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For those who want to never apply eyeliner again, permanent makeup offers a way to keep your face on forever — emphasis on the forever. Most commonly patients will have their eyes outlined, eyebrows added, or color enhanced on their face, eyelids, or lips. LEARN MORE ›

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So far so good. Just had procedure today. The permanent makeup will fade and not be so bold and loud and it will soften within a few days. Touch up (if needed) is in 4 weeks. Eyes hurt a bit right now which I was warned abt prior. Feels like I've been crying. Eyebrows do not hurt at all. I was... READ MORE

I decided to go for permanent eyeliner primarily because I was so happy with the work I had previously received from Nicole at #InkedbyNicole, but also because I think I needed the natural looking enhancement. I sincerely and diligently researched this procedure as I do for all my face... READ MORE

I totally hate them, they make me look so unnatural and ugly. Please recommend me which laser is the best to remove them???? I've always think the natural is the best, but this stupid idea came into my mind, and I thought what a great thing that I can wake up with my eyebrows so perfect???? it... READ MORE

I went to have my brows done at a highly respected artist. I thought that I had considered everything; I had read her reviews and seen the pictures and was determined that it would be OK. But it wasnt. When I went, she barely listened and did not want to do the brows as I would like them. She... READ MORE

Hi guys i just got my eyebrows tattoo i will be posting pics to help you guys to understand. I did experience pain but the procedure doesn't take more than 30 min therefore bearable. My eyebrow were sparesed and uneven, hard to find good EY technician and it's expensive. Please leave your... READ MORE

After years of over plucking as a teenager (unfortunate timing with the popularity of pencil-thin brows), my brows were very sparse and asymmetrical and never grew back in. I had to fill them in daily with an arsenal of brow pencils/pomade/powder products but nothing was a great fix. And the... READ MORE

I had the same experience as our member VANESIA who firstly created this title THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE when she was writing about her permanent eyebrows. A year ago (exactly) I tattooed my eyebrows but I didnt check the tattoo studio where I went to tattoo my eyebrows ( because I was... READ MORE

Finally got my full lip coloring done yesterday, the artist used a mixed color of Pink & Red since I asked for light colors, I have never done this procedure before, so I was very excited to do it. She used numbing gel but it didn't help in the beginning, my tears dropped for the first 30 mins,... READ MORE

Nelly was great! She's truly gifted in what she does. The permanent eye liner did hurt some even with the numbing but Nelly kept asking me if I was ok and she gave me breaks to sit up and drink water. She played soft music and put lavender on me to calm me. I decided to get my eyebrows done too.... READ MORE

I went to Kerri (owner) for Permanent Makeup and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. My eyebrows are very asymmetrical and MUCH darker than I wanted. When I told her my eyebrows looked asymmetrical she got very defensive and said, "your eyebrows were like that before, all I did was tattoo... READ MORE

I did a cosmetic tattoo called PhiBrows yesterday and now I regret it so much! I already had good brows but I wanted to fill in the gaps. I know it's only been one day but the color looks so wrong to my natural hair and eyebrow color and I hate the shape too. Now I wonder if there is anything I... READ MORE

Got them today . Anxiusly waiting for them to heal and light up a bit and become less thicker to achieve final results. Please comment you opinions, did yours lighted up after healing ? The lady putted anextecia so it didnt hurt at all, she explained all the care procedures i should follow and i... READ MORE

I'm posting a long overdue review for Stephanie Curran who is a very talented permanent cosmetic artist. I have been going to Stephanie for close to 10 yrs now. She is very thoughtful and caring and incredibly talented at her craft. I used to go to another women in Philadelphia but she was... READ MORE

I always wanted to tattoo my eyebrows because they were empty and uneven. I found Tatiana at Permanent Makeup by Tatiana through the referral. And don't regret it. The procedure lasted about 1.5 hours. Tatiana used a pencil at first to draw the shape. After I approved it and agreed on it she... READ MORE

I've been thinking about permanent cosmetics on and off for years. 2 years ago a coworker (and now friend) told me about Olga Lucia and how she had tattooed her eyebrows and did lash enhancement (a thin upper eyeliner to bring out the lashes). I couldn't believe it when she told me! Her... READ MORE

I have been watching this space for quite a while, before I decided to go ahead and book myself in for a Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo of the upper and lower eye line and a lip blend. After a fair bit of searching I have found Andrea Darby Cosmetic Tattooist in Melbourne Bayside area. She had a very... READ MORE

Mid-story long; I've replied to a few post and decided to write my own with my headliner. -what I asked for was natural/subtal microbladed brows & lash line enchantment. I was left with changed higher and uneven eyebrows and thick winged eyeliner and smudgy lower liner. (Tech answer: your... READ MORE

I too plucked my eyebrows in high school. I got tired of drawing them on. I first went to a place on outside of San Francisco. After a few years, a friend learned the business and redid my eyebrows, as well as my lips and my upper eyeliner. The outcome was ok. Still not perfect eyebrows. ... READ MORE

I've been doing my eyebrows now for the past 8 years. I touch them up every one to two years. I rotate between powdered and hair strokes, because I like them both. I go to two ladies one for each look. They follow the original shape that I got 8 years ago. I love them!When getting them make sure... READ MORE

Over plucked brows in the 90's and I was penciling them in every day. I was talked into getting the microblade treatment. I knew it was going nowhere fast when she wasn't sticking to the borders she created and I left there with one eyebrow longer than the other. After many sleepless nights and... READ MORE

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