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Like breast implant surgery, butt implant surgery involves the placement of artificial implants either over or under the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This treatment differs from the Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the backside. LEARN MORE â€ş

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Has anyone had butt implants with Dr. David Shifrin in Chicago, IL? I had a bad surgery once and had to have butt implants removed. I feel deformed, so insecure and sad! As time passes, i'm still healing, i feel the only way to correct this is to have this procedure again? Would like to know... READ MORE

I was going to get my surgery with Dr. Salamis but he stopped doing implants. I also was reading that some ladies when to Dr. Ryan after having surgery the results not great with just fat transfer. This is way I am going with Dr. Ryan . She told me I was going to get 300 I am not to happy about... READ MORE

Hi every one!! I had done bbl almost 9 months ago. Spent 13k approx on that bbl but it turned out to be a total waste of of money. I lost all fats in couple months. Butt kept shrinking to the point where I started with. So bbl is a waste of money n to be honest lipo does gives you a v nice shape... READ MORE

Had my surgery on the 15th of July. Feeling sore, but totally manageable. Not being able to pick up my son is the worst! The drains suck pretty bad too. Super annoying. My husband has been an awesome helper. There's no way I could do it without him. Already loving my new booty!!! My husband... READ MORE

I have always looked  kind of boyish I don't look feminine at all -girls in my family look that.the no curves clan lol...... I want to acieve a curvy figure not too drastic but noticable. Like most here I have been contemplating this for years and wanted to do a bbl originally when I first ... READ MORE

I've always had a square figure and flat bottom I know I also need a tummy tuck but during the consultation they told me I need to do the butt augmentation first. I recently had a consultation with dr cortes he then told me I didn't have enough fat to do the bbl or hips so we are doing implants... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I'm taking my booty journey to Istanbul, Turkey in just 2 days! My surgery is booked for a few days time and I wanted to share this whole experience with you. Making the decision to have surgery abroad is very daunting so I hope my review can help anyone else considering this... READ MORE

After a failed BBL about 2 weeks ago I have decided to get Implants. I honestly wish my surgeon would have just told me from the start that I was not a good candidate for the procedure and I would have looked at other options, but I had to learn the hard way. I cannot express my anger with my... READ MORE

Im so confused as to what dr to go with ive chosen dr.collette stern in asheville nc cause shes the only one that does this procedure closest to home not that thats the whole reason but im curious if any other ladies have been to her and would love feedback as where to go wanting this procedure... READ MORE

Hello ladies and gents that are looking to get this procedure done. I have been looking for a doctor for years and finally found the one. Thanks to realself and everyone's story. I had came across a woman that has the best booty because of Dr. Widder! I have seen her results on realself, social... READ MORE

Haii Im mireille. Mother of 2 children After mij second child. My butt is completely flat. At this point i really want butt implants. But im really looking for someone who already has this procedure done to have contact with. That i can whats app with and ask questions I am also looking for... READ MORE

Hello all, I'm finally going to take the plunge and get butt implants. After stalking this site and others reviews I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. I'm 5'5 @ 160 lbs, hoping for nothing smaller than 600cc's. I narrowed my doctors down to Dr Stanton, he has done the most... READ MORE

In the game ! I have confirmed my surgery appointment with Dr. Aslani in Marbella for august,I have been considering for a long time whether to do BBL or implants but I feel that BBL depends on so many things we can't control and so many do two rounds. I still want to have fag transfer together... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I'm not new to the site but it's my first review. My surgery with Dr.stanton is scheduled for 8/8. I'm excited & also scared. I'm hoping for fast no complicated recovery. My history with the butt area is as follows: failed fat transfer in 2014 & Macrolane injections in... READ MORE

It's going down you guys...I'm going to Dr. Grawe (in Ohio) next week to get butt implants!!! My Brazilian Butt Lift looks AMAZING I can't even believe how I walked around for so long with the flatty patty cakes I had before my bbl. it saddens me to think about it lol! Dr. Balgobin did one... READ MORE

I would love a nice full butt with lots projection! Been working so hard for 9 years squatting lifting isolation a lot of clean eating hard to grow them past what I have achieved! I will be chatting my journey with Stanton! He has reccommend new ovals 500cc I was wanting 600 rounds because I... READ MORE

I had my surgery on 07.07 in Marbella, and so far this has been a very uncomplicated recovery. The first hours after the epidural wore off were quite intense pain wise. After the muscle stopped contracting, most of the pain disappeared. I stopped taking pain meds on day two, and after I had my... READ MORE

Hey guys! I don't know how to start this off but my title makes what I'm writing about pretty clear. My entire life although i am pretty young ( 20 ) I've been extremely thin waist down. Its gotten to the point where i tried to gain weight ( 20 pounds ) for bbl and it still wasn't enough. I've... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 4" and 140lbs. I've been wearing padded underwear since Summer 2013. I've been reviewing this site on and off for a number of years. Initially thought of getting butt injections but decided not too. Then thought of getting a BBL but I don't have enough fat. After deciding that butt... READ MORE

After going back and forth on who to go to for butt implants, I've decided to go with Dr Ryan Stanton. He does this procedure more than anybody else I've came across. He also has a lot of positive reviews. I originally wanted to get fat transfer along with the implants but decided not to anymore... READ MORE

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