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Like breast implant surgery, butt implant surgery involves the placement of artificial implants either over or under the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This treatment differs from the Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the backside. This procedure may also be called a butt augmentation. LEARN MORE â€ş

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Butt Implants - 360 cc rounds

Just booked my surgery with Dr. Shifrin in June! I'll be getting butt implants, fat grafting to butt and lipo of abdomen, lower and upper back. I had a virtual consult with him about two weeks ago - he was very knowledgeable with great bedside manner. I had consults with a few other doctors... READ MORE

Butt Implants 712cc by Roxy (Dr.Grawe)

My experience wit Dr. Grawe has been more than amazing! She actually listen to her clients. She gives her advice in a submissive way but strives for customer satisfaction. As you all know, I had a BBL two years ago in Miami with Dr. Fisher. I decided to go with something natural because I've... READ MORE

Butt Implants and Sagging Issues

I had butt implants done with Gongora in Mexico only two years ago . It's a procedure you only want to go through once in your life !!! Now only two years later I'm considering a revision .. I traveled to Mexico from New Zealand and the procedure in all ended up costing over 15,000 with travel... READ MORE

5.1' 105. from Dr. Ryan to Dr. Grawe 434cc round

I will fly from Miami to have surgery with Doctor staton , im recovering from my last surgery and soon I will get a quote with him. I love his results with skinny girls , I hope I find a cheap place to stay there since I heard I super expensive area. Miami is the worst plan to have surgery or... READ MORE

29 Year Old, Previous BBL, Wanting More with Butt Implants

Hello Beauties! So, I have slowly but surely put myself back together after losing around 100lbs after my 2ndaughter pregnancy. I lost the extra weight withas a strict diet, exercise and *breastfeeding. Sadly to say that after all of my hard work I was left with sagginess/extra skin in my... READ MORE

26 Year Old, Round Implants

I felt it was my due diligence to post a review for my fellow RS members who were contemplating implants or going through the recovery process, since I had depended on RS 24/7. I had my butt implants done by Dr. Cortes (dr hourglass) in Houston, TX. Patience is required but RESULTS are... READ MORE

Soon to Be Gongora Girl!!!! Finally :D Mexico, MX

Hey guys! I don't know how to start this off but my title makes what I'm writing about pretty clear. My entire life although i am pretty young ( 20 ) I've been extremely thin waist down. Its gotten to the point where i tried to gain weight ( 20 pounds ) for bbl and it still wasn't enough. I've... READ MORE

5 Weeks Until my Final Round with Dr. Andres Diaz Paz in Cali, Colombia

I am counting down the days, for all that has followed my journey I had hydrogel removal January of this year, waiting all these months and now I am finally going back for surgery August 3rd with Dr. Andres Diaz Paz. I am having breast lift with implants, butt implants with fat transfer and ab... READ MORE

Butt Implants - Revision Breast Implants with Lift- Lipo to Flanks- 5' 5" 145 Pounds

I had breast implants several years ago and they are are starting to sag slightly. In addition, I would like to increase the projection of my butt. I don't want a huge donkey booty but rather a round shapely booty. I have not decided the size yet as I would like the Dr. Mejia to advise based on... READ MORE

29 Yr Old, Mother of 3, 548cc Round Butt Implant, Lipo to Flanks with Dr. Grawe

Today marks one week since my 548cc round butt implant augmentation/ under the muscle, with lipo to the flanks with the beautiful an talented Mrs. Dr. Grawe. The experience so far has been clear sailing as I have only needed to use my pain meds at night. Just finished my antibiotics this morning... READ MORE

Butt implants and lipo!

Hey everyone! I'm getting butt implants and lipo to my lower back/love handles in a few days. I'm really excited but also nervous about the size. I'm looking for something natural with projection, I'm afraid of the implant showing and looking too big and fake so my doctor chose an anatomical... READ MORE

6 Mos Post Op, Ready to Review

I had buttock implants, liposuction to flanks, abdomen and inner thighs. The fat was transferred to around the butt implants so they'd look more natural and fill out my hip area, as I have no hips. I am very happy with the liposuction, however the transferred fat was gone before 3 months post... READ MORE

Butt Implants with Dr. Shifrin!

2 weeks away from my surgery and I'm both excited and freaking out!! I work out everyday with heavy lifting so I'm not looking forward to this recovery. I also have a history of getting sick easily, not sure if it's from gym or my immune system so seeing a bunch of reviews about complications is... READ MORE

22 Years Old, and in Much Need for Hips and Projection - Georgetown, TX

So after all the stalking on I did on RealSelf late at night..( BTW thank you all for posting your experiences it's highly appreciated!!!) I'm officially getting Butt Implant Surgery in a few weeks by Dr. Franco in Georgetown, TX on May 31. I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. But I... READ MORE

5'0 105lbs 379cc Round

I am looking forward to finally having a butt! I tried working out for months only to achieve minimal results. I tried to gain weight to possibly undergo a bbl, total fail! Being very petite and having three young boys keeps me too active and gaining weight was almost impossible. SO...... READ MORE

33 Yrs 2 Kids...548cc Butt Implants with Fat Transfer!! - Dr Johnny Franco

So I put my deposit down today and booked my surgery with Dr Johnny Franco on 12/21/2016. We had a Skype consultation and he suggested 548cc round implants with liposuction to my flanks and outer thighs. With fat transfer too. I'm so excited! I've done research and originally wanted my implants... READ MORE

Good Experience Butt Implants

Dr. Cortes is everything I was looking for in a dr and more! Before I met him I had been to at least 4 other drs in search of someone to remove my under muscle implants and do a lift. I have done my research and reviewed many photos of other women who had undergone the same surgery with... READ MORE

Butt Implants, BBL, Lip Implants - Beverly Hills, CA

My surgery is 3 days away and I am so excited! I am getting 460cc Implantech Round Gluteal Implants (code CCB5-4), Lipo from my tummy and back to be used for BBL. I am 5'6, 170 pounds and have a lot of fluff I have put on in the last 2 years to put in my butt! I am also getting the largest 5mm... READ MORE

Butt implants + lower back lipo - MedellĂ­n, CO

I have booked everything today. Dec 2nd surgery, Tranquility recovery home, flights. nov28 - dec 11. I messed up with booking flight.. Oh well two days to explore Medellin.. Hopefully, it looks very beautiful there! I had my nose done two years ago on dec 2nd so funny I am going for butt on same... READ MORE

Bubble Butt

Hi every one!! I had done bbl almost 9 months ago. Spent 13k approx on that bbl but it turned out to be a total waste of of money. I lost all fats in couple months. Butt kept shrinking to the point where I started with. So bbl is a waste of money n to be honest lipo does gives you a v nice shape... READ MORE

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