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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair beneath the surface of the skin. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on certain skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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Laser hair removal. Face, chin & neck

Hi there! I am not much of a reviewer but for this imparticular I felt I needed to share. I am a african american woman who has struggled with facial hair dating back to my late teens. It started with a hair here and a hair there and before you know it I developed what I call a "lady beard" I... READ MORE

Best Hair Removal in New York City, Candela Gentlemax - New York, NY

I had a few things treated, my legs, underarms, bikini, areola, and stomach line for laser hair removal. I also had some pigment removed as well, sunspots. Candela is by far the best machine out there, believe me I have been researching for months. It is also so important to have a technician... READ MORE


Ok, y'all so I have been hairy every since I could remember , so ever sinc I was a little girl I set out to one day have it ALL taken care of and NOT be hairy anymore, for good! So I started researching, and researching, and saved enough money and decided to go with Laser Hair Removal, and the... READ MORE

58 YO Male Bro-zillian Laser Hair Removal - Brentwood, TN

I was commenting on others and was encouraged to write my own experience, so here goes... I've been shaving and waxing and epilady-ing body hair for a long time. I swim and nude suntan as much as I can, so removing hair on my chest, legs, arms, butt, and pubic areas come and go as I get the... READ MORE

40 Year Old Hairy Lady - Frisco, TX

On june 3 I did my second lazer hair removal treatment. As the weeks go by I see great improvement. Im excited to see how it will look after my 4th treatment. The hair under my chin arear is growing very slow Im shaving one every 2 weeks instead of twice per week. I am very happy I decided to do... READ MORE

Worst. Decision. Ever. - Greenville, SC

So I have very pale skin and VEEY dark hair. Supposedly this is the perfect combination if you want laser hair removal to be successful. Well it wasn't. I finished up my last treatment in October of 2015. For the most part everything was going great. It was absolutely not painless. It completely... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal. Mexico, MX

I had have 8 sesions and 10% hair left . I went to this place in Monterrey,Nuevo Leon,Mexico.NovopielSUCURSAL CUMBRESThe persons that make the procedure are nurses supervised by a dermatologist, the first evaluation is done by a dermatologist4 sesions of 4 areas=16 sesions are in 4000 pesos=235... READ MORE

Brazilian & Underarm Hair Removal - Allentown, PA

My first treatment is scheduled for Thursday and I've been reading reviews on here and I'm really nervous about the pain!! The tech told me waxing is a 5 or so and she would say laser is a 7. I have a tattoo and a couple piercings, and a pretty high pain tolerance. I'm hoping it'll be worth it... READ MORE

30 Year Old Female and First Laser Hair Journey

Well I never knew my issue with what was going on with my body until I was much older . I have PCOS. If anyone can relate, I struggle with my weight, facial hair and some skin discoloration. The discoloration has improved a lot once i figured out what products I could and couldn't use and also I... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old. Bikini and Underarms Laser Hair Removal. Fair Skin, Dark Hair - Dublin, OH

I've wanted to do laser hair removal for a while and decided to try it thru my dermatologist because they apparently use one of the better lasers. When I did my consultation I told them I wanted something kind of like a Brazilian, or maybe in between a bikini and Brazilian. I was talking with... READ MORE

Lumenis Under Arm, Bikini, Full Legs - San Antonio, TX

I've only had one session so far and I honestly didn't not expect to see an improvement so soon but I have been letting my underarm hair grow for 4 days now and there are some spots that hair did not grow back already. My first session was on February 15th and my second session got moved to... READ MORE

Switching from Lightsheer to Soprano XL - Pasadena, CA

I'm pretty hairy, and I have olive skin - light for a mixed race person. The treatments I had 7 years ago with the Lightsheer machine were super effective! But "permanent" hair removal is is not truly permanent, so I needed some touchups. I changed jobs so the med spa I went to before was no... READ MORE

Brazilian Hair Removal- So Worth It! Palo Alto, CA

I had bikini laser hair removal treatment prior but still kept a landing strip, mostly because I was scared of the pain. Finally decided to woman up and take it all off. I didn't want to pay $200 for a wax for what was left. Saw Molly Boudreault and loved my experience! She answered all my... READ MORE

24 Yrs. Old. I Believe I May Suffer from PCOS. Little Rock, AR

Since I was 12 I have noticed b that I've always been way more hairy than any of my friends. I have hair all over my body, but my biggest problem areas were always my stomach and legs. Later on when I was about 18 and decided to start birth control. I started to get hair on my neck. 6 years... READ MORE

Laser Bikini - Glendale, CA

So Wednesday I went and got a Brazilian laser hair removal done. First I'll start off by saying I'm lightly tanned, I have blue eyes and brown hair. My hair on my lady parts is super thick, almost black and really obnoxious. I use to shave every 3 days and when the hair would grow back I would... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Lower Legs - Tucson, AZ

I have lighter skin and dark leg hair so even when I shave I have black dots all over my legs. I shave in the morning and by the afternoon they are already scratchy. By the night it's like I haven't even shaved. It's something that I've wanted to fix forever. But I've been scared that I could... READ MORE

Worth Every Painful Penny, As Long As It Lasts! - Manitowoc, WI

I just finished my 8th and final underarm laser hair removal appointment. I have 100% hair loss and have not shaved for months. Not one hair follicle. Can't tell you how great it is! With Summer right around the corner I will really get to enjoy it. It became less and less painful each session.... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Back & Bum: 35 Year Old White Guy :) - Prague, CZ

Hello all. I'm embarking on the mission of laser hair removal for my ever-increasing back hair. I don't have tons, but what I have is enough to make me shy about the beach etc. I'm American, with Scottish blood, and therefore I have dark thick hair and pale white skin. Apparently, I'm the... READ MORE

After 2nd Session , Massive Difference - London, GB

Wanted to get rid of unwanted hair so went for laser hair removal. Got a deal from groupon and to the salon. Did the patch and then first session . After ten days of first session there were less hair to shave on my upper lip, underarms and Hollywood. All went well but Hollywood is like a hot... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Try Laser Hair Removal - Melbourne, AU

I have always wanted to try laser hair removal but it was just too expensive, then I was doing my usual daily beauty browsing online and seen that Australian Laser & Skin clinic had a sale on; for $49 I could get my underarm and Brazilian done. This was a steal but I'm always cautious of these... READ MORE

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