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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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My underarms look better than they ever have! The experience overall was very pleasant and I'm incredibly satisfied with the results!!! The procedure was short and pretty much painless. Overall I am incredibly pleased with both the results and the experience. I am very satisfied and I will... READ MORE

I visited the DC facility started the treatment with Dr. Cheryl M. Burgess. When I went for my second treatment, it was discovered that the laser machine was broken and I was asked to reschedule my appointment. I went to the receptionist and for some reason he told me that he was not able to... READ MORE

The staff was very friendly and welcoming. They explained everything thoroughly and worked with my budget!! My experience was awesome and not nearly as scary or painful as the rumors I heard. I will be returning to them for other procedures. Ursula was great and made me very comfortable without... READ MORE

Since i was young ive always struggled with hair growth on my face. it was hereditary so basically nothing i can do about it. so i started shaving and we all know how that goes...only got worse as the years went on. first time i had laser i was 16. and i was burned never went back. 2nd time few... READ MORE

Every session kept getting more painful, but I persevered as i knew it was going to be for the better later. The reaction of marks and rashes after every session scared me as it make me look worse. The doctor convinced me it was a normal reaction for sensitive skin and helped me treat it right... READ MORE

First time ever doing anything. Well i decided after seeing all of the positive reviews that I would go ahead and get laser treatment. When I first came in, I was welcomed and Stefani was very friendly and professional. Afyer getting the full bikini treatment, stefani called to make sure i was... READ MORE

Miami Beach Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa are amazing. I have had several laser hair removal sessions with Teri and she has been superb. I have seen great results and I highly recommend this facility and specially Teri. Teri is professional, knowledgable, gentle and a sweetheart. The... READ MORE

I've been wanting to get laser hair removal for my undersrms for so long, what was holding me back was the price, until this trusted derma-clinic of mine had a 50% off promo for their laser, I finally decided to go for it. The original price was 3,000Php (64 USD) and i got it for 1,500Php (32... READ MORE

I would highly recommend Dr. Ovchinsky at the Plastic Surgery of Short Hills. I have been going to Dr. Ovchinsky for years for all my cosmetic needs, from laser hair removal to dermabrasion to Botox and have been very happy with the results. Dr. Ovchinsky and his stuff are very knowledgeable,... READ MORE

I have wanted to try laser hair removal for years but was very nervous. I had read all kinds of horror stories online. I went in for a consultation at the skin & laser center and met with one of the Technitions and was able to meet with the Doctor (Dr. Ferrara) Both the Tech and Dr. Ferrara... READ MORE

So, I was one of those reluctant people who was scared crazy of the laser hair removal procedure but I also became one of those people who was sick of waxing/shaving so I took the plunge. I have only been to 1 session so far but can already notice the slow growth rate! PS: discomfort more... READ MORE

Laser Advantage In Sault Ste. Marie ON is the place to go if you need to get rid of unwanted hair. When I walk into this clinic I feel the warm and positive welcome that everyone deserves. The customer service is great. I have to say for the 2 years I have been coming here I have never left... READ MORE

Loris has been doing my laser hair removal for many years (I've been adding areas over time starting with face and adding lower legs most recently) I must say my bikini and especially underarms look flawless!!! I find touching up every 8-10 weeks works well for me, sometimes I go longer but only... READ MORE

I had a great experience working with Sheri at Gold's Skin Care. She proposed a course for treatment that seemed realistic. I had not expected to see such good results just one week after my first treatment. I'm very happy with the results. I got electrolysis for many years and the way my skin... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have a permanent hair removal solution and looked at several options from IPL, electrolysis and laser hair removal. I was advised that laser would be the best and long lasting method. I decided to have underarms and bikini areas done using laser. I paid for 6 sessions at... READ MORE

I had excellent results on the body. My body is hair free and so much relief. But, having it done on the face was a mistake!! I have developed PIH on upper lip and it's causing me so much distress now.. so, please when it comes to your face and you are dark skin type( I am very fair indian... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Bucky's office for my first time last week for laser hair removal. He had come highly recommended to me. I had seen patients who had gone to him for a variety of different things, and everyone looked great and raved about him. He is the nicest! The office is very pretty and... READ MORE

I have always struggled with ingrown hairs, etc. and was finally fed up with shaving and decided to purchase a Groupon for Laser Hair Removal at the Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield. Although I bought it initially at a discounted price, I can definitely say that I would purchase future Laser... READ MORE

I had Laser hair done on me here by Claudia Sotomayor and her nurse Shawna. They're both the best. I had a treatment before I started seeing her and it was so painful I thought about not doing it anymore. Shawna put the numbing stuff on my face so that I couldn't feel the pain like I did before... READ MORE

I'm getting laser hair removal at Miami Beach plastic surgery and seeing great results. Terry is my laser technician she is great and professional and very considerate. Laser is great I have seen results. I had a lot of ingrowns in the back of my legs that hurt when I had laser, I had to put... READ MORE

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How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

The typical cost for Laser Hair Removal ranges from $75-$2,000 with an average cost of $900. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 554 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more