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Mini Lift with Dr. Andrew Jacono - Manhasset, NY

I'm 51 and the last two years noticed a real decline in my skin, particularly the appearance of jowls. I tried all the things we try - expensive creams, etc. Finally I went for a consultation with Dr. Jacono and my husband and I were very impressed. He was honest, matter-of-fact and it felt... READ MORE

41y/o Female, Genetic Jowls and Jawline - Louisville, KY

I wanted to post regarding my mini-lift experience because, upon researching this procedure, I didn't see a lot of "younger," (i.e. 40-50 y/o) women who had this procedure whom I could compare my "problem areas) with. I've ALWAYS had jowls - even as a teen at 5'6" and 100 pounds. I am... READ MORE

47 yof with Jowls and Sagging Neck S-Lift/ Mini Lift. Dr Richards Bethesda MD

Wanted neck and jowls lifted up. Dr. Franklin and his staff have been amazing! I am just one day post op and I feel great. Pain is 2 of 10, nothing Tylenol wont take care of. I have swelling and redness but much less than I expected. Though I am still swollen, I am very happy thus far. I will... READ MORE

66 Years Old, Mini Facelift

I had a mini facelift done 7 weeks ago. Overall it was okay, but I don't like the way my left earlobe was done. I know it can take months for healing but I don't believe this can heal properly. The skin was raised up with the sutures and the bottom of the earlobe was puckered. Is this... READ MORE

I did it with Dr. Corrado and I'd do it again

Seeing Dr. Corrado was the best decision I've made in a very long time. The dreaded turkey neck runs in my family and I knew if I lost the weight I'd gained over the past decade I was sure to have one, especially considering the jowls and heavy neck I was already presenting. Unfortunately, I... READ MORE

Feeling Nervous but Ready

I was heavier when I was younger and went through menopause early. That left me with a bad combination of loss of collagen and loose skin around my neck and face. At 58, I decided it was time to do something about it. I went to see Dr. DeJoseph who recommended a mini facelift and a neck lift.... READ MORE

Excellent results from mini-facelift in Bethesda (Dr. Keshav Magee, Cosmetic Surgery Associates)

I highly recommend Dr. Keshav Magge, his colleagues, and support staff at Cosmetic Surgery Associates in Bethesda, MD! I never thought that I'd have any type of cosmetic surgery but after seeing my jawline during a video presentation, I immediately started looking for solutions to my sagging... READ MORE

I am very happy with the results!

Dr. Rankin did a fantastic job on my mini face lift. My friends are all amazed how natural it looks. He was able to give me the youthful look back without making me look like I was on a wind tunnel. I was nervous going in, but he and his staff made me feel comfortable. I would recommend him to... READ MORE

49 Years Old- Mini Lift, Peri Oral Laser and Laser Under my Eyes-Best Decision Ever

I was starting to see my face have a sad frown look and lots of skin. I know I'm on the younger side but after reading so many reviews, i see that its better to do this younger while your skin is still thicker and wrinkles not set in so deep. Ive always taken good care of my skin by doing... READ MORE

Best Price for a Mini Face Lift in Tijuana?

I live close to the border. I want a mini face lift within the next 6 months in Tijuana. Id like to pay between $3500-$4000 for everything and I will definately be paying cash. I am 53 and my skin is good but I daily wear face tape to pull back my face. Any experiences, recommendations,... READ MORE

Wave Lift (Mini Facelift), Endobrow Lift & Fat Transfer to the Face

I noticed some smiling lines & wrinkles on the corner of my mouths after I was over 40. It became more worse & more noticeable after I turn 50. I don't like to take pics on high resolution camera. It bothers me because I feel I'm still young. I did my research for couple of months... READ MORE

Looking Younger Face is Calling!!!

I’m 65 years old and I’m here to share my amazing experience with Dr Darin Muangthai(Plastic surgeon at The SIB clinic, Thailand) who performed a mini facelift surgery on me this year. I started extensive search for the best plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. After all I was in an age gro... READ MORE

Fantastic surgeon

After a botched chin liposuction and losing 150 pounds I took my melted face to Dr Fox. Initially, I was still in the process of losing weight and he wouldn't do any procedure until I had lost all my weight and had stabilized. He is a perfectionist and I respected that. He wants the best... READ MORE

52 This Month and the Neck, Cheeks and Chin Started Heading South

Day 6 and through the swelling and neck bruising I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I went into this looking for a more rested looking me, and hey if I come out looking a little younger well that will just be a plus. So here is how the first few days have gone. Day 1... READ MORE

Late 40s with deep laugh lines and small jowls

I am in my late 40s and after several months of research I decided to have a mini lift. I though I had done enough research- I had not. In my opinion you can not trust doctor ratings from a website. I have ugly scars around my ear lobes and webbing behind my ears. The surgeon told me to just put... READ MORE

Mid 30's Mini Face Lift - Portland, OR

I just want to start off by saying teens, 20's I never thought at 28 I'd be seeing changes with my face, aging signs this early. I've been a long distance runner my whole life, lean and less then a hundred pounds. Burned through most of my subcutaneous fat layer. Going through pregnancy and it... READ MORE

Refresh and Renew at 54 Years Old! Mini Lift, Browlift, Upper Bleph, Plus a Perfect Peel

I had a total hysterectomy about 8 years ago, and was unable to do hormone replacement...as I'd had a bout of non-invasive breast cancer, and it was estrogen-dependent. So--I've noticed in the last few years, my skin elasticity had diminished, due to no hormonal replacement, being a sun... READ MORE

56 Birthday in June Feel 36!

I've had Botox and fillers and feel I need a lift to really have the results I want now. Only so much fillers can do. I'm glad I had them, helped me decide on my mini lift. I trust my doctor and feel this is a good approach to what I want. Fighting old age tooth and nail. Feel much younger than... READ MORE

Biltmore Lift (Mini-lift) and Forehead Lift. 61 years old, Asheville, NC by Dr. Harley

I am so happy with the results of Dr. Harley's surgery! I had the procedure done Friday, June 10, only 6 days ago. I was able to go out almost immediately with no one seeing that I had just had surgery. I had no bruising and very little swelling. He does the procedure with Valium and local. ... READ MORE

46 Years Old, Healthy and in Shape. My Face, Oh My! Accelarated Free Falling Going on Here!

After months of reading other's journeys and gathering very helpful information from behind the scenes, I have decided to step forward in the hopes that my story can help others, as so many have already done for me... I always had a round (very round) face growing up and into my late 30's. My... READ MORE

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