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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair beneath the surface of the skin. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on certain skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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Getting Back a Piece of the Old Me - Blackhawk, CA

BPS offers an experience unlike any other plastic surgery office. The decor and the atmosphere in the waiting room feels like a spa and helps put the clients at ease. Chatting with the staff feels like catching up with old friends who are genuinely interested in how you've been but are also... READ MORE

No More Bumps - Long Island, NY

Very pleased with the results only after 2 sessions. Choose to do laser hair removal after trying to manage folliculitis with topical agents and not much improved. Laser was very tolerable, the anticipation of the zap is worse. Post care is simple and man gable. Legs feel super smooth and bump free. READ MORE

Very Happy So Far - Isntabul, TR

I have a light skin with dark strong hair (perfect candidate for laser hair removal). I did 2 sessions of full body hair removal so far and I'm very pleased with the results..I could have never shaved with a rasor before before because the hair usually grows so fast and sooooo strong,but now I'm... READ MORE

facial and brazilian hair removal - Chicago, IL

I strongly recommend this office as i had only positive results there. And believe me, i had a very bad prior experience at the salon i was visiting for 4 years. I am still working on my facial hair ( it's very hard to remove) and brazilian as well. I got a 6 treatments package for brazilian and... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience Indeed - Abilene, TX

I visited Image Sculptors after years of having "hairy arms." The treatments not only helped minimize hair growth, it gave me years of lost self-confidence back. Now I only go in for "touch ups" and decided to do my under arms too! I could not believe the results in my very first treatment!... READ MORE

59 Year Old African American Married Mother of Three. Baltimore, MD

I had been waxing my mustache since I was in college. I recently began to have ingrown hairs. After speaking with medical professionals about my concerns, it was recommended to me to have laser hair removal treatments. I had a total of five treatments, each spaced two months apart. The pain... READ MORE

Bikini Laser Hair Removal - La Jolla, CA

The office staff are courteous and professional. Dr. Larsen is a great listener. She took time to understand my concerns. I was really nervous about the procedure/pain and she ensured I had good pain control with topical lidocaine before starting the procedure. I am very happy with the results.... READ MORE

23, First Time Laser Hair Reduction/Removal - Watertown, NY

I got my first session of laser hair reduction yesterday. The location I went to used the ClearScan YAG 1064 nm. As far as the pain, it didn't hurt at all. It reminded me of licking a 9 volt battery. (Don't judge me, I'm the youngest of 5, I was forced to lick the battery.) It was just a really... READ MORE

Woman Receiving Laser Hair Removal - Woodbridge, ON

Dr. Nield and her staff are amazing! I have been receiving laser hair removal at her clinic and am thrilled with the results, because I no longer have to stress about body hair on a daily basis. Her staff are very caring and attentive and always make my needs a priority. I would highly recommend... READ MORE

They Are the Best !! - Short Hills, NJ

I got hair removal on my face and legs from here, and I am extremely happy with the whole process! Luba is very competent and spends a lot of time answering questions. In just 2 sittings, I saw a lot of difference on my face and legs. I got excellent pricing through groupon. Although this is... READ MORE

Leg, Underarm, XXX, Snail Trail Hair Removal - Adelaide, AU

The staff have been excellent! I expected pain and read mixed reviews about my clinic. My first session had me nervous and she was quite rushed until she realized It was my first appointment, the pain was only along creases and similar to plucking a single hair. After my first session I felt... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Stomach ,underarms and Chest. - Greece, GR

Well I went to my dermatologist because suddenly my hairs started to grow inside my skin. I never had a problem like this before. He said that I had to do laser hair removal treatments to prevent new ingrown hairs. Well I have 6 treatments so far Underarms is better than any other part of my... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal at RPS - Plano, TX

Renaissance Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Plano , TX.: I just completed Laser Hair removal on the bikini area and was very happy with the results and professionalism of the staff. Everyone here from the front desk to surgeon was very kind and helpful. I have been seeing Renee for the past... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal is the Best! Jupiter, FL

Extremely happy with my laser hair removal. I had my face done with a groupon and Kristi did a fantastic job. I don't see any more of those annoying dark hairs that seem to appear out of nowhere. Also, the hair on my lip is gone. I had been shaving this for years and am so glad I finally... READ MORE

Life Changer - Morganville, NJ

I have been shaving my arms for at least 20 years! after 2 treatments I have not shaved at all and my arms are bare! I will say it is painful but only during treatment, went back to work as if i only went out to lunch! I have also received tattoo removal as well and we are not finished just yet... READ MORE

40 Year Old Hairy Lady - Frisco, TX

I expect that in the next four minths or so when i look un the mirror, these ugly, embarrasing, dark spots, razor pumps and facial hair will be gone forever. I feel more like a man than i do a woman. I go through embarrasing. Moments especially when i have to meet parents and people in society.... READ MORE

23 Yr Old Female in Need of Facial LHR - Charlotte, NC

Over the past 8 years I have been to multiple places to receive laser hair removal on my face. Not only did I not see any progress, I felt as though my hair was getting worse. No one seemed to care when I would mention the lack of progression after my treatments. So I decided to see Dr. Kosari... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mom Of 3 Attempting To Overcome PCOS Facial Hair With Lasers - Oklahoma City, OK

I need the hair gone at any cost! I need to feel beautiful! I need to know people aren't staring at my facial hair!! I have had one previous experience with laser hair removal on my chin, two but I saw no results and the process of having to let it grow out was humiliating at the least. I have... READ MORE

26 Year Old Female, May Have PSOS.. Struggling. - Perth, AU

Hey guys, I was really hesitant in writing this but I feel that I need to in order to come to terms with it.. i feel I may have psos as i am covered in hair. Arms, back, face. I'm a 26 year old female and I just cant take this anymore. I have suffered with the hairiness for as long as I can... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Face. Aberdeen, NJ

Dr Patel was very knowledgeable about the procedure at hand. I knew a little about laser hair removal but was given all the wrong information by other doctors. She was professional and funny and did a great job so far. I highly recommend this office it's one of the best I've been to.. the office... READ MORE

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