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Laser Bikini - Glendale, CA

So Wednesday I went and got a Brazilian laser hair removal done. First I'll start off by saying I'm lightly tanned, I have blue eyes and brown hair. My hair on my lady parts is super thick, almost black and really obnoxious. I use to shave every 3 days and when the hair would grow back I would... READ MORE

Worth Every Painful Penny, As Long As It Lasts! - Manitowoc, WI

I just finished my 8th and final underarm laser hair removal appointment. I have 100% hair loss and have not shaved for months. Not one hair follicle. Can't tell you how great it is! With Summer right around the corner I will really get to enjoy it. It became less and less painful each session.... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Back & Bum: 35 Year Old White Guy :) - Prague, CZ

Hello all. I'm embarking on the mission of laser hair removal for my ever-increasing back hair. I don't have tons, but what I have is enough to make me shy about the beach etc. I'm American, with Scottish blood, and therefore I have dark thick hair and pale white skin. Apparently, I'm the... READ MORE

After 2nd Session , Massive Difference - London, GB

Wanted to get rid of unwanted hair so went for laser hair removal. Got a deal from groupon and to the salon. Did the patch and then first session . After ten days of first session there were less hair to shave on my upper lip, underarms and Hollywood. All went well but Hollywood is like a hot... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Try Laser Hair Removal - Melbourne, AU

I have always wanted to try laser hair removal but it was just too expensive, then I was doing my usual daily beauty browsing online and seen that Australian Laser & Skin clinic had a sale on; for $49 I could get my underarm and Brazilian done. This was a steal but I'm always cautious of these... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Lower Back - McLean, VA

Being a female I have always been self conscious about the darker hair that is on my lower back, in bikinis and low cut shirts... I never felt completely comfortable. I had my first treatment October 9th, being that the treatment is on my back it was hard for me to tell if there was any change... READ MORE

African American Woman Laser Hair Removal - Philadelphia, PA

Hi everyone. I dont see alot of laser hair removal reviews geared toward AA people so i wanted to do one. This is my second session. The spa i went to does use a Yag laser. After my first I lost like 85% hair. Initially I did a deep bikini but i was so happy i switched my package to the full... READ MORE

Hypopigmantation on my Arms - Turkey

Hi, I had a laser hair removal with diode laser but after red burns and black wounds I had white spots. Now I got healed with in two weeks.HOw did I heal? With contratubex and medecassol cream I used twice in a day.Now slowly I am turning my old arms color. I had very bad days and nights. People... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Be Done with RAZOR BURN! Mississauga, ON, Canada

I am a female in my 40's from southern European background with brown hair and medium skin tone. After years of shaving and the occasional painful wax before vacation, I decided to treat myself to laser hair removal. After literally years of research on the different lasers and going to a few... READ MORE

18 Year Old Girls Experience Dr.Me Ping GEL Based Permanent Hair Removal Treatment of Laser - California, MD

Laser Treatment in every sitting in clinic is quite smooth and consistent in treating the unwanted hair removal problems due to PCOD PCOS and Hormonal Imbalance or hereditary carried hairs but major helpfull was the usage of supporting Permanent Hair Removal Cream GEL called Dr.Me Ping GEL is... READ MORE

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Alexandrite, Cutera. Not So Good Reaction! Burn Maybe? Very Itchy - Toronto, ON

1) IPL - great, alright... and then TERRIBLE! -- Full legs, underarms, full bikini area --February to April 2013 I've done IPL for hair removal in the past and although having to deal with a bit of the redness and bumps, it was OK and the hair situation was improving very well! First was... READ MORE

41 Male - Rochester, NY

It started with me getting my back waxed and snow balled from there. After getting waxed and sugared for the past couple years I decided to get laser hair removal done. I get real bad ingrown hairs from waxing. It usually takes 2 weeks to recover from waxing or sugaring. Got laser work done on... READ MORE

Laser Hair RemoVal Due to PCOS - Houston, TX

I have Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) which created horrible hair growth in the chin and neck area, I recently decided to undergo LHR. So far, I am very thrilled with the results. My only concern is I hope the dark scarring from past ingrown hair will fade away. Any recommendations to... READ MORE

Pubic and Buttocks Hair Removed Via Laser - Fort Wayne, IN

I started shaving off all my pubic hair when I was 22 in college. For the last 20+ years I had been shaving myself bald down there. After much consideration, courage and money, I decided to do what I have always wanted done which is to be completely smooth in my genital and buttocks areas. I... READ MORE

Laser Lip Burn (Pics 3 Days Healed) Racine, WI

I'm Armenian and I get dark hair everywhere but not as bad as my sister haha lol. But I went one time to the spa in Racine, WI called New Image and I go to the owner who does the laser. She has an incredible testimony. The first time went well, no burn, she explained everything, and I knew what... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Progress ( Fifth Session) - Brampton, ON

I have currently undergone 3 laser hair removal sessions on my neck and side of my face. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of when I started but I will tell you that the hair on these areas was really bad. I also have many embarrassing dark marks all over due to plucking and waxing that I... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation Following 3rd LHR Treatment - Carmel, IN

I had my 3rd treatment of LHR on my lower legs about a month ago. The procedure was much more painful than the first two treatments, but nothing felt different about it after the treatment was over. The next morning I woke up with crescent shaped dark brown marks all over my legs, especially... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal, Chin, Successful After Previous Disappointments - Haverford, PA

I have had a significant amount of hair on my chin since my early twenties, as do my mom and sisters. In the last decade, I've had laser hair removal (with IPL lasers) twice, with little effect. With light skin and dark hair, each time I was assured I was a perfect candidate. But after at least... READ MORE

Razor Bumps No More! Santa Barbara, CA

BIKINI-- MAKE SUR YOU SETTLE ON A SHAPE & SHAVE THE SAME SHAPE FOR THEM TO TREAT AROUND EVERY TIME!! I received somewhere between 10-15 laser hair removal treatments on my bikini area (tiny bikini shape) & underarms. I no longer grow any pubichair on my upper thighs which is very lovely, no... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal. So Far So Good - Islamabad, Pakistan

I got two sittings of LHR on my chin area. The first time the doctor used Candela Yad laser. The second time used Olive of 40 frequency. So far so good. First time it did sting , felt like little electric shocks. But nothing major nothing one can't handle easily. Second time it stung more... READ MORE

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