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The mini lift goes by many names — think of the Lifestyle Lift, for example — but the goal is the same: get the results of a traditional facelift in less time for less money. LEARN MORE ›

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I was considering having some face work done, so picking a plastic surgeon had to be one of the most important and crucial decisions that I ever had to make in my life. I work in a women’s center so I have seen various cosmetic surgeries done from different plastic surgeons. My mother and... READ MORE

Last year I had a mini facelift and liposuction to remove fat and tighten the loose skin on my neck. Well, the left side of my face had a noticable fat pocket that the doctor did not get. So I went back to him at additional cost for him to basically even up my face. He said no problem... READ MORE

I'm a 40 yr old male, who has recently undergone a upper and lower mini face lift, to restore my youthful appearence. The pros were, the price for a mini lift is cheap, when compared to a full face lift. Also, I was wide awake for the entire procedure. There was no pain, during or post... READ MORE

After a great deal of thought and research I decided to have a mini face lift. I wanted to look less haggard and tired, but more importantly, I wanted to do something about my mouth. My lips over the years had thinned to the point I had nearly no lips at all. The lower part of my face had pretty... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, So 3 weeks ago I had a mini face left. At almost 52 I hated my neck and my jowels falling down. It took me two years to decide what doctor. I ended up going to Dr. Kirk Brandow and I am very happy. Very happy with the staff. I stayed at hotel for on night with a nurse. Glad I did... READ MORE

A tough 2015 left me feeling wiped out and old. Needed/wanted a "refresh" that would not be dramatic but slow down that aging process. Ended up doing upper and lower eyes and mini-neck/face-lift. About a month after the procedure results appear to be heading in the right direction. And while... READ MORE

Hi, my name is Jenny Chavez, Im a patient of dr. RECIO,,, What I liked the most about Dr. RECIO was that he doesn't look at his parients as clients but as people that want to feel better about themselves by improved their appearance, he's very straight forward about what would work for you and... READ MORE

Over time I was told that things would settle and over the years it would only look better ,this is not the case i have bad scars at each side of my face going under my ears and my right ear has "pixy" ear ( has been pulled up to tight and had a gather in the lob ), I still get small amount of... READ MORE

I lost over 80 pounds over the past several years due to changing my diet and consistently taking my fitness goals to higher levels . In meeting most of my goals, I noticed the skin elasticity around my neck and lower face never returned to full form due to the weight loss and aging. After going... READ MORE

In my late 50's, my skin started sagging due to depletion of collagen as often happens as we get older, had spent many years in the sun and tanning beds with little or no protection and was a smoker for years, I was in desperate need for my skin to be rejuvenated and my face and neck to be... READ MORE

I am an active, fit professional woman who looked "fine" to others. However, I felt my lower face was beginning to sag and dimple in a way that did not represent "me". Dr. Miller suggested a mini lift, with fat injections and pearl laser re-surfacing. I am THRILLED with the results! I was... READ MORE

In 1998 when I was 52 I had a face lift (and a couple other facial enhancements). It changed my life. I also had follow up fat transfers. Now at 69 I wanted to revitalize my face and was ready for another surgical procedure. I had been to several Plastic Surgeons but always left unsatisfied.... READ MORE

I intend to get a mini-lift plus facial fat grafting. I have pronounced platysma reticular bands as well as some excess skin on my neck. Also my cheeks are beginning to sag from years of having acne, and dramatic weight loss. Doctor recommends a 'vertical' mini lift and all over facial fat... READ MORE

I had a sick child and caring for her had aged me in the last five years. I felt like I looked as tired as I felt! The procedure was easy, quick recovery and exactly what I needed. I was worried it would not be natural looking but Dr. Cooper did just as promised. I am thrilled with the results.... READ MORE

I wanted to rid myself of the extra, loose skin on my neck and though I needed a neck lift. After visiting the Dr and finding out that my jowls could also be treated (at same price) if I have a mini face lift. Brilliant! My results FAR exceed my expectations, I can not express enough how happy... READ MORE

Not ready to accept this appearance; feel young at heart. The upper part of my face still looked good, but my jowl/neck areas looked ten years older. Now I look "even"!! Looking back, I wish I would have the whole procedure done in 2009 instead of having two separate procedures which Dr.... READ MORE

Doctor Woodman is an excellent surgeon and I had great results that were extremely effective, while subtle. He did what was right for me and my situation. He is personable too. I like how he communicates, the results, and how he and his staff educated me on the process. I noticed that he is... READ MORE

As a professional public speaker and sometimes television host approaching my mid-sixties, I always knew I would do a Lite Lift at some point for my ability to remain competitive and relevant on-camera. Dr. Horowitz was one of three referred surgeons I met with, and I knew instantly he was the... READ MORE

Results are fantastic. I got a very quick refreshment and youthful facial look. Results were visible right after the procedure. I look 20 years younger. There was a substantial improvement in the deep crease present next to my nostrils on both sides and the softening of the deeper lines closer... READ MORE

Dr. Timothy Miller is THE BEST! I would highly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. He is knowledgeable, very caring and easygoing. He takes time to answer questions. He was upfront and honest. He walked me through every decision making process regarding the procedure and... READ MORE

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