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Glycolic Peel Facial - Durham, NC

This was my first facial and my very trusted esthetician recommended the glycolic. I'm 33, pure Irish with very pale, fine skin. Fortunatley, I don't have a lot of lines, but I do always have red bumpy cheeks and flaking between my eyes no matter how much I moisturize. She said this... READ MORE

911 Emergency After Doing a Glycolic Chemical Peel 50% at Home - Los Angeles, CA

I have done chemical peels in the past. The reason I'm thinking of doing Laser Resurfacing which I'm praying to have it done in Los Angeles. Im 52 I should of known how to do this Glycolic Acid peeling at home. But I did not follow the instruction I started to panic and know I... READ MORE

Yes to Doctor, No to Spa - Seattle, WA

My mother had a great experience with a Glycolic Peel by her dermatologist, so I thought I’d have the procedure done too. Unfortunately, I went to a high end spa in Seattle and not a doctor, so that may have been my mistake. During the peel, the skin under and around my eyes was... READ MORE

I Like my At-home Glycolic Acid Peel - Utah

I'm 29 and feel like my skin is looking ashy and blah. I also have a little bit of acne on my chin sometimes. I had a glycolic acid peel done at a spa here in salt lake for about 35$ and really liked the results- My skin looked really clean and fresh and bright. I missed that skin the... READ MORE

Had my First Peel Yesterday - Ohio

I had my dermatologist perform my peel. The actual peel (70% acid) came in powder form and was mixed into a bowl of water. She applied it to my face with just a piece of gauze and then let it sit for 4 minutes. It burned worse than I expected. I have a high pain tolerance and this made my eyes... READ MORE

Definately Worth the Price but if Followed Ur Doc.after Treatment - Mumbai, India

I had four sittings worth 6000rs. and my acne is like almost vanished in a month....but the post treatment care is to be taken by us i used to not leave my house at all neither morning nor evening due to sun atleast 4 days after treatment...n the result was really astonsihing....absolutely safe!!! READ MORE

Good Results - Tennessee

Went for a series of 6 peels that were not aggressive. Over time, my face was brighter, pore size smaller on my chin and nose, and clearer complexion. The peels were mild - left me with some redness for a few hours but the next day I was fine. Did it about 2 years ago and now going for another... READ MORE

We Trust Our Faces In Dr. S Hands! - New York, NY

Our most recent visit with him was about two weeks before last New Years’ Eve — wanting to look our best for the holiday celebrations and, collectively, very much achieving this goal. READ MORE

Use Broad Spectrum Sunblock & Avoid Sun when Having Facial Peels-Chino, CA

I had glycolic peels before & had worked well for me.I have light brown facial discoloration & is fading away. Anyone having facial rejuvenations (laser or chemical or mechanical peels) should know that using a broad spectrum sunblock (SPF 45 or higher, with Zinc Oxide Z-Cote) &... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel & Mini Facial

Love the mini facial and glycolic peel. This treatment is the only thing that has completely cleared my face. I have been getting it done every 8 wks for 2 yrs now. READ MORE

Sun Damage As a Side Effect to Micro-dermabrasion and Glycolic Peels?

I had a consulation with a nurse as I was concerned about forhead wrinkles and crows feet. I was recommended a 6 week course of micro-dermabrasion with glycolic facial peel. I spent a couple of hours sitting in the sun in the garden a few weeks after my last micro-derm and glycolic peel.... READ MORE

Tried the $99 Medspa Special...and Got Hooked! - Las Vegas, NV

I have lots of hyper-pigmentation and blemishes and always was curious how these peels work but just never had enough $. I saw an ad for a $99 (reg. $149) glycolic peel special at a local medspa w/ a micro and thought I'd try it out. I have very sensitive skin so it did sting a bit. Not... READ MORE

Broke out in Cysts from 30% At-home Chemical Peel - Boston, MA

About a month ago, i decided to give myself an at home glycolic peel 30%. i thought it would be a good idea to do, (and yes i researched) to remove the top dead layer of my skin (to "brighten" it up). omg!!! that was the worst mistake i ever did to myself! apparently, i got some... READ MORE

No Reaction to At-home 50% Glycolic Peel - Champaign, IL

Hello. Last night I performed my first chemical peel, an at-home 50% glycolic peel. I followed instructions and left it on my skin for approximately 1 minute. The next day my skin has shown no reaction at all. Haven't seen results yet but I think it will perform well when I determine... READ MORE

30% (3 Pass) Glycolic Peel - Boston, MA

I had a 30% glycolic peel (3 passes) done by an RN. 48 hours after the peel my faced became very swollen and the skin turned a yellowish (pus looking) and began to ooze. The swelling is gone and most of the yellowish pus looking area has gone but now I see a somewhat wavy, bumpy reddish... READ MORE

Peel for Minor Acne Caused Dark Spots

I did the glycolic peel because I had blemishes due to minor acne. It got rid of that but caused another issue that I can't get rid off which is some dark spots on my face.What treatment will get rid of dark spots due to a peel gone wrong? READ MORE

30% Home Glycolic Acid Peel Messed my Face Up

I recently had a 30% glycolic acid peel that i did at home the peel has left me with large pores and minor scars, and also a wavey affect on my cheeks id describe the overal compelction of my face now similar of that to a orange peel effect can someone please help me. im white skinned.where can... READ MORE

The Vitalize Peel is Awesome!

I love this peel! No down time. You begin peeling after 3 days and it is easily controlled with moisturizer. The effect is wonderful. Smooth clear skin, diminished lines, faded freckles, smaller pores. READ MORE

Had One Glycolic Peel Felt Rushed Didnt See Any Difference

Ive got really bad open pores and patchy skin wanted to have clearer and glowing skin and to reduce open pores and brown patches.The treatment felt rushed and have now realised ive been wripped off wish id of saved my money and gone somewhere more proffessional where it wasnt all about the money. READ MORE

Vitalize Peel is Great!

I get them once every month or two. Vitalize peel I believe is a combination of different acids.  Very quick, just a little stinging.  Around 3 days later face looks chapped and flakes a bit but not too bad.  Once you finish peeling your skin looks more radiant.  Also... READ MORE

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