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Dermabrasion is the process of surgically scraping the skin to help lessen the appearance of scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and pre-cancerous lesions. LEARN MORE ›

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Scar Revision Eyebrow Reconstruction - Colorado, CO

Actually the consultation is the considered poverty level income..soo im hopeing the 75. I paid for the consultation towards the proceedure as agreed..ive never done anything like this..i was ingured..dv related..a few years back and im certain i should have gotten stitches..but... READ MORE

Acne Scars & Hyper Pigmentation. Jacksonville, FL

Deep acne scars- have tried everything and nothing improved them, from derma pen sessions, intensive laser sessions, and fillers. Dermabrasion was my last attempt but only with a good accredited surgeon was I willing to take this chance. I will be able to see some results in a couple of weeks.... READ MORE

Dermabrasion in my Experience Better Than Laser - Hermosa Beach, CA

Four weeks ago I had a Dermabrasion around my lips and mouth. I never smoked but my lips looked I did. I was so wrinkled I didn't think any treatment would help with these deep deep lines. In the past I had a full face laser and recently a halo. I just didn't get the results I needed. I... READ MORE

Dermabrasion for Cystic Acne Scarring. East Syracuse, NY

Three weeks ago I had a dermabrasion done for moderate to severe acne scarring due to years of cystic acne. I first want to say that i have already undergone a total of 12 (yes, 12) rounds of fraxel laser from two different physicians. All of which did not even touch my scarring. Not even a... READ MORE

Not Worth It!!! - Indianapolis, IN

My orginal motivation was to rid myself of the lines around my mouth. I had done fillers before but never really liked the outcome. I wasn't going to give a bad review originally but my new motivation is I went back to this same Doctor thinking I wanted a face lift and signed up. Today, three... READ MORE

Dermaplaning Facial - East Rochester, NY

I have been educating myself on this type of exfoliation for the face. While setting up a consultation for fillers, I saw that the office was offering a special on dermaplaning. I decided to make an appt for that as well as filler consultation. Going in I was pretty nervous, leaving I was super... READ MORE

Dermabrasion - India

Hello everyone, I am reviewing this procedure since i feel there are not much reviews about this procedure online. I had a problem of acne scars, uneven skin texture, freckles etc for almost like 10 yrs now. It had a huge impact on my social life as well as on my psychology due to which i... READ MORE

Severe Pitted Scars Caused Due to Chicken Pox (Pock Marks) Treated with Dermabrasion Combined with Subscision - India

Hey there :) M Asian 19 yrs old Been reading all the mutual stories N Guess m not the only one going through the same situation! ! I had ( or have cuz idk the result yet cuz m still bandaged) severe pock marks since I was In 4th Grade n it hurts yes it does REALLY HURT :( I had purchase ... READ MORE

49 Old Female - The Woodlands, TX

I was noticing large pores and alot of fine lines,around mouth. Overall texture of skin just not very attractive. I decided on Erbium laser resurfacing and Sanding (which helps with pore size) procedure wasnt very painful. Just the sanding was alot of rubbing. Numbing cream was applied and left... READ MORE

Dermabrasion on Indian Skin - Pune, India

Hello, This is Soham from India. I had acne since my teen and have developed severe acne scarring. I have tried all most every procedure starting from micro derma abrasion, subsicion, fat grafting, filler and lasers but nothing helped to reduce my scarring before I had no choice but to go for... READ MORE

Resurfacing Procedure - Austria

Not much change since the 2 months picture, hyperpigmentation is a big issue, sorry i cant catch it on the photo after 4 months, hyperpigmentation is improving fine lines have come back, result is a Little worse than after 5 months! READ MORE

Dermabrasion (for laser damage)

After 4 years of looking at my laser damaged face and trying less invasive treatments first, I finally decided after 1.5 years of research and seriously thinking about it to get Dermabrasion. If you see my TCA reviews, you see I stayed with the same doctor. He knows my skin, has been... READ MORE

70 Years Young - Marina Del Rey, CA

I have gone to the Stevens Institute for over 15 years. During that time I have had numerous treatments including eyelid surgery, facials of all kinds, botox and fillers. The Institute is the place to go. You feel safe and secure with each associate you meet. Most recently, I had a Custom... READ MORE

Dermabrasion Further Scarred my Face - Taiwan

Horrible recovery and devastating outcomeI flew to Taipei, Taiwan to undergo a mechanical dermabrasion in Aug 2013.The surgeon is Chuang Jia Wing???Not to mention the 1-year reddness, my face is further scarred. Now it looks as if some flesh has been scratched or spooned out. It is even deeper... READ MORE

Derma Sweep! - Mountain View, CA

There was no review for Derma-sweep,so i guess i am the first one. :) Today i did a patch test on my horrible brown patches on my cheeks. I just did the right one to begin with. It felt like dermabrasion minus the crystals and a finer tip used. I have disgusting brown hyperpigmentation on both... READ MORE

Dermabrasion - Bismarck, ND

I've had acne since I was 13, but it didn't get really bad until I was in college when I developed cystic acne. By the time I was 22, I chose to get on Accutane. I have since had microdermabrasion (12x), laser resurfacing (6x), and injectibles. I wasn't getting the results I needed so here I am... READ MORE

Dermabrasion for Acne Scars on Face - Omaha, NE

I am 26 years old and have suffered from acne since middle school. I have seen a dermatologist ever since I was 18 years old, and been put on numerous different oral medications and face creams. I have done a couple chemical peels at my dermatologist office and silk peels also. I wanted to try... READ MORE

Dermabrasion Works - Tulsa, OK

Hi I'm Mexican with brown skin so they told me to do dermabrasion and I did but before I was so stress reading all the bad reviews but thank god it work for me I see a difference of 70 percent on my face and I'm satisfied my doctor told me if I get a second treatment it would get rid of my acne... READ MORE

Deep Pore Cleansing

So nice to have that splotch removed from my face, returning me to the natural beauty that I am! Thanks to the staff and to Nikki whose patience and encouragement soothed my ruptured nerves and my skin. I will follow the recommendation that I have regular exfoliation in order to avoid the need... READ MORE

25yr old looking for a little extra glow

For someone who is new to the Center, I am quite happy I was recommended here by a friend! The staff has been wonderful and I know I will continue with my regular appointments. I have recommended several gals go here already and would to anyone seeking a center for aesthetics. I always feel... READ MORE

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