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In a laser peel, the top few layers of skin are removed to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath. LEARN MORE ›

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This staff is so nice and accommodating! They make you feel right at home and comfortable. They explained the entire process to me and took their time to make sure that I was comfortable throughout. The actual procedures (Micro Laser Peel and BBL) were quick and painless for the most part. They... READ MORE

I have used dr. fox for more than 12 years. he is an expert with lasers of all types. an excellent doctor. gentle kind and intelligent. knows all the latest techniques. I have never been afraid under his care. highly recommend any type of procedure with dr. fox. an important doctor to know. dr.... READ MORE

I am 28 years old and have long been neglecting my already imperfect skin. A few months ago, I began visiting a local (Manhattan) dermatologist for monthly glycolic peels, and she finally suggested that my skin would benefit from a light micro laser peel. I had a 4 micron micro laser peel 24... READ MORE

I am 70 years old and just wanted a "refresh" with no changes in my face, which is quite attractive already. I did not want an extreme makeover--as I was interested in getting rid of the sun damage and just having a great healthy glow. Dr. Henry is smart, a listener, great surgeon and finds joy... READ MORE

I was nervous going in to the initial consult because this was something I'd never done before and didn't know what to expect. During the consult I was told exactly what was going to happen and what to expect after, including pre and post-care. The procedure was easier than I thought and now I... READ MORE

I received my first Sciton Micro Laser Peel (10 microns) about 3 days ago. Everything is progressing as expected, except my eyes have been burning for the last 2 days. The esthetician covered my eyes with goggles and they were closed of course so I am not sure why I am having this reaction. It... READ MORE

Treatment by Dr. Rotter and staff was professional and sympathetic. All my questions were answered and useful information provided. I would rate Dr. Rotter 5 stars for his bedside manner, answering my questions, spending time with me, the payment process, his staff, and the phone and email... READ MORE

Dr. Dobson did a micro-laser peel after a BBL treatment. Years of sun damage had left its mark on my face, and as I aged, it was harder and harder to get away a lot of makeup to cover it up. These procedures truly stunned me. The brown spots were lifted to the surface, then just peeled off. ... READ MORE

This is the easiest, fastest way to improve your appearance. The recovery does not hurt. I switched to over the counter pain medicine one day after surgery. I was back in public within a week. I feel ten years younger. Don't neglect your face! It's the one part of you that everyone sees. Be... READ MORE

“At 43, I knew I was ready for something that would erase a multitude of sins (skipping the sunscreen anyone?) and help restore the youthful glow my skin had in my 30's. After meeting Dr. Kim Nichols during the open house at NicholsMd in Greenwich, I felt she was very knowledgeable, e... READ MORE

Procedure went well (besides usual pains, redness, etc) and I heeled within 7 days. However within two weeks, I had painful SHINGLES (first time ever) with severe headaches on my forehead and side of my face just to my eyelids. I'm still with bad headaches - coincidence or a potential side... READ MORE

Jennie is amazing! I am a 51 year old lady with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was very nervous about this peel Jennie put together and wow it was wonderful. There is a very simple process of prep and very litte down time. The results lifted so much skin damage off and feels so good. Thank you... READ MORE

I had botox month prior when nurse brought up the fact she thought I would benefit greatly from the Sciton Laser Peel. I made an appt under the impression from her that it would be a "Thurs to Mon, back to work" peel that would be bring big benefits. We discussed I am allergic to aquafore and... READ MORE

I am 47 years old and people say I hardly look 35. However I know my face and I can see that the age is kicking in by starting to show some aging and now is the time to take care of it before it is too late. Overal I had an even skin tone apart from minor imperfections ( freckles, some reddness... READ MORE

HAd these 2 treatments in 1 visit i month ago. Am 47 w/lt hyperpigmentation on left cheek (I had Aura lasers to remove mod hyperpigment all over 8 yrs ago;which worked v well)l also lt-mod (?) acne scarring, beginning crepey areas on cheeks,sl nasolabial fold, fine wrinkles around eyes,sl frown... READ MORE

I had Sciton MicroLaser Peel 8 days ago. I'm not a sugar coater...the procedure, which was done twice in a row because of skin cancer, was by far the MOST PAINFUL thing I have ever done. (and I've done a lot of stuff), my skin is so beautiful and radiant and youthful! It truly hurt... READ MORE

40, my skin was showing the signs of sun damage and mild rosacea that I could not get rid of with topical creams, and I tried an IPL, which did help, but I was looking for more drastic results. I decided on the Laser peel, and I was awake during the whole procedure, which I would not recommend.... READ MORE

I am a 43 year old female that takes great pride that my co workers think I am 30. I am very fit and my skin decent considering I was a victim of loving the sun a little too much in my younger days. I did have some minor sun damage and the past 3-4 year have experienced sagging and wrinkles... READ MORE


I wish I had known about some of the side effects before I had the nonablative peel done, especially the cold sore, which broke out less than 24 hours after the procedure on my upper lip. I had my lower face done and when I left the office my face was very swollen and I felt as though I'd been... READ MORE

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