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Butt implant surgery, like breast implant surgery, places artificial implants either under or on top of the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This is in contrast to a Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the butt. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi my name is China I live in Maryland I'm from Virginia had a fat transfer out va beach I t went away within a couple months I lost about 15 pounds and I totally couldn't even tell anymore so I decide to go to Dr. Widder in Tysons Virginia to get butt implants and I love my results honestly I... READ MORE

Hi pll I'm so nervous about butt implants but thanks you girls I'm very sure I want to get a beautiful butt ????. Thanks everyone for their reviews. In the pass i was in depression cause I didn't how my clothes look like. But now I will have a good butt . Yay...????. I want the procedure with... READ MORE

Hello everyone, ive been wanting to post a review since having my surgery. I first wanted to say to all the people looking to get some kind of cosmetic surgery, DO YOUR RESEARCH..!... So i had been really wanting to get my butt and breasts done. i decided to go with butt implants first. i have... READ MORE

Hiya I have been preparing myself for this for some years. Uk is not an easy place to get cakes, so I have been looking into different places. Some UK dolls have gone turkey but I read that they use breast implants ? I got in touch with cirumed one year ago they seem very good, the results are... READ MORE

I'm hoping to get about 400cc's gluteal round implants within the next 3 months. This has always been a desire since I was in my early 20's. I received my consultation with Dr. Liszka he was very caring. My original request was for bbl but felt that I didn't have enough fat and recommended the... READ MORE

Surgeries to date include 1 set of saline implants in 2008, TT in 2011, then replaces breast implants with 595cc silicone. After yrs of research , the time has finally come for my butt implants. Please note, my waiting yrs was whole heatedly due to DFW/TX/The rest of this country not having... READ MORE

I was that kid in school that looked like a popsicle stick...front and back. Never looked feminine, could never buy clothes small enough to fit, and had the self-esteem to match my popsicle shape. After I had my child, what little waist I had prior was now gone and I started putting fat on... READ MORE

I have two consultations today with Dr. Smaili and also Dr. Hughes in Beverly Hills. Does anyone have any recommendations??? I would prefer Dr. Hughes but he is VERY expensive! I am looking for a Brazilian Butt Lift but I DON'T want a huge butt ~ just needs to be lifted and filled in. Has... READ MORE

My surgery is sheduled for Feb 29 2016. 7h00 in the morning. I got all my meds and my house and sheets are clean. My bf will come and pick me up around 5 pm the same day. Ps said that I need to lay down on my stomach when I'll be going back home in taxi. I don't know how it's going to feel like... READ MORE

So I have been looking into getting butt implants for about five years now. I have consulted with so many different doctors around the U.S. and outside the country as well and I just could not decide on a doctor, because none of them seemed good enough. I was super picky with everything, but... READ MORE

Hi my surgery will be on March 5th Am really nervous. But exited Am really short and skinny 4'10 and 90lbs To be exact. This might sounds weird but I see all the girls from here talking about 350cc But my doctor just told me about Medium-Large. So I want to see if someone can explain that to... READ MORE

Hey guys. I have been on here for some time now. It’s getting real. I have decided to get buttock implants with Dr.Aslani at Cirumed in Spain. I wanted to do BBL first but it seems I do not have enough fat for a great result. I put in some work to gain weight but I just don’t seem to be able to ... READ MORE

I had hips but no butt so i went to dr cortes it seems that he has alot of experience with hourglass figure . while i was in the waiting room to meet with him i saw several follow up patients that looked very nice. He talked to be explained what he was going to do and he said it was going to be... READ MORE

I had wanted a big bum now for ages and booked my surgery 6 months ago with comfort zone surgery - istanbul turkey. I'm so glad iv done it but have to admit the pain is not nice. But looking in the mirror now I cannot believe it's my body looking back at me! Would never go to a different surgeon... READ MORE

I have been looking at this site, and it is full of wish pics, and has very limited real pictures of people whom have had butt implants. I think that some people are so unrealistic about their results, that they dont bother to upload pictures once they have had the procedure done. I am... READ MORE

I will be seeing Dr. Grawe in Powell, OH next month for butt implants and fat grafting. We decided to do AART 548cc round implants on me with lipo to my flanks/upper & lower abdomen/upper & lower back and fat grafting to my hips! I can't believe I'll be spending roughly $26,000 for my butt!... READ MORE

I'm looking to have that hour glass figure. My phone consultation is March 2nd. I really want like 500 or 550cc round or symmetrical oval implants. Not sure yet. I will let dr Stanton decided. I really want that fat ass with a lot of projection. I told them I'm looking to have surgery around... READ MORE

I had BBL procedure in Aventura, Florida in Oct 2014 and lost all the fat about 6 months later. My butt got smaller and smaller until I was back where I started with nothing. THE BBL did not work for me and I went through a very difficult healing process and spent over $15g. I decided to save... READ MORE

I've always wantes a bigger booty. I'm 5'5'' 110lbs.I could never achieve my goal on my own.my boyfriend said hed pay for me to get it done cause he wants it too. I chose Dr Ryan Stanton in Beverly Hill's becauseI heard he was the butt king!! My surgery was this morn.and so far I'm happy and... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm writing this review because I would like to share with you all my experience in the butt implant journey I have been on for the past month. I am a 24 yo Male and I have always wanted THE bubble butt: nice, round, muscular, like all the guys and girls I see at the gym. I... READ MORE

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How much do Butt Implants cost?

The typical cost for Butt Implants ranges from $4,525-$13,000 with an average cost of $8,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 427 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more