Lipoma Removal

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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. This procedure can also be called a lipoma excision or lipoma treatment surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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Lipoma Removal - Los Angeles, CA

I went in for the removal of a large lipoma in the middle of my back. I was very nervous because I've never had any type of surgery before and my first experience couldn't have gone better. I was in and out of the operating room and didn't feel a thing. I had very minimal pain/discomfort during... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal - New York City

I stubbled upon Dr. Engler and his team on the internet and was instantly impressed by his perfect reviews, which happened to be completely accurate.I called them up and scheduled an appointment so he could examine my lipoma. I got the outmost attention since day one and I never felt that they... READ MORE

Professional, Yet Comforting - New York, NY

A lipoma is pretty much similar to a cyst. It's benign, albeit, samples must be sent to pathology. In my case this lipoma was on the back of my head, at the neck line. I could not see it. So from that perspective, I had no clue what it was. My girlfriend noticed it and took a cell picture to... READ MORE

56 Yrs Old - New York, NY

Lipoma Removal – Great plastic surgeon. I had a lipoma on my right arm for several years, probably more than I want to admit to. It just kept growing in size. One doctor told me he could remove it but it would leave me with a big scar across my elbow so I didn’t want that. I started wea... READ MORE

Removal of Reoccurring Facial Lipoma - New York, NY

Lara Devgan is a consummate professional. She's sweet, caring and her personality matches her level of expertise. I found her on Instagram and I was so impressed with her work I ended up calling for a consultation. She herself returned my phone call. She removed a reoccurring facial lipoma and... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal by Dr Alan Engler - New York, NY

Dr. Alan Engler came highly recommended by my Dermatologist (Dr. Davis). Even though he was recommended I did my own research and found that he had excellent reviews. The procedure I had was to remove 7 lipomas. A lipoma is a growth of fat cells below the skin. It was very easy making the... READ MORE

Now I Can Wear the Clothes I Want to - Portsmouth, GB

I had had my lipoma about five years, but as it grew it became more and more noticeable and I began to feel more self-conscious about it, especially if I wore tighter clothes , so I decided to have it removed. In hindsight I probably should have had the operation sooner as the need for a... READ MORE

60 Years Old, Journalist and Workout Fan - New York

Dr. Estee Williams is an outstanding doctor and a great human being. She sees the personal side of the patient. She's concerned about your well being in general and that of your family. She explains the procedures, choices and kindly nudges you to the best choice. You leave the office with a... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal. . Why Did I Wait So Long. Little York, NY

My lipoma is gone, but I can't believe it took me this long to do it. I had a lipoma on my right upper back that had been there for at least 15 years, and was slowly growing in size. one doctor told me that he'd have to make a big incision in order to get it out and since I didn't want that, I... READ MORE

Large Lipoma Removal for a 47 Year Old Male - New York

I was at Dr. Antell's for a large lipoma removal requiring at least 3 weeks post-op excuse duty. But 2 hours post-op I walked out confidently one street from his office to my hotel. 8 days post-op recovery was even most remarkable as I was cleared fit to jump on a flight to Africa to resume... READ MORE

Great Doctor! - Marina Del Rey, CA

Dr Macias and the folks at Marina Plastic Surgery were great from the moment I checked in. The staff was friendly and efficient. Dr. Macias visited and reviewed the procedure, and then removed a lipoma from my back near my spine. My fiance couldn't be more happy with the results and I'm... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal on Shoulder

I saw Dr. Reish for a small procedure (lipoma removal) that felt very daunting to me. Rather than going to a dermatologist or general surgeon for the procedure, I went with Dr. Reish because of a glowing recommendation from a friend. (And I’m so glad I did!) You can read his stellar c... READ MORE

25 Male - Hoffman, IL

Awesomeness, I have not been anywhere else to have surgery, I choose this place dew to other views online. It was great people for the staff. Was naver mislead, staff was always very friendly. It looked like to me that this team was vary prod of completing there work. Also vary orgaized at the... READ MORE

48 Year Old Male Has Lipoma Removed from Prominent Spot on Side of Neck - Washington DC, DC

Pea size lump removed from just below the jaw line. The technical precision of the surgical work left a scar so tiny and well aligned with the natural contours of my face that I have trouble finding it just 4 months later. I was so pleased with this result, I returned to Dr Cohen months later... READ MORE

27 Year Old for Lipoma Excision. India, IN

I am a 27year old guy.. felt super conscious with anybody touching my arms for d quiet a few huge lipomas on my arm... Some of which were painful and some were just growing big in size...finally gathering all d courage I decided to get those removed coz it affected my life in all ways.. I could... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal - Wexford, PA

I had three lipomas on my scalp for 20 years. I finally decided to have them removed. I went to Re-NOva Plastic Surgery in Wexford, PA. Dr. Clavijo removed all three of them for me right in the office. It was a painless procedure and no recovery time. Dr. Clavijo is an awesome doctor and really... READ MORE

Nice Job on Large Back Lipoma Removal - Rockville, MD

I had a large fatty pocket on my back area and it has been bothering me for quite some time. Dr. Dahiya recommend to remove this lipoma surgically. He did a nice job since I can barely see the incision part -- no scar at all! During the surgery Dr. Dahiya numb me very well and I couldn't feel a... READ MORE

Excision of Large Lipoma. Gainesville, VA

I discovered a small lipoma (size of my thumb nail) in 2001 at the front of my left shoulder. Over the past 14 years, I talked about it with two doctors (one in the beginning who diagnosed it as a lipoma and said it was no big deal, and then a few years later with another doctor, who said the... READ MORE

Tricky Lipoma Removal - New York

5 years ago, a golf ball sized lipoma was removed from the back of my head. Unfortunately, the lipoma gradually grew back, ultimately (in 2015) starting to put pressure on nerves in my neck. Due to concerns about scar tissue from the previous operation, the original surgeon declined another... READ MORE

57 Year Old Female. My Arms Look Great! Grand Rapids, MI

I had a lipoma on my upper arm that got bigger over time and left a large unattractive mass. Dr. Rechner was able to remove it, smooth out the arm and it now looks SO normal! I can wear tank tops again, at the age of 57! I lived with this for a long time and was bothered by it constantly. I... READ MORE

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