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The mini lift goes by many names β€” think of the Lifestyle Lift, for example β€” but the goal is the same: get the results of a traditional facelift in less time for less money. LEARN MORE β€Ί

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I had an advanced mini facelift with Mr.Hayter exactally two weeks ago and I'm absolutely thrilled at the results. I'm only 37 years old but after losing weight (but generally being unhappy about my saggy face for years) I decided to go ahead with the lift. I was really anxious but the whole... READ MORE

Once I hit 50 and lost about 20 pounds I noticed I really had a droopy and tired appearance. I tried the injectables but they really didn't give me much of a different look. So for about 2 years I contemplated the min-facelift before having Dr. Raj Chowdary perform my surgery. I am thrilled! I... READ MORE

Had procedure yesterday 2/14/13,,,,, sleep well...head elevated...waking up 2 or 3 times during night. No real pain...discomfort from compression bandage which comes off today.....taking arnica Montana and bromelian along with antibiotic, pain pill and eye ointment. So far so good. Will post... READ MORE

I originally had a consultation with Dr. Krau to change out my 16-yr old silicone breast implants done by another doctor, feeling that they were just perhaps getting too old. Since I was there (and feeling SO sure of him) I asked about the possibility of "fixing" a few issues I was beginning to... READ MORE

Dr. Richard Gentile discussed my situation honestly and realistically with me, then performed my mini lift under local anesthesia (my choice). The results were absoplutely beautiful, completely natural and have lasted quite well for five years. At the same time as my lift, Dr. Gentile revised a... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have the mini lift in October. I am an ex smoker and am finally going to get rid of the slack skin around the mouth and jawline caused by years of smoking. The procedure is being performed by Dr. Vath. Everything I have read on-line is so reassuring. It sounds like both he and... READ MORE

As a healthcare professional (RN), I felt that I researched extensively before making a decision on getting a face lift. Personally, I wasn't looking for something very extreme. That is why I was attracted to the "slup lift" performed by Dr. Slupchynskyj. His website is very informative. There... READ MORE

 I got a really nice face and eye lift for what my unique needs were. I wasn't considering to do my eyes until after my consultation and then I realized how much my eyes made me look old and after deciding to do the eyes I am so glad I did; it made a huge difference. I consulted another... READ MORE

I was considering having some face work done, so picking a plastic surgeon had to be one of the most important and crucial decisions that I ever had to make in my life. I work in a women’s center so I have seen various cosmetic surgeries done from different plastic surgeons. My mother and... READ MORE

Last year I had a mini facelift and liposuction to remove fat and tighten the loose skin on my neck. Well, the left side of my face had a noticable fat pocket that the doctor did not get. So I went back to him at additional cost for him to basically even up my face. He said no problem... READ MORE

I'm a 40 yr old male, who has recently undergone a upper and lower mini face lift, to restore my youthful appearence. The pros were, the price for a mini lift is cheap, when compared to a full face lift. Also, I was wide awake for the entire procedure. There was no pain, during or post... READ MORE

How lucky for me that I found this superb surgeon! As a 65-year-old who wanted to re-create a more youthful, refreshed look to my face to reflect how I felt inside – and to project a more rested, youthful look as I interact with younger coworkers and clients, I sought the best facial plastic s... READ MORE

Dr. Almonte is a gem! When I decided to get a mini face and brow lift in November at age 44, I researched a few different surgeons in the area. I knew I didn't want someone overly marketed or someone who overbooked their daily surgery schedule. Dr. Almonte was the perfect choice. I am so happy... READ MORE

I'm 57 years old . The last few years walking past the mirror it was hard not to notice my sagging jowls & neck . I also had an issue with my abdomen and flanks ( no amount of working out would help) it was time for me to start feeling better. Dr. Giese gave me different options and with her... READ MORE

Hi everybody! I am a 52 years old woman who has always perceived herself as a 25 years old young lady - body, mind and spirit at least… LOL. My passion for learning new trends, practicing healthy habits and nurturing my soul with art, music, motivational writings, and my love for nature and t... READ MORE

I made my appointment Consult on April 19 I will update It's time and I need it I hope this Dr gives me good vibes his prices seem reasonable but I need to feel a connection I will document the whole process for everyone maybe even some video as I plan on doing it under local. We shall see... READ MORE

Clevens Face & Body team is wonderful. I had the laser-assisted weekend necklift in December over my Christmas/work break. As a teacher, it was important to me that I would be back to 100% before I had to return to class. I was delighted to have my co-workers tell me how refreshed I look. I... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift, submentoplasty, brow lift and upper/lower blepharoplasty and could not be any happier. Dr Nayak, Julie and the entire staff were amazing. They never set false expectations and were always there for me. I never thought about getting a facelift until March 2015 when I... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow lift and a mini face lift. I was treated with great customer care by all his staff members. They explained things every step of the way and after surgery took the best care of me. I healed as they advised I would and am very pleased with the outcome. I do not look like a... READ MORE

Much needed facial rejuvenation ! I had the typical aging effect on my face as I am a 56 year old woman. I had sagging jowls, fine lines and deeper wrinkles as well as scarring from acne, I also had large pores . The pores became a little less noticeable but the wrinkles are gone !!! I am... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Mini Lift ranges from $3,600-$10,000 with an average cost of $6,875. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 300 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more