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Electrophoresis, Very Professional and Very Experienced Doctor - London, GB

I was having problems with scar tissue feeling like a concrete rock under my skin, it affected movement. I was treated by Dr A Chambers and her staff over approximately ten weeks and it has made a very big difference. The staff are very friendly and I always felt I was in good hands when I was... READ MORE

Male Electrolysis on the Mons Pubis, Shaft, Sack, Perianal and Anal Area - New Hope, PA

I'm asian (Type IV skin) and by default don't have very much hair anywhere. The hair I had around my nether regions was straight longish, reasonable coarse and not evenly distributed. I used to shave mostly and used dissolving cream for the hair around my anus which was long at 1.5". I stared... READ MORE

In the Process of Electrolysis for my Eyebrows. State College, PA

Just had my second treatment. My eyebrows look sharp! I'm right now in the process of getting electrolysis on my eyebrows. The plan is to go once a week for a half-hour session. It is... painful. My hair is very thick and my eyebrows are on the bushy side. I need to let my eyebrows grow out so... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny. El Centro, CA

I tried laser, 4-6 treatments and seen instant results. Most of the hair on my face and neck were baby fine hairs, there were just super dark, compared to my complexion. But after like the 3-4 laser treatment the stubborn dark coarse ones started to return faster on my face. After this i decided... READ MORE

Mid Treatments-- Chin & Areola. Goleta, CA

I'm about 6 treatments in. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing results only to have more hair in the next growth cycle-- frustrating! I dont have excessive hair in either area, just a bit I'd rather not having to worry about plucking or waxing regularly! I started with my lip as well but the... READ MORE

Staying Postive - Colorado

Had my first appointment today, I only did 15 mins because I didn't know how bad it was going to hurt. I was getting my arm pits done and she didn't cover that much ground in 15 mins which is understandable because your doing one hair at a time. I didn't feel the needle but the jolt was more of... READ MORE

Hair-a-phobic! - Melbourne, FL

I'm not a fan of hair and I heard there are several ways to remove it. However, I have baby fine, blonde hair. So I go into a consult with Dr. Guy and learn that there are only a couple ways to remove my baby, fine hair for good… 1. Waxing, which could lead to it growing thicker or 2. E... READ MORE

Eyebrow Shaping - Mamaroneck, NY

Electrolysis on my eyebrows was an excellent decision - no more tweezing or waxing ever. My eyebrows no longer have unibrow and are permanently well shaped. I had a large gap in the middle of one brow due to a scar and the electrologist was able to find a great shape and match the other brow... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Female, No Children, Working on Getting Rid of Excess Hair - Pennsylvania

I come from an Italian background and unfortunately I have a lot of facial hair that I would like to get rid of. I pay $60 for an hour session and I'm so happy with my results! It can be pretty painful but you get used to it after a few treatments. I feel so much more feminine now and it was... READ MORE

Lot's of Time Invested, but Didn't Last. Deland, FL

The reason I'm sharing this review is because the plethora of people recommending this style over laser removal for permanent results. I had real electrolysis done with a needle. It was plenty painful and the hair fell out without resistance which indicated it worked. If your technician needs to... READ MORE

I Need Help Finding an Electrolysis Who Knows What He'she is Doing! - Harrison, NJ

I'll start off by saying that I detest shaving my underarms. For this reason I've sought to permanently remove my under arm hair through electrolysis. I found a deal on Groupon and went today to New Image Electrolysis in Harrison for a free consultation and the electrologist, Maria Rodrigues,... READ MORE

Feedback - Pakistan, PK

Very professional Staff. Great courtesy reminders and followup. No unecessary waiting periods. Very punctual . Thorough investigation of issue .... Good exp[lanation of issue and procedure i am satisfied with his treatmnet and would love to recommend to my family and friends. wish him best of luck READ MORE

Great Dermatologist - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Rahimi is a top notch dermatologist. I went to see him for a couple fibrous papules/ fibroangiomas on my nose which have been plaguing me for 20 years - they look like pimples that will not go away. I have seen many dermatologists regarding this and many were not willing to help me and did... READ MORE

Effective but Very Slow Process - Orono, ME

I have PCOS, so I've had hair on my upper lip pretty much all my life. I used to be able to bleach it using Sally Hansen's products, but the hair eventually grew so thick and long that it was still highly visible even after bleaching. I ended up going to an electrolysis; she charges... READ MORE

SOOOOO Worth It. - New York, NY

When I was 22 I had horrible horrible ingrowns covering my entire bikini line, and i got the whole area, electrolysized. I got sooooo lucky that after trying 2 other electrolysists, (1 too expensive and not so great imo, and 1 clueless)...i found a guy who saved my bikini line. I could swear... READ MORE

Electrolysis, the Best Way to Remove Hair - Bellmore, NY

I had a a great experience. Carol was the best i ever had. If you want beauty I had no cons the pros were more then i expected. I had too much hair on my lip and legs until i saw carol READ MORE

New technology is not painful!!! Read my update!

Wow...looking back on all my reviews, you would think I am a very unfortunate looking individual, haha...well, my mom took me and my sister to get Electrolysis when we were 24 (six years ago now) due to inheriting her upper lip hair (thanks, mom!). We got a dentist to numb us, so it was... READ MORE

My Most Annoying Hairs... ARE GONE! - Roswell, GA

She's the one who told me that the other place was turning down the electrical charge to make me feel better/ and not hurt as much... No pain no GAIN! Turn it up... and get rid of the hairs! Chin Hair.. mostly gone.. and neck hair (the one I used to dig at... GONE)... Bikini area.. happy days!... READ MORE

Great Experience - Brooklyn, NY

I went for my first electrolysis treatment at this place and for the first time i didnt breakout nor did i have scabs. I also didnt feel any pulling during the treatment. The technician explained the process and that they use unique needles that are covered by silicone. This may be the reason i... READ MORE

Electrolysis in Sydney Australia gave amazing perfect results!

With my electrologist who is very experienced - the hair removal is forever unlike laser which you have to keep gettig re-done as it only reduces hair growth. my understanding is that the FDA only acknowledges electrolysis as the ONLY permanent method of hair removal & i'd have to agree.... READ MORE

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