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In a laser peel, the top few layers of skin are removed to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath. LEARN MORE ›

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-30 years old, Caucasian of European descent -fair skin with lots of sun damage (childhood in FL). Large pores on cheeks and dull skin were also issues. -did a Microlaser Peel with a Sciton Laser. Laser went 20 microns deep on face and 10 microns deep on chest (also significant sun damage) and... READ MORE

I had my first microlaser peel performed today at 15 microns which is not very strong. 10 is the lowest level according to my dermatologist. The procedure itself took about 30 minutes and the although it did hurt some the pain was tolerable overall. However, after I was done my face felt like it... READ MORE

They were running a special on the Micropeel laser and my sister had done it on her face twice for her acne and has been really pleased. I did not take before and after photos ad the differences were not so dramatic for me, because my skin was pretty decent to begin with as far as even skin... READ MORE

I had a Venus laser peel today! I had read plenty of reviews so knew what to expect. My face was numbed (somewhat ) with lidocaine ointment. I had to leave it on for 30 mins (ish) Jessica (registered nurse) covered my eyes and began the laser. She started with my forehead. It wasn't to painful.... READ MORE

I met with Sally and she performed a micro laser peel after discussing what my concerns were about my face. I wanted to reduce scaring and pigmentation because I am darker and I have issues with hyperpigmentation. Sally is very knowledgeable and concerned about your health and your overall... READ MORE

After suffering from acne for most all of my teen years, my face is a little beat up. I have many scars some shallow wide scars, others deep pin point scars. At 27 with little to no break outs..... I'm ready to feel great about my skin! GOAL: no more foundation ???????? So far, I'm not sure that... READ MORE

I'm fair and 40, with freckles that turned to age spots.. I was feeling old and splotchy and initially looked into erbium laser for under eye wrinkles and hyper pigmentation- but I can tell you now, after 3 treatments- it's not for wrinkles, but it DOES seem to have an effect on my pores and... READ MORE

At 35 I notice my skin aging and I try to be proactive so that smaller things and everyday maintenance will keep from needing a large, expensive procedure later. A medical spa nearby offered a holiday special of $100 for a Sciton joule laser nano peel. When I had a chemical peel before I... READ MORE

This is my 3rd laser peel. I obviously think the results are well worth it as it was my 3rd. :-) I wanted to write a review to offer more insight on the pain and recovery. My first peel I did up 30 microns. I only used the numbing cream they gave me; it was very painful. The second one was... READ MORE

I received a micro laser peel (Yag laser) made by Sciton. DO NOT DO IT!!! Unless you are severely disfigured it is definitely not worth the risk. I was told that given my fair skin, there was a 2% chance of hyper pigmentation and that since this laser was very gentle (only a... READ MORE

At 53 the reality of sun damage in my youth was quite apparent. I grew up in the era of baby oil and tanning blankets. Foolish, yes; but we didn't know better then. I opted to have a micro laser peel and profractional treatment done by the nurse esthetician who works for the PS who removed my... READ MORE

Hey Everyone. I wanna share my story about my MLP experience. I'm 25yo from Canada. I have Acne Scar with Active Acne. I just had MLP( micro laser peel) 4 hours ago. Well i can tell....I'm on FIRE as hell lol Right after the treatment i was feeling burning as hell. I thought i couldn't handle... READ MORE

I hated my saggy neck & the fatty little jowls that were forming along my jaw line. I felt a lot younger than I looked. I feel the procedure was relatively painless: I hardly needed the painkillers prescribed to me. The peel healing was the worst of it all because of the itchiness, dryness along... READ MORE

Hello, My name is Rafael, I'm from Brazil, and i did a procedure with laser to Acne Scars / Red Marks. The crusts took 14 days to fall. The doctor put in a very strong DOT, his face still red, gave some best not very significant, I will be wise to do the next session? BEFORE | AFTER I'm using... READ MORE


I'm two hours post having the micro laser peel at 10 microns. My face feels like its on fire. The procedure was a snap. It's the burning after the laser that's awful. I'm so glad that she didn't listen when I almost insisted on starting at 20 microns. I'm hoping to soften a few acne scars and... READ MORE

Was nervous. Last nite took one Valacyclovir to prevent cold sores, at office took hydrocodone for pain & one lorazepam made me drouzy. Had numbing gel for an hr before procedure. Dr was aggressive around mouth and lower face area, less so rest of face. The aggressive areas did hurt some,... READ MORE

I am 28 years old and have long been neglecting my already imperfect skin. A few months ago, I began visiting a local (Manhattan) dermatologist for monthly glycolic peels, and she finally suggested that my skin would benefit from a light micro laser peel. I had a 4 micron micro laser peel 24... READ MORE

I am 70 years old and just wanted a "refresh" with no changes in my face, which is quite attractive already. I did not want an extreme makeover--as I was interested in getting rid of the sun damage and just having a great healthy glow. Dr. Henry is smart, a listener, great surgeon and finds joy... READ MORE

I was nervous going in to the initial consult because this was something I'd never done before and didn't know what to expect. During the consult I was told exactly what was going to happen and what to expect after, including pre and post-care. The procedure was easier than I thought and now I... READ MORE

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