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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair beneath the surface of the skin. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on certain skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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Alma Soprano Cool Laser Treatment on Brazilian/Under Arms - Honolulu, HI

I started my laser hair removal journey about a year ago in 2014. I had grown sick of all my ingrown hairs and the first world pains of shaving and getting waxes I decided to invest my money on laser hair removal. I am carmel skin tone with dark hair follicles so I am a perfect candidate for... READ MORE

African American-facial Hair

Scored a great deal on Groupon. I've always struggled with hair on my chin and upper lip. I generally tweeze the unwanted hairs but I've tried shaving and waxing. As I'm getting older I'm noticing more and more facial hair so I decided to try laser removal. I'm also concerned about new... READ MORE

Leg and Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

I have dark, fast growing body hair which is great for my head but not for the rest of me! I also have mild eczema in the winters which gets irritated by shaving. I don't know that I'll wind up totally hair free following laser hair removal, but it would be wonderful to not be "obviously" hairy... READ MORE

60 Yr Old Abdomen, Bikini, Upper Legs

I recently had my first of 6 laser hair removal treatments for my abdomen, bikini plus, and upper legs. After one treatment the hair on the abdomen was reduced by over 50%. The hair on the inside and outside of my legs are completely gone. The hair on the front of the thigh has maybe 20%... READ MORE

Finally Deceided to Try Silkpro Home Use Laser Hair Removal Device, Tried Once on my Arm by Now(will Update More Later)

I get to know Silkpro laser hair removal device from my friend. I always want to try laser hair removal machine because I am so tired of waxing and shaving 2 times per week, which is really hard work especially in summer. Then I realized my only alternative was laser hair removal. However it is... READ MORE

36 Yo Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Hi All! It's been awhile since I have visited this site. My last procedure was for breast Aug in March of 2014. They still look and feel amazing-FYI! Yesterday I began my first laser hair treatment. Cost per treatment in Burnaby BC Canada is 112.50. I am assuming I will have to do a minimum... READ MORE

Men's Brazilian Hair Removal - Coral Gables, FL

I began treatment for men's Brazilian hair removal in February, 2015. Ideal Image in Coral Gables, Florida provided excellent treatments. Altogether it is a 9 treatment package, with treatments every two months. The clinicians, especially Marissa was very knowledgeable and reassured me whenever... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - Gold Coast, AU

I've been thinking about hair removal options for so long now, and it wasn't until recently that a friend told me she had tried laser hair removal, I had looked into it, but never considered it because I thought it was so expensive... Turns out it wasn't! I had my first treatment today, I... READ MORE

Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

So I was introduced to real self looking up information about laser hair removal so I also decided to share my story. Let start by saying I am mid 30 Italian male who has hair head to toe front to back however hair in my genital region has bothered me for years. It started with shaving which is... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal That Changed How I View my Face

To be completely honest, hairy genes run in my family. Since I was a teen I have always spent a tremendous amount of time managing my hairy situation. I could deal with hairy arms, but when I started to get facial hair that competed with my boyfriend, I knew it was time to find a better solution... READ MORE

25 Y/o, Dark Pigmentation. Laser Full Face, Full Beard and Mustache. Hoping to Get Rid of Shadow.. :-/

I did a test session maybe 3-4 weeks ago and first session was last Thursday, exactly 6 days ago at 415pm. Not quite sure how I feel yet.. although it was extremely painful, it's still drastically more comfortable than electolysis was, which covered less than a fingernail-sized area in same... READ MORE

53 Yr Old, Laser Hair Removal from the Buttocks and Brazilian Including Perianal, Penis and Testicles. Weston, FL

Let me start by saying I have been a fan of the hairless form for many years. I started shaving my male anatomy probably in my mid 30's and fell in love with the clean feeling. That said I have over the last few years begun a waxing routine on my back and buttocks, still just shaving my frontal... READ MORE

Brand New Transwomen ! First Procedure - New York City, NY

Hello I've been on HRT for a little over 2 months now and decided to have my first procedure done . My facial hair is annoying and after being on HRT it's even more uncomfy . So today I went to Flawless Skin care and had my first treatment done with Lana and she was just ok she is the only tech... READ MORE

silkpro home laser,it works if you do it right! - Germany

I purchased this at Amazon Germany but I always search the internet to read reviews before I buy things, so I thought I'd write a review here, too. First of all - I am mixed race (black and white) so my skin is definitely tan. The hair I want to remove (on my upper neck and upper lip) is black... READ MORE

40 Year Old Hairy Lady - Frisco, TX

Well I finally did mt first lazer procedure ine week ago I am already seeing improvements. I have not shaved in one week and the area feels a bit smooth. I use to have big ygly razor bumps but thats all gone now. This is inlt the first procedure but I am well pleased. My concern now is to buy... READ MORE

Full Bikini, Under Arm, and Chin Laser Hair Removal - Little Rock, AR

I am a 20 year old black girl with very coarse dark hair. I've been removing my chin, under arm, and bikini hair for 7 years now. It has caused ingrown hairs, discoloration, and irritation every time! So much frustration surrounds this issue like why do I even need to remove the hair in the... READ MORE

Getting Laser Hair Removal on Penis Shaft Today Wish Me Luck - Scottsdale, AZ

Going today to get laser hair removal on penis shaft today... wish me luck lol will post pictures when finished. I have suffered from hair growth up to the circ scar for years now. Time to zap it off. Was reffered by a few people on here. We will see how it goes... Appointment is in 2.5 hours.... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal from Beard Arms Perianal and Armpits Beauty and Melody, Upper Street - Islington, GB

Hi everyone! Thought I'd pop a review up on laser hair removal. It can be so prices, there are so many options and it's a bit overwhelming, especially for those of us on low incomes! I'm a tiny bit shy sharing this all on line with strangers, BUT, strangers helped me by sharing, so it's time I... READ MORE

Laser hair removal. Face, chin & neck

Hi there! I am not much of a reviewer but for this imparticular I felt I needed to share. I am a african american woman who has struggled with facial hair dating back to my late teens. It started with a hair here and a hair there and before you know it I developed what I call a "lady beard" I... READ MORE

Best Hair Removal in New York City, Candela Gentlemax - New York, NY

I had a few things treated, my legs, underarms, bikini, areola, and stomach line for laser hair removal. I also had some pigment removed as well, sunspots. Candela is by far the best machine out there, believe me I have been researching for months. It is also so important to have a technician... READ MORE

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