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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair beneath the surface of the skin. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on certain skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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Laser Hair Removal Experience

This review will be specifically for my experience with the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser on my bikini/brazilian area and lower legs. I've previously had laser hair removal on my face & underarms about 10 times, and only twice on my bikini/brazilian area with great results using the Candela... READ MORE

Full Body Laser Removal

I'm a 27 year old female. Half middle eastern, half white and I've hated being hairy ever since I was 12! My skin color is a lighter olive and my hair color is dark brown/black. A center near by was having a new years discount of $1000 for 6 sessions for the whole body and face so I bought it... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Not for This Cat

I wouldn't recommend laser hair removal. Perhaps it was just my experience or the laser wasn't strong enough but I found the sessions very long ( I had everything done) and painful, as well as ineffective. There was nothing wrong with the clinic or technicians it just didn't work for me all the... READ MORE

Facial Pigmentation Marks - Mumbai, India

Every session kept getting more painful, but I persevered as i knew it was going to be for the better later. The reaction of marks and rashes after every session scared me as it make me look worse. The doctor convinced me it was a normal reaction for sensitive skin and helped me treat it right... READ MORE

Not the best results

I had laser hair removal from several different providers, with very mixed results. All providers said that I was a perfect candidate, but after many treatments the hair would grow back. I would try a different provider with a different type of laser. In some areas like my chest it worked... READ MORE

26 year old Black woman battling facial hair

My results after 4 of the 8 treatments have exceeded expectations. My hair grows so fine on my lower face now it doesn't appear to even have hair. It is just fine and light like it is suppose to be. I don't even feel thick follicles underneath my skin any more. It's literally baby smooth. As an... READ MORE

LHE works magic when done properly

Got LHE hair removal for my legs and saw a HUGE difference after 3 treatments. I had been struggling with my hair growth for a while and needed to go in for waxing almost every 3 weeks. I went in for laser, they took the time to explain the whole procedure extremely clearly and pre-book my... READ MORE

Cienega Med Spa is the BEST! - West Hollywood, CA

Cienega Med Spa is the best! They have an amazing staff, very comfortable and clean place, easy (free) parking in the garage and are reasonably priced. I'm sure all of the nurses are great but Mary is my go to! They are also very accommodating when it comes to scheduling. The machine really is... READ MORE

29 Year Old and I Was Having Problems in the Face!

Hello, i will talk about my story how i deal with my hair issues and tattoo prob with a licensed doctor until then i will talk about what are the essential problems of treating this predicament with non licensed medical professionals..! Now a days treatment of tattoo removal is particularly... READ MORE

Hair Removal and Malasma

Dr. Wu is very kind and knowledgeable. He looks out for his patients best interest and does not try to just sell services that are not appropriate for their skin. He is very patient and has a very calming presentation to himself. He is currently working on Laser Hair Removal on my eye brows and... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal and More

Carissa and her team at Pure Aesthetics are amazing. Today I completed my second to last laser hair removal. I'm so impressed with the results and how easy and comfortable it is. Not only have I had laser hair removal but I've also had cool lift facials and endimed and loved all the results! I... READ MORE

20 Year Old, Laser Hair Removal on Lower Legs and Chin - West Hollywood, CA

It was my first time getting laser hair removal and the process could not have gone better at Cienega Med Spa! The receptionist was very accommodating and set me up with a consultation as well as the actual procedure the same day. I experienced ZERO pain and I am definitely returning to finish... READ MORE

Facial Hair Removal

Great consultation,Dr explains everything from problem to treatment and risks as well.Efficient and quality equipments are used.Safety is given more importance.The treatment I am going through has given excellent results.Overall experience was great and I would recommend Doctor. I was treated... READ MORE

Great Experience

Did laser hair removal on my legs, after dealing with lots of dark hair, and constantly shaving and having razor burn. It was well worth it and the the results are fabulous. I have now started on my underarms. As I have become more comfortable in the practice, my technician has suggested other... READ MORE

Laser Brazilian - Memphis, TN

I've had two treatments of a laser brazilian. Its way better than waxing. The hair is significantly reduced and temporarily removed. Eventually, it will be permanently removed. I have 8 more treatments to go. The laser does not hurt, its a little zap. I used squeeze balls to take the edge off.... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Can Be Pleasant (Yes, Really)

Went to the HealthFirst Medical Group in Melbourne, FL after seeing their ads for Laser Hair Removal in my gym. Seema Jones has performed all the treatments thus far and has provided wonderful, professional service during each visit. She is personable, professional, courteous,…and thorough. T... READ MORE

1st Time - Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The process was quick and easy. They have an a/c blower on their machine so its not hot and uncomfortable. I did underarms for my first treatment and it took about 15 minutes. It only felt time small pin pricks. I will do Brazilian when I go back for my 2nd underarm treatment. I paid $359 for 3... READ MORE

It's More Like Laser Hair Thinning - Lubbock, TX

The Before: My body hair is black and coarse and thick. Even after I shaved, you could see black dots of my hair already ready to grow under my skin. Within a day I would have stubble. My skin tone is pretty average, tanning easily in the summer but reverting to pale in the winter. Because of... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal

I always receive excellent customer service when I come to Dr Goldman's office. My Laser Hair Removal Technician Julie is very kind and professional. I usually come on my lunch house and she gets me right in and out. I appreciate that they offer a discount on continued maintenance appointments.... READ MORE

Brazilian and Underarm Laser Hair Removal. New York, NY

I was very skeptical and nervous at first but as soon as they showed me to the lady that would be performing the procedure, I felt very comfortable, she is originally from my native country and she made great conversation which made what she was doing less awkward. She explained the process in... READ MORE

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