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Carbon dioxide therapy (carboxytherapy) was originally developed to minimize skin irregularity caused by post-liposuction residual fat deposits. LEARN MORE ›

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I tried many creams and lotions and was desperate about my stretch marks. Dr. Margaret Corcoran suggested that I undergo carboxytherapy. I had 5 sessions of the treatment with the cream Skinplexin as take home treatment. I had the carboxytherapy every 2 weeks. It's a little painful because of... READ MORE

I did my Carboxy Therapy for my stretch marks of 10 years. Honestly, i did this because of desperation. READ MORE

I got Carboxt therapy treatment done by Dr ajaya kashyap and the results are very nice. there was a little bit swelling for few min but after that it became normall. earlier my eyes look so wierd but now am happy with the treatment. The staff was also very good and the ambience of clinic was... READ MORE

I don't normally write testimonials, I'm 30 years old, and I've had stretch marks on the backs of my knees ever since I gave birth to my son seven years ago. I tried many creams and lotions and was desperate about my stretch marks. I even shelled out about $4000 on those heavily marketed doing... READ MORE

I've been going here for about a month for carboxy therapy. Couldn't find anything for the stretch marks i had on my arms and love handles. The ones on my love handles have been there since puberty. I haven't worn a bikini for over 10 YRS because it was just so ugly! Last year i gained some... READ MORE

As age take's it course through weight gains/loss and 2 children later... the appearance of cellulite, stretchmarks are apparent. As a result, I'm on a quest to find a more natural altetnative to help improve my concerns. Upon researching many options from Mesotherapy, Lipo Dissolve, Cool... READ MORE

I have been doing research on carboxytherapy for several skin conditions. Carboxytherapy is very popular in Brazil and other European countries, but not so known here in the US. Because I live in the US, on the West Coast, I was looking for a dermatologist who has been using carboxytherapy. I... READ MORE

I finally found Innovations Medspa in Elizabeth, NJ, the perfect place to treat the stretch marks that I have after my pregnancy. I also treated the C-section scar. My sessions were quick and easy. The prices are very affordable for me. I was able to see results the next day. I am currently... READ MORE

I prepaid for 10 sessions of carboxytherapy and had the first round done this week. I couldn't find any first-hand accounts online so I'll write mine here and hopefully will have progress to report. The procedure was done by pumping CO2 into my abdomen via two needles connected to a machine, and... READ MORE

I tried carboxytherapy for the first time last week and omg I can not rave enough about this procedure. I went in to dr. Jame Heskett's office and felt completely at easy with getting the procedure done. It is pricey ($250/session) and also a little painful but nothing unbearable. If you have... READ MORE

I am very pleased with the results. I just hsd my third procedure done, on my calves, and the outter and inner part of thighs. The old white marks continue to get skinnier and less noticeable. The red ones have disappeared, im impressed! And relived theres something out there that actually... READ MORE

I received 20 needles during my first of five treatments in my stomach area. I have mt thighs, back and butt scheduled. I have to lose almost 40lbs before Dr. Carmen. DeMario will perform and surgeries. This place treats you before, after and during your lifestyle change. I will keep you posted.... READ MORE

Today was my 5th Carboxy Therapy Treatment at Medical Aesthetics of NJ, in East Brunswick NJ. Here is my story: I have these ugly stretch marks over most of my stomach from being pregnant with my son who is now 19 years old. I have tried every cream and lotion over the years on the market that... READ MORE

I don't normally write testimonials, though I appreciate when others do and enjoy reading them. I'm writing this one mainly because I find it disconcerting how little recognition carboxytherapy gets in the realm of stretch mark treatments. When I first typed "stretch marks" into realself, I... READ MORE

I originally bought 6 sessions and just bought 4 more, for a total of 10. I noticed results after 2-3 sessions, but saw major results after 5. I got it for my breasts where I've had white stretch marks since I was 13. Thought they'd be there forever. They're greatly minimized; worth any price, I... READ MORE

I recently had a Hydrosculpt and Carboxy treatment with great results. Cellulite dimples and areas of fat were greatly minimized. After having a breast reduction several years ago, I later had liposuction to proportion my body. In some areas, too much fat was removed, thus leaving me with... READ MORE

I just started this treatment on the stretch marks on my belly from having a child. i've had one treatment so far and the results are AMAZING! my stretchmarks are THINNER and my belly is TIGHTER! i swear i feel like crying, i've been struggling with this issue for FIVE years and have... READ MORE

I just had carboxy therapy done on my eyes, lower face and neck. I don't see any change. I took a photo yesterday and I took one today and there is no difference. Not impressed and I wish I had my $725.00 back. READ MORE

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