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Butt lift surgery removes sagging skin caused by extreme weight loss or aging, giving the butt a tighter, firmer appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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Del Vecchio Doll in Less Than 3 Weeks - Boston, MA

I am 5'7 and 210 pounds! I have skinny legs and as i have gotten older i have become super self conscience of my butt. i chose Dr. Del Vecchio because hes the absolute best in large volume butts on the east coast. He and his staff have been so helpful and so caring! Even though I live in NYC he... READ MORE

37yo Female After 165lb Weight Loss

I had butt lift and arm lift 2 days ago and so far from what I can see I am happy with my butt results. My arms have remained completely bandaged so I haven't seen them yet. Tonight I will have my husband help me remove all the gauze and get cleaned up. I will take pics then and will try... READ MORE

BBL ,TT- Dominican Republic

I've tryed so hard to lose weight and tone however it has been impossible to lose weight or to gain weight without losing it everywhere or gaining it everywhere. Well I have gained it but in all the places I don't want it.Now I'm on my way to the body I've been striving to have with the help of... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 3 Kids, Ready for my new body - Miami, FL

Before kids I had no complaints about my body. Three kids later and three circumcisions and I'm just over it! Over the last two years I had talks with friends about this procedure but never really proceed with a consultation but after visiting this website and seeing so much great feedback I... READ MORE

Butt by Blyer - Long Island, NY

Dr. Blyer and his staff are absolutely amazing. I had a bit of a difficult case, previously lost 100lbs and had some loose skin. Especially in the saddle bag and love handles area. My previous op was on 5/18 I almost immediately knew I was gonna go with Dr. Blyer, he didn't have as much reviews... READ MORE

25 Years Old Mother of 2 Ready for a Big Booty! Mexico, MX

Hey my bootyfull girls im new to this but im soo tired of not being in love with my body anymore and this year it need to change! Hope to god with a little gelp from Dr Campos i really love his bbl not sure about the tummy tucks though have any of you had one done from him and am i in need of... READ MORE

Ready to Upgrade my Body - Dominican Republic, DO

With my first pregnancy I gained 100 lbs! I had never been so big in my life. I have recently lost all but 18 lbs. I lost the weight with good food choices and exercise. Im still currently losing weight. I never had booty growing up, so now I have made up my mind to get this body a Fabulous... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, 4 Kids Ready For My New Booty.... - Beverly Hills, CA

36 Yrs Old, 4 Kids Ready For My New Booty.... I have been stalking this site for a year now........ I am ready for a change. I like Dr. Hazani work, on my virtual consultation he answer all the questions that I had... I also like the fact that Dr. Hazani has very good reviews and his office is... READ MORE

39 with 4 Kids Time for Me They All Getti. Older - Dominican Republic

This could make a drastic change in my life i prayed to god the job is nice my date is july and if any body need a sx partner please email  i havent seen my tummy flat since 1993 this going to be an amazing journey if any one had the money they would do it at drop of a dime READ MORE

The Ortega Experience - Miami, FL

So I wanted to write this review since having the surgery but to be honest I was caught up in my healing process lol. Spectrum was awesome very attentive and treated me well before and after surgery . When I first met Ortega I felt like I was meeting a rockstar Goethe first time. We met the day... READ MORE

Mum of Three and things aren't as pert as they used to be!

I am in the process of putting my body back to how it used to look. I have had a tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants so now I am focusing on my butt. I workout 5 times a week and my body is looking good and it's definitely 100 better than what it did but my rear end is saggy and deflated... READ MORE

Office Review - He Was my First Choice :( - Atlanta, GA

After years of deliberation and research, I finally worked up the nerve to have this procedure. I'm currently 5'7'' 220, my heaviest I was 300 pounds. Although I'm proud of my weight loss it left my body looking like a deflated balloon. Dr. J has always been my first choice, his work is... READ MORE

Im Down 2 3 Surgeons. Dominican Republic, DO

So Ive been really focused on drs that preform mainly on plus size ladies. And ive got it dwn to Cabral as I love hes work and apparently has no bmi restriction. I plan on gettin my surgery in june 2016 and plan on loosing another 15-20 lbs before sx. I will be putting up pics of myself soon as... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids - Miami, FL

Hi everyone, my name is kandy and I am 21 years old with no kids. I have been looking to get this surgery for a year now but now I have finally made up my mind to get it. I hope Dr.Hasan can give me the hour shape figure I am looking for. My surgery date is december 3rd 2015 and I am looking to... READ MORE

Soon to Be Fisher Barb 11/15!!!! - Miami, FL

Hi guys! So like we all do, I have been STALKING this realself for a little over a yr now. I have finally made the decision to go to doctor fisher at vanity miami for personal reasons. However I haven't been able to see many reviews on here about him. Anyway. I am 21 years I weigh 160 lbs and I... READ MORE

Butt lift/Lipo/Fat transfer

My motivation for this is last summer2014 my butt was ok not falling due to I guess older age. This year going down on vacation to PCB I had my bikini and looked in the mirror and said OMG my butt has falling to my thighs. So I had to go out to a bathing suit store and get one of those bikini... READ MORE


I'm so exited to get my procedure done... I have been wanted to get this for some time now.. And I finally saved up enough money to get everything I need! My birthday is October 6 and I called vanity today and spoke with a nice lady named leo... I sent them pictures and they said Iam the perfect... READ MORE

It's Official!!! Dominican Republic, DO

So I'm officially going to be a Robles doll!!!!!!! I've been reading so many reviews and seen so many pics on real self that I think I need therapy lol. But I decided to go with Dr Robles because she's board certified and her work speaks for itself and I get responses to emails in quick time.... READ MORE

20 YO 250LBS 5"7 Nursing Student Getting My Body Right for my 21st Birthday. Dominican Republic, DO

So, I'm finally making my review because I'm so serious about going to DR to get this BBL done. I have scheduled with Dr. Contreras and I'm just waiting for the right time to get my ticket because it is so high right now! I need your help though, what things should I bring on the trip to DR?... READ MORE

Best Butt Ever - Sugar Land, TX

I decided to undergo a butt lift due to having lost weight and the excess skin and overall lumpiness if my butt! It was so much easier than I thought it would be! I had to be careful sitting down but had no complications! My clothes fit better and I didn't have big hips! I have a nice round... READ MORE

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