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A glycolic peel, or alpha hydroxy acid peel, removes your top layer of skin, prompting the production of new collagen and elastin. LEARN MORE ›

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I have lots of hyper-pigmentation and blemishes and always was curious how these peels work but just never had enough $. I saw an ad for a $99 (reg. $149) glycolic peel special at a local medspa w/ a micro and thought I'd try it out. I have very sensitive skin so it did sting a bit. Not... READ MORE

About a month ago, i decided to give myself an at home glycolic peel 30%. i thought it would be a good idea to do, (and yes i researched) to remove the top dead layer of my skin (to "brighten" it up). omg!!! that was the worst mistake i ever did to myself! apparently, i got some... READ MORE

Hello. Last night I performed my first chemical peel, an at-home 50% glycolic peel. I followed instructions and left it on my skin for approximately 1 minute. The next day my skin has shown no reaction at all. Haven't seen results yet but I think it will perform well when I determine... READ MORE

I had a 30% glycolic peel (3 passes) done by an RN. 48 hours after the peel my faced became very swollen and the skin turned a yellowish (pus looking) and began to ooze. The swelling is gone and most of the yellowish pus looking area has gone but now I see a somewhat wavy, bumpy reddish... READ MORE

I did the glycolic peel because I had blemishes due to minor acne. It got rid of that but caused another issue that I can't get rid off which is some dark spots on my face.What treatment will get rid of dark spots due to a peel gone wrong? READ MORE

I recently had a 30% glycolic acid peel that i did at home the peel has left me with large pores and minor scars, and also a wavey affect on my cheeks id describe the overal compelction of my face now similar of that to a orange peel effect can someone please help me. im white skinned.where can... READ MORE

I love this peel! No down time. You begin peeling after 3 days and it is easily controlled with moisturizer. The effect is wonderful. Smooth clear skin, diminished lines, faded freckles, smaller pores. READ MORE

Ive got really bad open pores and patchy skin wanted to have clearer and glowing skin and to reduce open pores and brown patches.The treatment felt rushed and have now realised ive been wripped off wish id of saved my money and gone somewhere more proffessional where it wasnt all about the money. READ MORE

I get them once every month or two. Vitalize peel I believe is a combination of different acids.  Very quick, just a little stinging.  Around 3 days later face looks chapped and flakes a bit but not too bad.  Once you finish peeling your skin looks more radiant.  Also... READ MORE

Glycolic peels really leave my very freckeled skin looking fresh and younger, I also have very olive hispanic skin and use a med to high professional concentrate (kimshort ) left a message about how much she loved her at home peels but did not reveal which she uses. pleasr share your brand with... READ MORE

I got an Aha peel done recently and i am very glad with the results. It is not as strong as a phenol peel, is sublime and mild, but it gives great results. It is perfect for slightly damaged skin. There is no need to get a phenol ( which is too strong), if your skin needs moderate treatment. Aha... READ MORE

I had a facial at the Canyon Ranch spa in Vegas, first facial ever. I think i was 27, lol. This one came with the AHA and i dont recall any discomfort. However I do recal it taking away two very noticable dark areas on my forehead from sun burn damage growing up. Totally erased them! READ MORE

(I can't remember the exact cost) I have very normal skin for a 33 year old. I had this done just to see what it is like and I absolutely loved it. The derm used a 70% solution on my face and I had almost no redness and absolutely no peeling. My skin never felt so soft! I definitely... READ MORE

I just did my 3rd of 6 glycolic peels last week. At first I was very scared as I didn't want it to burn my face off or anything but everything went well. The % started out low and already I have worked up to 50%. I don't know how much higher I will go but I think the max my dr. will go will... READ MORE

I am 44, skin is actually not bad considering years of summers at the beach in the pre-sunscreen years. I am light/medium skin toned and have slightly sensitive skin. I had a series of 5 glycolic peels at 45% strength at a salon, gradually working up to 10 minutes of keeping the glycolic on my... READ MORE

Is something that you should get twice at month, it helps to reduce the fine lines , your botox , radiesse or any treatment last longer , and if you use Glycolic products even better, you must use all this together in order to have 100% satisfaction guaranted, the cost of the peels are 100 per... READ MORE

I have had a series of peels of various kinds, and every one of them produces a result. The net effect is that I am always told I look ten years younger than I am, or that my skin looks great. The glycolic peels get stronger and stronger, and I got up to where I was pretty much at top... READ MORE

I got my glycolic peel done at a salon. It was a bit uncomfortable, but since it was so strong, it was taken off rather quickly. I got it done 2 days ago and my face is already clearing up. My pores are cleaned out and my skin just looks clearer. I still have a few pimples, but the... READ MORE

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How much does a Glycolic Peel cost?

The typical cost for a Glycolic Peel ranges from $75-$500 with an average cost of $100. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 66 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more