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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. LEARN MORE ›

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Both my Lipomas were the upper left side of my abdomen. I have pain when I bend over for more than a minute. My first was 8 cm by 8 and this last one was 4 cm by 5 cm. I have a huge problem after my last one a bit over a week ago with swelling in my abdomen. I thought I had gained 20 lbs... READ MORE

My motivation to see Dr. Sullivan was simply that I had some cysts in my scalp that needed to removed. As this is a hereditary and reoccurring unfortunate of circumstances I have it taken care every couple of years. In my experiences with him and his work I would consider it close to flawless.... READ MORE

I first learned of Dr. Joshua Lampert while viewing a news report which profiled/featured Dr. Lampert and his expertise on a specific medical case. Subsequent to viewing the broadcast I considered my own medical issues, in which I had consulted with several doctors; none of whom could... READ MORE

I saw a lump on my face overtime I looked in the mirror, my GP would not do anything and guessed it was "nothing", said I would have major scarring if it was removed and perhaps muscle problems, I was concerned and sought further treatment, had it removed by Dr. Dawes, not only is there barely... READ MORE

A couple of years ago I noticed a little bump on my forehead that I at first aid little attention to. I was ore interested in where it came from and whether it was benign. After a longer period of time, that may have even been years, since the bump refused to disappear, I opted for having it... READ MORE

I have a family history of lipomas. I had three removed many years ago, in my early twenties. Since then, I have developed many more. Some were becoming uncomfortable...and worse, some noticeable. Dr. Janjua did a wonderful job...not only with the initial consultation...but also with every... READ MORE

From my first consultation with Dr. Rao I felt certain I was in great hands. I had suffered with a lipoma on my leg for 10 years, had met with two surgeons previously who would not consider my case. Dr. Rao was very confident and explained exactly how he could perform the surgery necessary to... READ MORE

After months of pain and discomfort, I was finally told I had a pilonidal cyst located near the end of my tailbone. Dr. Lytle was very accommodating and was able to fit me in to his schedule. As having a procedure done in this area is a very awkward thing, I must say Dr. Lytle was wonderful. He... READ MORE

Dr. Lytle was very empathetic and reassuring before surgery. He did an excellent job removing my tumor; through a very small and skillfully placed incision. My post op pain was managed nicely with a long acting analgesic he used at the end of the procedure. After surgery, he was very... READ MORE

Doc removed a lipoma. Everything was great. He has an awesome sense of humor and knows his stuff! Everything happened just like he explained it would. He really knows how to put patients at ease. His choice of music in the operating room was also top-notch. He obviously has good... READ MORE

Dr. Castillo is amazing! This was simply the most pleasant doctor's office experience I have ever had..period. He is the most down to earth and courteous man. I was a little nervous about the procedure but it was a breeze thanks to his tremendous expertise and amazing bedside manner. Thank you... READ MORE

I lived with the lump on my back for several years and finally decided to get it removed. My entire experience from start to finish was easy. The procedure was explained thoroughly and there were no unexpected issues or complications. The area was on my right flank and was approximately 4... READ MORE

For years, dermatologists and others recommended leaving the lipoma in my back under my shoulder blade. However, I was referred to Dr. Alan Engler. My experience with Dr. Alan Engler was unexpectedly satisfying. I had some understandable anxiety over what Dr. Engler described as a minor... READ MORE

I had lipomas in my bilateral thighs that kept growing for several years until they all became uncomfortable especially when I sit or lie down. I asked several physicians about it who gave me different answers, opinions and options. I also did extensive research about lipoma to ascertain that I... READ MORE

I will be meeting with a plastic surgeon soon for Intramuscular Lipoma that has been bothering me now for 2 years,its casuing me gait issues and range of motion and when I try and walk or even use a muscle rollar on my hamstring it radiates pain from hamstring too my knee the Semitendinosus is... READ MORE

I have had this cyst on my head for a few years, but since the past year it was growing and hurting. I decided to get it removed because it was affecting my life. It was a relief when Stephanie Power removed it. She really took care of listening to my questions and concerns and answered all of... READ MORE

I had a knot forming on my head that at times was getting painful. My PCP sent me to Dr. Wilson. He removed the knot and didn't even have to shave my head. The knot turned out to be a lipoma which is fatty tissue that grows between the skin and muscles. Dr. Wilson is a class act and knows what... READ MORE

Dr. Jemec removed a Lipoma from my cheek. She explained the procedure to me beforehand in detail, as well as let me know what to expect regarding healing, scarring, etc. She was responsive throughout, and cooperated with me fully regarding time constraints. The result of the operation is... READ MORE

The lipoma was uncomfortable and interfered with my clothing. Dr. Capla and her team were excellent. I did not feel any pain during surgery, and it healed beautifully. The best part is that I received clear information about the procedure. Dr. Capla personally followed up with me after the... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed from my hip and back. It was done in the office with numbing medication. I was able to go back to work the next day. Other surgeons required anesthesia which is why I chose Dr. Burt. Professional and with excellent bedside manner. Highly recommend Dr. Burt. I am now... READ MORE

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