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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. This procedure can also be called a lipoma excision or lipoma treatment surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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15 Lipomas Removed in 2 Surgeries

Review Cost: >$10 billed to insurance, my cost (5K) scars: heavy scarring was it worth it: yes and no. My personal story I am a male 23yrs old. I have had lipomas on my arms and stomach every since i hit puberty. Around the age 18-21 lipomas started to increase in number... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal - Gilbert, AZ

I started working out mid 2013 and discovered a lipoma near my bra strap area (side). I have a relatively nice back so I didnt want to be embarrassed by a "lump". I called a few doctor's but Tahir was by far the nicest, customer service wise. The procedure took about 45 minutes since mine lipoma... READ MORE

Large Lipoma Removed from Left Hip - Greenville, SC

Was well worth the surgery to remove this lipoma which was painful while sleeping on side and causing pressure on spine causing a lot of low back pain. Surgery was on December 10, 2012. Hospital stay overnight to control pain. Relatively speaking the surgery wasn't the cause of pain afterwards... READ MORE

Not Fatty Cyst

I had my dr's tell me I had a fatty cyst in its own pouch on my upper back and i didnt need it to be removed and it wouldnt get any bigger. it got bigger and started to hurt against my back , so I went to a surgon and scheduled surgery. under a local it cost me 3,000 out of my pocket. no... READ MORE

Tennis Ball Lipoma from my Neck - Miami, FL

ENT cancer surgeon said I shouldn't get lipoma from neck removed as it may cause more harm than good. It grew and now two yrs later I went back and it had grown to the size of a tennis ball. Week later it's out and they also took out an enlarged lymph node, Initial biopsy negative,... READ MORE

Lipoma Excision (Forehead) - Hollywood, CA

I just saw a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills for what I thought was a sebaceous cyst on my forehead. After examining it, he told me that it is actually a lipoma. The doctor used the word "tumor", which instantly brought to my mind the word "cancer" but its probably benign. I... READ MORE

Size of a Football - Brooklyn, NY

Well, I just had a lipoma removed from my inner thigh. I really should have done this sooner. It was 11" long by 6" wide and 4" deep, and was compressing my muscle. I did have general anastesia and needed to stay over night due to pain. At this time I still have a drain in my leg.... READ MORE

My Experience - Wisconsin

I have very painful lipomas. Sometimes they have been called Vascular Lipomatosis or Angio-Lipomas. I have had hundreds (yes that's correct) removed surgically. I have been doing it over 20 years. The first Lipoma was taken out in 1983. I think I've had close to 800 take out now. My... READ MORE

Best Thing - San Jose, CA

Mine sat on my forearm and sat on a nerve causing me pain down my arm into my fingers. I was so scared when they told me what it was and that I had to have it removed. Wow was i shocked it was super easy and took like 20 min from start to finish. It was the best thing I could have ever did. I... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Op Was Odd Experience but Totally Worth It

I spent ten years of my life looking like i had u hunch back! i had a large lipoma on the back of my neck and from the side i looked like i was permently slouching.i had this surgical removed under local anethestic which was somewhat uncomfortable however after the op and the swelling had... READ MORE

Lump in my Hair Removed

I was in pain prior to the lipoma. So, yes it was very worth it, but I want to know when I am going to be better...I had a lump in my hair for several months; however, it did not give me problems until recently. I started having migraines with the pain orginating from the lump's location. I went... READ MORE

Lipoma Removed from Upper-back

I had a good sized lipoma removed from my back. I had for over 5 years thinking little about it, but it started to bother me. I was referred by my doctor to a surgeon. It was done in a hospital as an out-patient surgery. They put me totally under and I remember very little, and had almost no... READ MORE

Lop Sided Wonky Lip - Scar Tissue and Lump

I originally had a small lump in my lip which was hardly noticeable but was annoying as would swell up in the cold. I went to my local hospital to have it checked out. They said they could remove the lump surgically.In the first operation they did not get the lump so I had to have a second... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal from Right Side - Terrible Experience During the Surgery I Felt All the Pain

My lipoma was removed in the hospital by a surgeon I was in terrible pain during the procedure the whole procedure took about 30 minutes from start to finish I was crying format he pain that I was not able to endure after few shots of local anesthetic the doctor proceed to count into my skin and... READ MORE

Lipomas Cut out of Arms and Legs

I get these on my arms and legs. They do not hurt but look ugly, especially as they grow larger. Getting them cut out was simple. My Dr injected me with local pain killer and they were cut out within 5 minutes for each one. It was so simple, I wished that I'd done it years ago. I've added... READ MORE

I Had to Much Sides and They Wouldn't Go Down - Brooklyn, NY

My husband came her I can see how his sides have went down and his stomach area. When u come in they are cry professional and friendly. I went in there scared and not knowing the outcome and I'm ally and content and happy with my body. I can't wait to see more result. You are gonna be happy and... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal by Dr R. Lowen - Mountain View, CA

I've had a big lump (lipoma) over my spine for about 10 years. It started giving me pain for the past few months so I found Dr Lowen on Realself and met him for a consultation. He explained the removal process and the cost and gave me an appointment a week later. It's been two weeks since the... READ MORE

51 Year Old Female Lipoma on my Back - New York, NY

Dr. Engler Even a small procedure can be scary, so when a bump started growing on my back I was really unhappy at the thought of removing it. I met with Dr. Engler for a consultation and I was quite nervous but, he reassured me that the procedure would be fairly routine, and I would be very... READ MORE

My Surgical Experience

I'm 51 year old male in fairly good health. I was diagnosed with a large lipoma in the right side back of my neck, just above the hair line. After waiting about two years and hoping it wouldn't get larger, which it did, I decided to have it removed by the best plastic surgeon I could find. I... READ MORE

William Marshall Guy, MD Review - The Woodlands, TX

I had a benign tumor located in the "meat" of my cheek and Dr. Guy removed it successfully through the mouth. It was actually hemangioma, not lipoma, but there was no "drop down" for that under procedure type. After the first visit, Dr. Guy sent off a needle sample to pathology as well as... READ MORE

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