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Permanent makeup - eyebrows and liner. Best thing I've done!

I have been going to the same permanent makeup artist for almost 8 years to get my eyebrows done and I just recently decided to have my eyeliner done too. I have no hair on my eyebrows from over-plucking, heredity, etc. I became very self conscious about it and decided, at the time, that this... READ MORE

Paramedical Tattoo Camouflaging Fordyce on Lips - Ontario, CA

I can't believe I am sharing something so personal (and yeah, embarrassing), but I wish this information was on the web for when I was looking so here I go. In my 20's I started to get Fordyce white spots on my lips. I visited my doctor and they told me it was normal, 80% of the population... READ MORE

Deep Pick Scars on Arms

Had these scars since 2005:( This was a very emotional experience to say the least from getting the allergy that help create these scars to trying to getting rid of it and hiding them. Very embarrasing for me to even talk about. I am very hopeful that this will be the beginning to the end of... READ MORE

Camouflage Tattoo Scars Lost 53 Pounds 2 Kids Old & New Stretch Marks - Orland Park, IL

I searched on line for camouflage tattoos to cover stretch marks and surgery cut from a mini tummy tuck- I came upon Wanda enough site and liked her experience & photos from actual clients - I met Wanda at her office and felt comfortable & immediately she went to work I took some photos... READ MORE

Permanent Eyeliner Gone Wrong!!!

I have been wanting and researching permanent eyeliner for many many years now. Seemed to see the best reviews when people went to a plastic surgeons office and not a salon or someplace in a strip mall. So...... after not being able to find anyone semi local that a friend had used before. I just... READ MORE

Permanent make up-worst decision

Hi. I am 18 years old and I have done the biggest mistake of my life! My eyebrows were very well and have much of hair.But I make a wrong decision and had a permanant makeup tattoo before 3 months and I hate it.Many times I cry because I think that are too dark and it was waste of money...and... READ MORE

Lip Liner Tattoo

Im 22, always wanted to distract from the size of my nose by emphasizing my other features, and love the look of nice lips. I have big lips to begin with but the lip line blends into the rest of my face. My go to makeup item is my lip liner so I wanted to be able to wake up with nice lips ... READ MORE

Microblading Eyebrows

Just had my eyebrows microbladed and they are still healing. I got it done at a place called Feather Touch in North Carolina. I am mostly satisfied due to the price I got off Groupon. I was ecstatic that she was trained by Phibrows as I saw her certificate on the wall. It was painful but as she... READ MORE

AMAZING!! Medical Tattooing - Redondo Beach, CA

So here it is!!! MY Horrible Scars Journey Many many years ago, (18+to be exact) I had these (kisses from the sun as my mom would say) "Ugly brown freckles i say LOL "on my shoulders that I hated terribly. I hated them So much so i would do anything to remove them. Being newly divorced at the... READ MORE

Lip Micropigmentation - Disaster?? Freaking Out!

I've had it before (18 months ago) to make my lips just a little redder, and it went perfect!! This last time, with a different professional, I'm afraid this is the biggest regret of my life! It's day five, the peeling has totally subsided and it looks like I'm wearing some sort of pink lipstick... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup - PhiBrows - Denmark

I went to have my brows done at a highly respected artist. I thought that I had considered everything; I had read her reviews and seen the pictures and was determined that it would be OK. But it wasnt. When I went, she barely listened and did not want to do the brows as I would like them. She... READ MORE

Full Lip Color, Cherry Red. Saint Augustine, FL

Finally got my full lip coloring done yesterday, the artist used a mixed color of Pink & Red since I asked for light colors, I have never done this procedure before, so I was very excited to do it. She used numbing gel but it didn't help in the beginning, my tears dropped for the first 30 mins,... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup on my Lips

I just got this procedure done today, I was contacted as a model so I didn't have to pay for it. At first I was scared and didn't know If I should do it, mostly because normally free stuff do not have great outcome. But I decided to give it a try. So far swollen and in a bit of pain, the... READ MORE

Cosmetic Tattooing Eyebrows - Honolulu, HI

I've been doing my eyebrows now for the past 8 years. I touch them up every one to two years. I rotate between powdered and hair strokes, because I like them both. I go to two ladies one for each look. They follow the original shape that I got 8 years ago. I love them!When getting them make sure... READ MORE

Eyeliner Flaked Off,after 8 Days - Palm Springs, CA

I'm a mail carrier. I'm tired of Eyeliner & mascara dripping off,in the summer. I went to an experienced technician... Epic fail,8 days later, it all flaked off. Nothing left to "touch up"! How do I resolve this? Do I pay,the $100 for a touch up ? On her website, she seems booked all the... READ MORE

Please God Let the Lines Soften, Shrink and Fade! Raleigh, MS

Very thick, dark and sharpe! I went to a very reputable and capable person with a lot of experience. I just don't think she captured my thoughts correctly. When she did the measuring and drawing, I told her I definitely didn't want them that thick and she said they wouldn't be and here they are.... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup for Perfect Eyebrows - Edmonton, AB

I decided to get my eyebrows done because of a lack of arch and fullness of my brows. It actually all started when I got eyelash extensions. The eyelashes were so long, that they looked funny on my bare face. I felt like a had to always fill in my brows just to leave the house. So when I got my... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Color and Eyelash Enhancement

I had permanent lip color and eyelash enhancement 4 years ago, and it was time for a redo as it had faded significantly. I loved how it looked at the time I did it, so knew it was the right choice to go back to the same person who had done it the first time. Jolie numbed my lips with a topical... READ MORE

Permanent Full Lip Makeup: the pain comes later!

I decided to go to a well regarded cosmetologist (I guess that's what you would call them) duo. They're both welcoming, lovely, and have been doing their thing (permanent makeup) for a long time! Having already have my eyebrows tattooed here, I felt comfortable going under their needle once... READ MORE

PMU Eyebrow Tattoo! Worst Decision! - Los Angeles, CA

To put it simply. I should of never touched them. Having a slight sparse eyebrows here and there, or asymmetrical drawn on eyebrows are nothing compared to permanent ones with out the versatility of being messed up one day and then perfect the next. My husband said it best, sometimes the lil... READ MORE

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