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Butt lift surgery removes sagging skin caused by extreme weight loss or aging, giving the butt a tighter, firmer appearance. LEARN MORE ›

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48 yrs old ,5 ft 3 , 120 Ibs- Time to tighten things up

I believe that I work hard to maintain a healthy body through lifestyle, exercise & nutrition.During adolesence however my weight yo-yoed due to emotional eating & poor nutritional choices- this continued somewhat into my 20's & 30's as I still held on to those negative behaviours-(... READ MORE

37 Yrs. 3 Kids. 5"2 160lb

Hello Doll's just had my blood work today, I'm so excited!! After doing my research, I decided to go with Dr. Fisher. SEP. 25 is the day!! I'm very blessed with my body now, but after having 3 kids it really changes. I have a very healthy lifestyle stay at the 5 times a week, I will try to... READ MORE

46 and Overhaul Ready...BBL...Switched to Dr. Ortega!

One month to go! Surgery is paid for, flights and accommodations are taken care of, and nursing care and massages are covered. Now, I'm just waiting for my lab tests and medical clearance. Based on my last physical in February, my ferritin serum was slightly low, but my iron was good and my... READ MORE

20 YO 250LBS 5"7 Nursing Student Getting My Body Right for my 21st Birthday. Dominican Republic, DO

So, I'm finally making my review because I'm so serious about going to DR to get this BBL done. I have scheduled with Dr. Contreras and I'm just waiting for the right time to get my ticket because it is so high right now! I need your help though, what things should I bring on the trip to DR?... READ MORE

Awaiting my BBL with Elite Plastic Surgery's Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

I went in for my initial consultation with Dr Salama last week. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I got a consult and I was so impressed with their patient coordinator, Nancy, that I decided to book with them today! I really just went in with the mindset to see what the person examining me... READ MORE

i would say he a god in his profession.

Dr. Milan is the ultimate such a perfect & genuine. he understands what exactly the patient want n does the best. i am so happy with the surgeries he has performed on me. i got exactly what i wanted. Dr thanks a lot. READ MORE

Well Buttock Lift Surgery by Dr. Cortes

When you work with Dr. Cortes, you will benefit from a knowledgeable and caring staff.That is dedicated to making sure your experience is first-rate every step of the way. This is accomplished by providing you with exceptional levels of personalized care. Dr. Cortes will thoroughly explain all... READ MORE

Thigh Lipo and Fat Transfer to Butt - Boca Raton, FL

Im 27yrs old 5'4 158 pounds. My thighs are really heavy due to genetics I guess lol. My weight has always been up and down. My heaviest size was 225 about 7 years ago. Im getting lipo on my back and inner thighs and fat transferred to my butt. Due to weight loss the bottom of my butt sags and... READ MORE

Truly Blessed & Satisfied

After what seems to be a lifetime of tending to everyone else's needs, I decided to give myself a treat! Specifically, I wanted to enhance the relationship between my thighs and buttock. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "separation between Church and State." Yep, you go it; I wanted... READ MORE

40yrs Old- 2 Kids- Trying to Get Her Groove Back

Hey Dolls. I am getting lipo TT and BBL by Dr. Kelvin Eusebio on 6/20/2017. Deposit made! Can't wait. My concerns is traveling with the a lot of cash. I'm scared. Any suggestions? I also would like to know what all to pack. He sent a list but it didn't have all the I've notice other people... READ MORE

Getting Butt Implants - Vienna, VA

Today is my day to have my surgery done ..scared as hell ..but it's the same doctor I used for my tummytuck so I'm confident that I will be ok,I'm just scared of not being able to sit and infections but dr widder I must say I trust him to make me happy and bring my self esteem up so I can be a... READ MORE

25 Years Old - Seeking a BBL

A woman wants tofeel sexy with and without her clothes on.. i am 25 and want a small waist and a big booty.i am in the process of having a consultation with Dr Aslani. His work is amazing and i am so sire i want this procedure. I feel so ugly and i feel i dont get attention (least of my worries... READ MORE

I want to book with Doctor Mallo. So bad

Looking for the right doctor in love with Doctor Mallo but for some reason I can't seem to get information as far as where I can send my deposit they emailed me back with an quote with out detail on how to move forward with setting date a little up set because it takes forever to hear back from them READ MORE

Bless Me Dr Ghruani

I am 26 a mother of 1 . I weight 240 lbs and I am so uncomfortable in my skin . For many years I been label thick but I can carry myself a little bit more better etc I took all that into consideration so I chosen Mel Ortega to preform my surgery after doing a wonderful research . I am so ready... READ MORE

Flat Small Butt - New York, NY

I always wanted a butt, tried many different exercises, nothing worked.i I just got a small semi firm butt. I took my time to find the perfect doctor, and It was not easy, I weigh, 109 lbs, and Im 5 foot 3, so I don't have a lot of fat to work with. I decided to go with dr Shulman, and from... READ MORE

Decided to Do Liposuction and Butt Lift

I decided to do a Liposuction due to fats in my waist, love handle and bra line. I went to Dr Gregory Walsen for this procedure. Here are some pics at 5th day. My procedure went well. The only issue I had was being nauseous after the surgery, other than that, pain is just at level 2 on the 1st... READ MORE

Pre Opt B4 I Get the Look I Want - Miami, FL

I don't want much added. I still wud like it to look realistic. I'm aiming more of a lift and little curve. All I want is a cute booty and flat stomach. Once I have this procedure done my confidence level will md rise. There's soo much stuff I see in stores that I know wud look great on me only... READ MORE

Butt lift finance

I am planning to have my butt lift procedure. However it is very hard finding a doctor that accepts in-house Finance payments. If you are a doctor that have this option and is in the Houston or surrounding areas please email me thanks or call READ MORE


I was very excited to get my surgery and my dr was Dr. Jonathan Fisher he was AMAZING & gave me my dream body that I always wanted. He was very patient with my questions and concerns and everything he told me I would experience after my surgery was exactly on point. So I knew what to... READ MORE

45 Getting BBL-Make Me HOTT Dr. Shifrin!!!

I will be completely honest. After having a twin miscarriage, and finally giving birth to my son, my stomach needed some help. Plus with age, gravity has started to take over, and my rear has decided to go south. In comes the BBL!!! While I shopped around with other doctors, I was NOT willing to... READ MORE

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