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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. LEARN MORE ›

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Having had the successful surgical removal of a lipoma (shoulder) and two minor cysts, I now completely understand why my dermatologist recommended Dr. Engler for my plastic surgery. Besides being a knowledgeable and skilled plastic surgeon, with Dr. Engler (and his office team) you will have... READ MORE

They were wonderful. What a great experience compared to what I was expecting. Dr. Peterson and his staff were the best. I would recommend any and all persons to them for Plastic Surgery or scar removal. I was referred from the VA. Hospital Dermitology Department in Salt Lake City for a lump on... READ MORE

So far I have had 90 Lipomas removed over the years , mainly from my arms and legs (upper thighs) .I have to say for me it has been totally worth having the removed , my legs feel so much better . I now have found one in my middle finger on my left hand ,I didn't know you could get them in... READ MORE

It has just been a little over a week since I got a Lipoma lump removed from my stomach area. It wasn't a small marble sized lump like my doctor described most lumps to be, it was about the size of an apple and extremely uncomfortable and painful. I first developed this lump after an animal... READ MORE

Had lipoma below beltline..was the size of a nerf football. was hindering everyday activity. contacted Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery. Mr Huntley removed lipoma and also removed smaller ones in my armpits. Very Pleased with outcome Recovery was Fast very minimal scaring smooth tight skin. was... READ MORE

I've had a handful of lipomas in noticeable location for 20 years (arms and leg). The one on my upper leg was the size of a golf ball. Although I was told they were harmless, I couldn't wear short sleeve shirts or shorts without people noticing. You could even see the one on my leg through jeans. READ MORE

Like everything in our lives we sometimes do things and make decisions without knowing what the outcome will be. This is my story. For the past five years I have been walking around with a lipoma on my forehead and one on the inside part of my right elbow. Last year I made an appointment with a... READ MORE

After my wife's research for a local plastic surgeon, my experience with Dr. Aldea was excellent choice from start to finish. I had several large lipomas (fatty non-cancerous tumor just under the skin) removed with great results. He is extremely knowledgable and very organized (gives you all... READ MORE

Dr. Galante removed a lipoma from the back of my neck approximately two months ago. Dr. Galante did an outstanding job. The procedure went well and I never experienced any pain or discomfort during or after the surgery. Pain medication was definitely not needed. Dr. Galante and his staff's... READ MORE

The size of the lipoma on my shoulder had not only become unsightly, but it also caused the shoulder area to become inflamed and painful with use of the arm each day. Aside from the improved aesthetics after the removal, my arm feels much better. Pain is no longer reminding me of something... READ MORE

Not much to say, but I had been putting off this procedure for years. Part was fear of the process and part was not knowing a good surgeon. Dr Hazani took the time to answer my questions and explained the process. He's a friendly person, which is a plus. I think he did a great job. I felt little... READ MORE

This was a great experience. I had a slow growing firm lump under the skin on the upper back part of my thigh for over 13 years. It had become painful at times and Dr Patel initially said it was a lipoma and offered to schedule excision. On the day of the procedure there was no wait time and on... READ MORE

Lipoma/ Cyst removal The procedure went extremely well. It was a large Lipoma and a very small incision that healed very well. I was given supplies to help heal the incision as well. The staff was very helpful on home care and a call was made to me a day after surgery. Highly recommend Dr... READ MORE

I'm in pain constantly because of these lipomas and the doctors here around beatrice ne don't believe me that they hurt I was told there not supposed to hurt but they do there ruining my life I have hundreds of them and can't get no answers please help I'm on Medicaid do you all take this... READ MORE

About two years ago, I had noticed a large lump in my armpit. I had brought it to the attention of my trusted nurse practitioner and after a mammogram and an ultra sound, I had been assured that there was no reason to be alarmed with this lump – it did not pose a risk to my health. It w... READ MORE

The reason I wanted to have the lipoma removed was mainly because there is a lot of cancer in my family and any lump was a worry to me, also I work out and take care of my body so having a lump on my arm sticking out was unsightly to say the least and I would not wear short sleeve shirts, not... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Mountcastle by my personal doctor after a bad experience with another surgeon. I had a lipoma lump in my back close to my spine removed eight month earlier, only to have it begin to grow back within two months. So I scheduled the appointment with Dr Mountcastle, and from... READ MORE

Mr Banwell performed a lipoma removal from my back on 26 November 2013 at the McIndoe Surgical Centre in East Grinstead. I found him courteous, affable and a true professional. The process from beginning to end was seamless. After the operation I was lucky enough not to have to take any... READ MORE

Any doctor who tells you that you can go to work 1 day after from what I experienced from my surgery is smoking crack!!!! Sorry!!! I am 55, and this has been a very painful experience. Yesterday is the 1st day I felt 1/2 way decent, but not fully recovered yet. I sell furniture, and have a... READ MORE

I was extremely concern about the procedure. Dr. Gartside and her staff made me so comfortable about the procedure. I have had few other surgeries, but by far this was the best experience I had. The entire procedure and the Reston hospital staff were all great. I hope I would not have to go... READ MORE

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The typical cost for a Lipoma Removal ranges from $35-$3,000 with an average cost of $1,575. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 91 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more