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Dermabrasion is the process of surgically scraping the skin to help lessen the appearance of scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pre-cancerous lesions. LEARN MORE ›

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I had two procedures. Dermabrasion and Erbium laser resurfacing. I had the second procedure because he was not satisfied with results, nor was I. 1. Results for first procedure... Results that he himself wasn't satisfied with. Results that caused him to ask me if I was on steroids because... READ MORE

I suffered from cystic acne as a teen, and was left with scars that have bothered me for my entire adulthood. I am a doctor, now in residency to be a dermatologist. I treat skin every day. It was horrible for me to see my own scars and want to hide my face, especially in a career where skin is... READ MORE

I began to have acne at a young age, and I continued to break out for most of my teenage years. After months of barely any zits, I decided to take my next step. Years and years of acne had left me with deep scars on my temples and cheeks. The rest of my skin was clear and smooth, but I still... READ MORE

I live in Menifee but used to drive to Redlands for monthly skin care treatments. After awhile, going there for over 2 years, I felt that I was not getting the special care that I did at the beginning. I switched to Loana Hernandez about a year ago and I feel that she is very constitent with... READ MORE

I've made and canceled this procedure 3 different times. My husband and my friends all feel I'm making a mistake. Even two of the women who work in the scheduling department feel I don't need to do this.They think I'm CRAZY!!! But I have so many acne scars all over my face and I would love to... READ MORE

Last Fall I went to see Dr. Ridgway about some acne scars. I really appreciated his honesty and feedback. He and his staff did a great job at explaining the procedure and going over what to expect during the recovery time. I am very impressed with the results and very happy that I found Dr.... READ MORE

I have underwent a Chemical peel, based Dermabrasion, in the sense I have used a 88% lactic acid peel, I have applied it uniformly all over my face, but at one face, where I have some acne/sunburn spots, I have applied a little excess in volume, because of which , all the rest peeled off... READ MORE

I am 32 one year after giving birth to my daughter. till now there was no procedures. i have clean complexion and no problems with it until now. well, i am a little tired (you know - child rather expects a lot from you) and my skin is no longer that vital. i went for a dermabrasion. the... READ MORE

I was already having a bad day and went to Dr. Bucay's StoneOak location only to realize that a new employee accidentally signed me up for the downtown location. I drove all the way there and then had a mix up about what was supposed to be done. After a little while of making clarifications,... READ MORE

I have been to Shawn for derma planing twice now. She is fabulous, I am addicted! My skin is looking much clearer and younger. I would recommend this to anyone who has acne and or aging skin. A normal facial costs more than this and I think this is much better! Office staff is very nice and... READ MORE

I had a procedure call "Derma Pen". It was performed in the office of Dr. Christina Steil, Hinsdale, IL by her nurse, Kathy Mandarino. It's a device shaped like a pen with tiny needles at the end of it (which are discarded after each patient). It aerates, tightens and smoothes the skin. It... READ MORE

Wanted wrinkles removed. His 1st procedure he did not complete it. Went back for removal of what was left of 4 wrinkles and was left with a nasty scar on my face. Only good thing is that I was looking for a plastic surgeon to do a full face lift and this is not the person. Very disappointed in... READ MORE

Extremely Friendly, Helpful and Professional. Dr. Lycka and his staff are extremely friendly, helpful and professional. My impression is that they genuinely want to help their patients feel better about themselves. I am happy with every aspect of my treatment; particularly the results. I look... READ MORE

From Kristen,Amra to Carissa clearly all your staff loves what they do...And it shows "Beyond Skin Deep"! Pure JOY!!Bravoooo!!!To echo the other 5-star reviews, the doctor and his staff have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of my issues. Despite having a busy practice, I'm almost... READ MORE

Dr. dorfmas a great to me when I was getting my wisdom teeth out this last Monday. I also had dermabrasion done. When I was six years old I was bitten by a dog twice in then face and ever since that day I have felt so insecure about then blemishes on my face till my mom suggested dermabrasion.... READ MORE

Started dermabrasion last fall to prepare for my wedding this summer after a girlfriend recommended it to me- could not be happier with the results! Completely got rid of my acne scars and improved my complexion overall. Recommend this treatment to anyone who wants glowing skin, why bother... READ MORE


I have been going to Skin Deep Med Spa in Highland Park for a little over a year. The experience and results are amazing. I look amazing and my skin feels better than ever. People who have not seen me for over a year ask what I am doing. They can not believe it when I tell them. Derma Peel is... READ MORE

Dermaplanning was done by the aesthetician at this doctor's office and she ruined my face. This procedure is suppose to be a procedure with no down time. At the time I noticed the bleeding/redness, but it was downplayed. Woke up the next morning with deep cuts ALL over my face (24 cuts total).... READ MORE

I had ldot lazer with Dr. Leeman and the review that states he cannot be bothered to answer your questions post surgery is quite right. He cannot be reached. I had an office visit scheduled for after surgery and he went to another appointment and never saw me, then I made another one and he had... READ MORE

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