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A glycolic peel, or alpha hydroxy acid peel, removes the top layer of skin, prompting the production of new collagen and elastin. LEARN MORE ›

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Scarring and Melasma on my Face

I have to say that I loved my visit with Morgan! She was personal, caring and understanding. She doesn't pushes you to do anything and truly knows how to treat the skin of a woman that goes through hormonal changes. She performed on me a Glycolic Peel and even took it down to my neck and hands.... READ MORE

40% Glycolic Acid Peel for Sun Damage and Pores - Indianapolis, IN

I've done some 25% TCA peels on my nose, chin, and forehead with good results. It was too intense for my sensitive cheeks. Plus I didn't have the down time to have giant scabs on my face while it heals. After recommendations and reading a bit I thought I'd try glycolic acid. At 35 my face was... READ MORE

Excellent Physician - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Potparic and his office staff are excellent. It's always easy to get an appointment and the wait time is minimal. The physician is thorough and detail oriented. He commits his time to answering questions and providing honest advice. I feel that he makes the best decision for me and trust... READ MORE

Excellent Dermatologist - New York, NY

Dr. Hellman is by far the best dermatologist I have ever been to. She always attentively listens to my concerns and recommends skincare routines tailored to my individual needs. I continue to follow her advice, and my skin now looks amazing! The glycolic peels are fantastic. Service at Big Apple... READ MORE

22 Years Old - Kansas

I was wondering where everyone buys their peels? I want to try it but I want to have the best product even if it's a little pricy. I'm wanting it for very light acne marks. I have a few acne scars (rolling scars) I think are what they are called. Did anyone have success with the peel deminishing... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel Performed in Clinic - Toronto, ON

I want to smoothen my skin texture and eliminate some very minor acne scars. I had my first glycolic acid peel performed yesterday, April 25th 2016. So far so good. My skin is definitely smoother and not very red. I do not have any side effects ie; burning, itching etc. The lady who performed... READ MORE

Life Changing - No More Spots - London, GB

This treatment has changed my life. I started getting painful big spots around my mouth and chin at the age of 23 Went to doctors, used topical antibac solutioms, blood tests, hormone checks etc etc... all normal. had 10 sessions of acid peel, 8 with lactic acid and 2 with glycolic acid ... READ MORE

50% AHA Glycolic Peel

I'm a 39 year old, mum of two toddlers, and I've been doing high strength peels on myself for about 15 years. Growing up, my mum would rub apple skin or lemon peel on her face, and I'd think she was nuts, but she had amazing skin. Store bought peels essentially work the same way, just in higher... READ MORE

45year Old, 2 Kids, Sun-damaged Skin - Bala Cynwyd, PA

Improved the appearance of my skin. It glows! Eventually should help with sun spots and wrinkles. I received free products with my first peel. Most other places don't offer that. The price is also the lowest offered by any doctor's office. I was able to leave and go back to work. I couldn't wear... READ MORE

Acne Scars. Wexford, PA

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez and his work. I would recommend anyone to see him who has acne scars. He is a kind physician who does not push any products or treatments on you. His method is to take any procedure that he has done at a snails pace to heal. All the while... READ MORE

Home Treatment - Austin, TX

I have had all kinds of different chemical peels performed by professionals and they are of course super expensive. At the end I was really disappointed because I expected to see more results for this much money. However, glycolic acid peels are really an important part of skin care regimen. I... READ MORE

45 Years Old Going on 30! - Troy, MI

I have been using Clinage at home glycolic peel along with their high potency vitamin therapy and I have to say, I honestly will not try another product line! I have been going back and forth between products from the most expensive to least expensive. You really need to understand your skin and... READ MORE

Proper Glycolic Helps - Bloomfield Hills, MI

I have been receiving glycolic peels for the past 6 months, I have severe rosacea and acne on my face. I am going once a month (I should be going twice a month) and receiving a professional peel and doing an at home peel with Clinage products. Glycolic has really helped my rosacea a lot! I know... READ MORE

14 Years Old. Singapore, SG

Done peel twice, 35% and 70% respectively for the 1st and 2nd time. i felt something brushing my face for 4 mins. But after doing the peel, i don't see that it help the red marks, it only made my face smoother. i want to cure the marks. how many times do i have to do chemical peel to cure the marks? READ MORE

Glycolic Peel - Mckinney, TX

Glycolic peel felt wonderful. It made my face feel so smooth and looked fresh. The whole experience was very relaxing and did not take long at all. The wait was nothing and Haley was very efficient and knowledgeable. I will definately be going back. This was not my first time to use Dr. Setty... READ MORE

Acne Scabbed Up - Cedar Park, TX

I had heard that chemical peels can help with acne, and I have recently broken out very badly. I had a glycolic peel, it didn't hurt just some stinging. Just hours later my skin was already clearer, and the acne had all scabbed up. It's only been a day since and my acne has significantly ... READ MORE

Fair, Freckled Skin/45 Years Old/5 Years of Glycolic Acid Treatments - Sandweiler, Luxemburg

The first year or two, I had a dermatologist's office perform the peels (20-30%) and I used Neostrata wash and lotion - but only did this during winter months, as instructed by my doctor. I loved the Neostrata 15% lotion so much I used it all over my body and am certain it helped fade my... READ MORE

Sceptic Until I Came Here! - Saratoga Springs, NY

Jennifer knows so much about skin care and treatments that i always know im getting exactly what my skin needs. They dont push extra services or products on you, they truly want you to be happy with your service and/or products. I started with laser hair treatments (amazing!) and now get facials... READ MORE

Been Told I Look 15 Years Younger! - Towson, MD

Awesome ! A++++! Had "other" stuff done too- waiting for swelling to subside. If anything like the under eye peel results, I am going to be thrilled. Peel applied at end of surgery to area under eyes down to mid-cheek. Minimal post procedure care- just applied lotion several times daily.... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel

I bought 70% unbuffered glycolic acid off of amazon. You use this AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I was using 10% lotion from a trusted beauty brand on my face at night. I read it encourages collagen production and reduces wrinkles. Well why not stretch marks? Abdominal skin is no where near as... READ MORE

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