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Electrolysis is a hair removal technique that uses electricity to damage the hair follicle. Though it works on all skin and hair types, it is often more painful and more expensive than laser hair removalLEARN MORE ›

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I have very thick long body hair and finally decided to have electrolysis done, this is my first session and these are my pictures. It does hurt more than expected but I have hopes that it will be worth it. I have read that within the 2nd CLEARING I will have 90% of the hair permanently removed.... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I have a question, I did electrolysis on my pubic area, I have blond hair and it took around year and half to remove, I almost finished, however it's so much pain! To do it down there, I used emla cream before treatment, however I could not tolerate the pain so every treatment I did... READ MORE

So today was my first electrology session. i was nervous. i have been waxing my upper neck for a little over a yr. i have a few course hairs, not too bad and a lot of fine long dark hairs i want to get rid of. I thought it would be painful, but i bout a numbing cream applied it an hr before and... READ MORE

First off, I have to thank this community for encouraging me to get started with electrolysis. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have had slightly increased testosterone due to that, and have been troubled with stubborn dark hair on the chin and neck. I have been using a Braun epilator on the... READ MORE

I have been doing Electrolysis on my chin since June 2015. Initially I was going 2-3 times a week for 1 hour sessions. Each session is $50 NZD per hour. Which I think is very reasonable. Their 15min sessions were $19NZD and 30mins $30. My practitioner is a fantastic girl called Katelin. She is... READ MORE

MY BACK STORY I started noticing hair on my chin after the birth of my second child (25yo). It started slow and due to waxing and tweezing it progressively got worse. I also get VERY BAD ingrows/scarring/and keloids! (notice in pic) I have cysts on my ovaries as well. However finding a doctor... READ MORE

I have PCOS that caused heavy hair growth on my chin and neck. I choose electrolysis I picked my electrologist after reading her reviews and a consultation. I went faithfully every week for about 8 months, then gradually began reducing to biweekly, and every three weeks. Now I go monthly and we... READ MORE

Hi, for christmas my mother decided she'd pay for me to get electrolysis done starting from my legs, and working my way up. After looking online and reading about it, it seemed most appealing, since I read that it would be a more permanent and effective way to prevent and eventually rid myself... READ MORE

I've been doing it once a week in 1 hour sessions for about 8 months now and I'm still not sure if it's really working. From what I've read it can take years. If the area is small I think you will see results faster but I'm doing my chin, cheeks and throat (pcos) so it's taking a while. Also... READ MORE

Ive been putting off electrolysis on my female goatee for a while now. I work in an image based profession and I was scared how my skin would react. I researched and found there is only one electrologist in my city that seems any good. I went to him yesterday and did only 15 min on my chin to... READ MORE

I was so used to getting my face threaded weekly but I freaked out when I noticed the hairs were getting thicker, darker and more noticeable. yikes! i researched and found out about electrolysis, hopped around to a few places and felt like my hair was just being tweezed instead of treated. i was... READ MORE

I researched around to get the best electrolysis I obviously did not find the right one. company name is Clinica Fiore based in Central London Covent Garden.Therapist Helen orginally from the USA-LA. Went for a total of 3hours electrolysis i clearly informed her that i have sensitive skin and it... READ MORE

I was having problems with scar tissue feeling like a concrete rock under my skin, it affected movement. I was treated by Dr A Chambers and her staff over approximately ten weeks and it has made a very big difference. The staff are very friendly and I always felt I was in good hands when I was... READ MORE

I'm asian (Type IV skin) and by default don't have very much hair anywhere. The hair I had around my nether regions was straight longish, reasonable coarse and not evenly distributed. I used to shave mostly and used dissolving cream for the hair around my anus which was long at 1.5". I stared... READ MORE

Just had my second treatment. My eyebrows look sharp! I'm right now in the process of getting electrolysis on my eyebrows. The plan is to go once a week for a half-hour session. It is... painful. My hair is very thick and my eyebrows are on the bushy side. I need to let my eyebrows grow out so... READ MORE

I tried laser, 4-6 treatments and seen instant results. Most of the hair on my face and neck were baby fine hairs, there were just super dark, compared to my complexion. But after like the 3-4 laser treatment the stubborn dark coarse ones started to return faster on my face. After this i decided... READ MORE

I'm about 6 treatments in. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing results only to have more hair in the next growth cycle-- frustrating! I dont have excessive hair in either area, just a bit I'd rather not having to worry about plucking or waxing regularly! I started with my lip as well but the... READ MORE

Had my first appointment today, I only did 15 mins because I didn't know how bad it was going to hurt. I was getting my arm pits done and she didn't cover that much ground in 15 mins which is understandable because your doing one hair at a time. I didn't feel the needle but the jolt was more of... READ MORE

I'm not a fan of hair and I heard there are several ways to remove it. However, I have baby fine, blonde hair. So I go into a consult with Dr. Guy and learn that there are only a couple ways to remove my baby, fine hair for good… 1. Waxing, which could lead to it growing thicker or 2. E... READ MORE

Electrolysis on my eyebrows was an excellent decision - no more tweezing or waxing ever. My eyebrows no longer have unibrow and are permanently well shaped. I had a large gap in the middle of one brow due to a scar and the electrologist was able to find a great shape and match the other brow... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Electrolysis ranges from $500-$500 with an average cost of $575. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 39 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more