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A non-cancerous fatty growth, a lipoma can be removed with surgery. These benign tumors are soft, movable, and often painless. This procedure can also be called a lipoma excision or lipoma treatment surgery. LEARN MORE ›

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Lipoma Removed, 18 Years Old

It has just been a little over a week since I got a Lipoma lump removed from my stomach area. It wasn't a small marble sized lump like my doctor described most lumps to be, it was about the size of an apple and extremely uncomfortable and painful. I first developed this lump after an animal... READ MORE

Ugly Scar After Lipoma Removal

Initially I was pleased with Dr. Kim. He seemed cordial enough, although most of our interactions felt brief and slightly rushed. I went to get a lipoma removed from my abdomen. The procedure required anesthesia but otherwise it should have been a fairly common one. Especially for a plastic... READ MORE

Sebaceous Cyst Removal During Office Visit

Dr. Larry Schlesinger used carbolic acid (tanning agent) followed by rubbing alcohol (to neutralize) which makes you able to remove the entire sac so it doesn't regenerate...interesting and awesome! I had a sebaceous cyst appear out of no where on my face and it was the size of a quarter. I... READ MORE

So Worth It Do It Before It Grows to Big

I paid out of pocket and will submit a self claim. Got better pricing that way !! I have a high deductible. Worth it. First week no pain, but tonight lots of discomfort pain killers make me very SICK! After kids it tripled in size in! Hormones and stress triggered the rapid growth. Pretty good... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal - Greenwood, IN

Dr. Hsiao is very nice and professional but also down to earth. I think a sign of a good doctor is he/she telling you what could possibly go wrong. Run the other way if a surgeon tells you "this will be so easy, no problems at all" because that isn't ever the case in life. In just meeting... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal - Cheadle, GB

The mass on my shoulder was causing discomfort and, as it was growing, was also a worry that it might be something sinister. Mr Ross explained the investigation and procedure putting me at ease. After having an MRI scan the operation followed within a couple of weeks. The operation went smoothly... READ MORE

Forehead Lump Gone!! - Chicago, IL

Saw dr shah originally for fillers and Botox. I noticed a bump on my forehead which limited my hairstyles, had to wear bangs. I saw that he performs bump removal and another doctor thought it was bone but he called it a fat tumor. He removed it by making a scar on my hair and looked pretty... READ MORE

Lipoma on my Ribs - Troy, MI

I should have trusted my gut. I found Gowda's demeanor cavalier about impending surgery. He botched the job, my side two months later looks worse then it ever did and now I'm in discomfort. Can't exercise or even lay on that side of my body. His office never called after surgery to see how I... READ MORE

Lipoma on Wrist - Ontario, CA

Had a lump on inner wrist for many years. I always thought it was a cyst, and other doctors who looked at it thought it was a ganglial cyst. Friends urged me to get it checked out with testing, and was referred to Dr. Plant by MCI clinic. Dr. Plant is very knowledgeable, courteous and listens... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal on Back--Should Have Done It Sooner, Got Rid of Pain. Kansas City, KS

These lipomas on my back were hurting. I needed them out. Dr. Hendrix was booked up for about a month until I could get in for my office procedure. I kept calling his office to see if they had any cancellations. His nurse always called me back. He had me put bactroban on my incisions for... READ MORE

Large Neck Lipoma Removal. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had a large lump on the back of my neck for 20 years. Every doctor I went to told me to leave it alone as my hair covered the lump and there could be complications from surgery due to its proximity to important nerves. In recent years, however, the lump began to affect my range of motion and I... READ MORE

Initially Diagnosed As Calcium Depositso or Muscle Knots - Odessa, TX

For the past, 10 years I've been thinking I've had calcium deposits in my lower back and there was nothing I could do for my pain. I finally showed the so called muscle knots to my new physician and he said they were lipomaso and if they were painful I could have them removed. I'm excited to say... READ MORE

50yrs Female Neck and Right Shoulder. Mount Pleasant, SC

My story: I first noticed my lipoma about 8 months ago I went for console doctor told me it was lipoma do not give me any other information so I went to a second opinion who told me it was a lipoma in the procedures of what is going to take place if I was interested in doing it and I inform them... READ MORE

After Surgery - Monroe, NC

I Have My Surgery 6 Days Ago I Had A lot Of Pain But Now I Can Move It And Do A Little More With It. But Now It Just Have A Bad Smell Of Musty And I Wipe Under It Softly Gentle Not Messing With The Wound But The Smell Won't Go Away What Should Do.? Is This Normal After Surgery I'm not sure this... READ MORE

48 Yo Male with 1000s of the Awful Things. Qatar

Yes thats right 1000s. Being from the UK removal of these awful things was never a medical priority even though they hurt and looked dreadful. I have them on both my arms trunk and top of my legs. You dont realise how many times you knock yourself during the day until you catch the lipomas.... READ MORE

Dr. Linder Fixed the Golf-ball Sized Hole Last Was Left After a Lump Was Removed

Close to 20 years ago, I had a suspicious lump (benign), removed from one of my breasts by my gynecologist. Thanks to the talented hands as well as compassion of Dr. Stuart Linder, I am able to wear low cut tops as well as lie on my back without seeing the huge dent on my right breast. Since... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Can Cost Less if Doctor Doesn't Use Insurance. Beware the Intramuscular Lipoma!!! Tarrytown, NY

I had a lipoma on my my forehead which I first tried to have my dermatologist remove. She told me it was a routine outpatient procedure, until she cut into my skin and could only remove a small portion of it. It ended up being transmuscular - meaning the majority of it lay underneath the... READ MORE

8cm X 5cm Lipoma Excission, Superclavicular, Bi-lobed, Nerve Impingement, Post Op Problems Persist. Corona, CA

Saw the surgeon for less than 5 minutes total. I was told that the Lipoma had to be removed as it was causing my blood pressure to sky rocket from the pain, and severe headaches, arm useless, hand fingers, as well as my circulation in the right arm. Muscles spasms, pain, tingling, arm,hand,... READ MORE

Removal of Large Lipoma - Life Changing! - La Mesa, CA

I'm sorry this is such a long review, but I really want people to understand my experience and how grateful I am to have met Dr. Pousti. :) I had a lipoma slowly growing on my left side for over 10 years. The last 3 years had been very difficult. It was making comfortable sleep almost... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 3 Kids. Michigan, MI

I first noticed a gold ball size lump on my left upper Ribcage/side. We went to the doct I was told, lipoma. The doctor scrugged it off. So I never Did anything. I'm 27 years old now, and the lump got larger, its now the size of almost 2 baseball's and causes discomfort, plus I'm self concious... READ MORE

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