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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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After years of rashes, I was finally told that I had to stop shaving my legs. Are you kidding? I live in Louisiana in 2012! First I tried waxing, but that caused a rash too. I'm a girly girl who loves to wear dresses, so what could I do? I have had 4 laser hair removal treatments on my calves at... READ MORE

Groupon for 6 treatments of a large area $279 at Mayberry Plastic Surgery in Albuquerque, NM. My best friend and I purchased this groupon after discussing how badly we wanted laser hair removal on our bikini areas. I have seen good reviews for Dr. Mayberry on RealSelf so I hope his estheticians... READ MORE

I met Kris Mitchell last year for my first section, it was the best decision I made. Kris from the begging, have been always very professional, on time, with a great personality and smile. The staff over all are really nice, well educated, and eager to answer any question I asked, and I had many... READ MORE

DON'T be in two minds about laser reduction I STARTED IN 2010 AND HAVE GOOD RESULT AFTER THE TREATMENT , get a consultation( this is the best place ). Once you speak to the doctor(MILIAN DOSHI) , and get your hair analyzed,he is the best person to let you knw , how much hair reduction you can... READ MORE

I am paying a total of CDN $4000 (i.e. USD $3200) for 10 sessions of: Half-Face (Chin, Upper Lip, Sideburns) Underarms Full-arms Full-legs Brazilian So far I've had 1 session yesterday using the Cool-Glide laser. I'll post updates overtime. Can someone please let me know whether the cost of... READ MORE

I am currently going through the laser hair removal process. The staff is so friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable. It is a little painful, but beauty is pain! The location is so convenient, I have told all my friends and a few have started their laser as well. I highly recommend this to... READ MORE

In May 2013 I had my first treatment of laser hair removal. I suffered from severe razor burn when I shaved and I love going to the beach and was very insecure about my razor burn which would be not only in the bikini are but also on the back of my legs. I dark blonde and have fair skin. I do... READ MORE

Here's my story, My dad has a beard, my mom has a "beard" therefore I was destined thru the grand blend of DNA to get that beard. (ok, it's not a full on beard but being a woman even 1 hair kills confidence!) My sister and mother spent many days plucking/tweezing/shaving...I'd believed it was... READ MORE

I had the laser removal on my lower legs and it worked and improved a lot with 6 sessions. They know what they are doing and treat you with kindness, as we all know laser can be kind of painful they would take their time to put some ice before going with the laser so the paing woudnt be so bad.... READ MORE

I had one session and initially went for a consultation but felt comfortable enough to have the session. My tech was really nice and so was Brandon. I went on a Wednesday morning and the waiting room was very nice and clean. I did not have to wait really after filling out my paperwork. I would... READ MORE

Originally found out about Miami beach plastic surgery center and med spa on groupon. Over a year later I keep going back for other parts of my body. Highly recommended. The price is right and the experience is well worth it. I have referred Miami Beach plastic surgery center and med spa to my... READ MORE

I started with a Laser Hair Removal Groupon for my face and I was so satisfied with my experience that I bought the package for the whole body. Terry is an excellent professional, she pays attention to every single detail and makes you feel good. I am very happy with the results so far. I had... READ MORE

This treatment was amazing for underarms and bikini area! My underarms are smooth and no hair growth at all!!! However, I wouldn't recommend it for legs or arms for someone living in Miami because it almost impossible to avoid sun on your legs and arms, which is necessary for the treatment to work. READ MORE

For me it's totally worth it if it will do it's job. This is my 2nd treatment so I can't say anything until I am finished but so far so good. I read a lot of reviews saying they had hyper pigmentation at the 3 rd session so I am a little scared as they increase the strength of the laser at each... READ MORE

My skin tone is light beige and hair is dark, i done the treatment on my legs, Brazilians underarms, belly and lower back, its a little bit painful, its not somthing you can't handel, just a feeling of heat, i was doing one session every month for 3 months than a lady there told me it should be... READ MORE

I needed laser hair removal and have been to 2 other places before. The process was so painful. When I went to Rowe Plastic Surgery, they told me that their laser was painfree. Having had such painful experiences before, I found it hard to believe. But, THEY TRULY HAVE A GREAT LASER. The process... READ MORE

I was motivated to start Diolaze treatments at Dr. Ridenour's office to decrease the amount of hair on my legs. Although, somewhat painful, there are so many pros: not having black hair follicles against pale skin, not having to shave my legs all the time, not being self-concious about my legs,... READ MORE

OMG! Today was my first hair laser removal session at the Belle Meade Dermatology Skin & Laser Center and I wanted to share how good of an experience it was for anyone interested in doing hair laser removal. If you're thinking about it definitely go see Kelly Groves. She's THE BEST!!! Kelly took... READ MORE

Dr. Markmann spent 30 min revising all the details of laser hair removal and the science behind the hair growth cycle and reasons why people doubt the procedure. I've never left a doctor's office more informed about my procedure. I will definitely return for more work and will recommend to... READ MORE

Totally worth it! With my underarms I saw results right away, and needed less treatments. For my bikini line I'm about 15 treatments in and still trying to get rid of patches that they always seem to miss, but every with that, it's still worth it. It's not really painful unless you have it done... READ MORE

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How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

The typical cost for Laser Hair Removal ranges from $75-$2,000 with an average cost of $900. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 554 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more