I regretted a hundred times after that. I was asked by a technician if I ever had cold sores. I said 'yes' but it was along time... READ MORE

Eyebrows ( Microbladding) - Greensboro, NC

When I first decided to have my eyebrows perminatly done I was kind of scared and worried because once its been put on your face especially when its something perminat you want to make sure that you find the right person for the job. After it was all done I can honestly say, I love love my... READ MORE

Horibble Horibble Mistake Letting Tina Done my Eyebrows - Toronto, ON

I had my eyebrows done last year in September by Tina Davies. Her service is the most expensive service in Canada. I decided to go with her since she was doing my eyebrows (face) and I thought I was paying extra for her skills and expertise. Not to be so.My experience is as follow: the eyebrows... READ MORE

50 Years Old and Thinning Eyebrows Made Me Make This Decision.

My eyebrows were never a concern of mine until I reached the age of 45 or so. I had heard of permanent cosmetics but now I was really considering it because I HATED the routine of penciling in here or there or trying to make an arch on this side or that side... Never mind making them look... READ MORE

Wonderful, Natural Permanent Makeup! - Chevy Chase, MD

I have been seeing Martha for years, as have may people I know, and can confirm that she is one of the best in the industry. In addition to being a phenomenal makeup artist, she is an amazingly skilled esthetician. She has a fantastic bedside manner and great knowledge about the full range of... READ MORE

Don't Believe Everything You Read - Richmond, AU

I was hesitant to redeem my voucher after reading these reviews. I was nervous going in, Carolina sat me down, drew the shape which come out perfect, recommended a colour which matched my natural hair! Talked me through every step and they came out perfect! I had the feather touch! Highly... READ MORE

Permanent Make Up - Most Important Thing is Who You Choose! Love Aura of Beauty, Mychelle Tulk, RN in Tulsa, OK

I was a 3 time loser. I had a very knowledgable and success eye doctor that started to do permanent make up. I thought who better to take care of my eyes, than him. Wrong! I had permanent eyeliner applied and followed the doctor's instructions and beyond. I even slept in laser eye goggles... READ MORE

Should Have Done This Years Ago - Toledo, OH

Faint, non-existent brows that had to be penciled in/on everyday are a thing of the past. Love the results. Feel like a new woman. Rachel McCarthy was wonderful. I never felt rushed. She took all the time necessary to ensure that the shape and color were perfect. Exactly what I had hoped for and... READ MORE

Tired of Dealing with Eye Liner. Birmingham, AL

I had an acquaintance who I discovered had her liner done. I asked who did it because it was wonderful and so natural looking. She told me Laura Lewis out of Birmingham AL did it. I got the woman's number and that was the last I thought about it. Fast forward 5 years and I am noticing how... READ MORE

Losing Eyebrows with Age - Naperville, IL

I'd been researching permanent brows for over 2 years and always 'chickening out". Last year my sister, who had lost her hair to chemo, decided to permanently replace her brows since they never grew back. She also did research and ended up choosing the same place that I had ( if I'd gone... READ MORE

So Far So Good! - Fort Pierce, FL

Day 9 after getting eyebrows and eyeliner done. Eyeliner is close to being healed. They have lightened up but as I understand it, they will get darker again. Eyebrows still dark and in process of healing. The pain level was minimal. The outer part of eyelid was very sensitive and hurt but it... READ MORE

Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo Keeps Fading - Sydney, AU

When I first had my eyebrows tattooed I received a complimentary touchup two months later which was great. However since then I need to get a touchup every 8-9 months as they start to fade at the ends after 4 months. It claims to last up to two years however this is not the case and its costing... READ MORE

Think Before Getting Permanet Tatoo - San Francisco, CA

Hi, I got permanent tattoo and would advise people NOT to do it. I had sparse eyebrows and after the tattoo they were even sparser. After the tattooing , a lot of the eyebrows did not grow back again. So my eyebrows looked worse after the tattooing than before. I eventually got eyebrow... READ MORE

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