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Like breast implant surgery, butt implant surgery involves the placement of artificial implants either over or under the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This treatment differs from the Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the backside. This procedure may also be called a butt augmentation. LEARN MORE â€ş

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Butt Implants 500cc OVAL

Hi my surgery date is May 17, 2017 I was torn picking between Dr. Stanton and Dr. Grawe but going with stanton because most patients go to him when they have botched butt surgery and he fixes them also he doesn't use drains which gives you a less chance of getting an infection. Also my boyfriend... READ MORE

Butt implants + lower back lipo - MedellĂ­n, CO

I have booked everything today. Dec 2nd surgery, Tranquility recovery home, flights. nov28 - dec 11. I messed up with booking flight.. Oh well two days to explore Medellin.. Hopefully, it looks very beautiful there! I had my nose done two years ago on dec 2nd so funny I am going for butt on same... READ MORE

Butt Implants and Abdominal Etching in Colombia

Helloooo Real Self family. Well I am writing this because I am about to book my butt implant procedure in Medellin with Dr Juan Diego Mejia. I have decided to go with him because I have read some pretty great reviews. Also it is a lot cheaper than getting it done here in Los Angeles! I got... READ MORE

Butt Implants + BBL

Just booked my surgery with Dr. Shifrin in June! I'll be getting butt implants, fat grafting to butt and lipo of abdomen, lower and upper back. I had a virtual consult with him about two weeks ago - he was very knowledgeable with great bedside manner. I had consults with a few other doctors... READ MORE

bbl with implants, dr aslani spain

ITS HAPPENING. In a few days time I'll have a new body. Decided to go with doctor A as his results are realistic and he seems trustworthy. I will be taking part in 'live surgery' so he will be using my body to show other surgeons his technique of implants combined with fat transfer. STAY TUNED..... READ MORE

Doing It for Me - Miami, FL

I have always wanted to get my butt done had a BBL without any results . So for the pass 2 years I have been looking for the right doctor ,I have been on this page reading every one reviews. My first choice was Dr Grawe but she is too far away so I have decided to go with Dr Pazmino here in... READ MORE

Butt Implants 500cc Rounds

Went in at 9am got meds next thing I no I came out in 2 hours 500ccs rounds Dr. Juan Diego is the best of Colombia medillin I'm happy as I can be 5'7 121 pound's I been doing my research for 3 year's I decided him because less infection & incision have no leftovers it's in Columbia but the... READ MORE

5'0 105lbs 379cc Round

I am looking forward to finally having a butt! I tried working out for months only to achieve minimal results. I tried to gain weight to possibly undergo a bbl, total fail! Being very petite and having three young boys keeps me too active and gaining weight was almost impossible. SO...... READ MORE

29 Yr Old, Mother of 3, 548cc Round Butt Implant, Lipo to Flanks with Dr. Grawe

Today marks one week since my 548cc round butt implant augmentation/ under the muscle, with lipo to the flanks with the beautiful an talented Mrs. Dr. Grawe. The experience so far has been clear sailing as I have only needed to use my pain meds at night. Just finished my antibiotics this morning... READ MORE

29 Yo, 5'5', 115lb,BUTT Implants

I'm going to make my butt bigger within implants, don't know the size still, anywhere between 350-400, what do you think? I'm scared to death my I'm so happy that i ll make my ass prettier! Can you give me some advice? When I'm able to walk long distances like 4-5 miles? I'm afraid to gain... READ MORE

Buttock Implants After my Fat Transfer Surgery Disappeared - Beverly Hills, CA

In 2014 they made me brazilian buttock lift but a year later everything disappeared because I decided to put implants of buttocks because it is something permanent and as I am a thin woman who loses weight easily the best was this surgery, recovery is delayed and a little painful But it's worth... READ MORE

26 Yr Old 1 Kid and I've Been the Same Size Since High School

All my life i have been told hiw skinny i was and teased about not eating. Truth is i eat more than the average female if not the same. Its always been a challenge for me to gain and obtain the curves every women desire. This year i decided i wanted to get implants.My boyfriend fully supports my... READ MORE


Im 18 year old from U.K. Who wants a Latino / ethnic style Brazillian butt lift with implants. I want wide hips and projection although I am quite a thin patient. At the moment I am going with dr aslani in Spain but I'm afraid EU doctors can't do the same amazing work as those in the DR or even... READ MORE

What A Girl Wants Journey

After a failed BBL about 2 weeks ago I have decided to get Implants. I honestly wish my surgeon would have just told me from the start that I was not a good candidate for the procedure and I would have looked at other options, but I had to learn the hard way. I cannot express my anger with my... READ MORE

22 Years Old, and in Much Need for Hips and Projection - Georgetown, TX

So after all the stalking on I did on RealSelf late at night..( BTW thank you all for posting your experiences it's highly appreciated!!!) I'm officially getting Butt Implant Surgery in a few weeks by Dr. Franco in Georgetown, TX on May 31. I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. But I... READ MORE

39 years old, 5'4", 115 lbs, 379cc round butt implants

I have wanted butt implants for as many years as I can remember (I have absolutely no butt, never have) and I'm finally doing it as my 40th B-Day present! Finding an experienced doctor relatively near me was the tricky part, I didn't want to travel hundreds of miles post surgery. I finally found... READ MORE

Getting Nervous - Columbus, OH

I'm schedule to get a fat transfer and butt implants with Dr. Grawe in May! I'm really starting to get anxious and freak out about the surgery and the recovery. Any tips for any of you ladies for what I should be doing up until the surgery day to make sure I am healthy and what I should take... READ MORE

Medellin Doll Awaiting New Booty

Well I finally arrived to Medellin, Colombia yesterday afternoon. I am staying at Hogar Carmelita in Las Palmas I am pleasantly surprised. I must say the treatment here has been five star and the house is absolutely beautiful, I must say the treatment here has been five star and the house... READ MORE

Butt Implants and Inner Thigh Lift

I am 43 yrs and 3 kids so excited for that day just can't wait... I made a review on many doctors and found Dr Cortes that his picture talks for himself,,, I am a month to go and have to gain a few pounds that's was what I was told..... I weigh 146 lb and I'm 5 ft and for my fat transfer and... READ MORE

25 Years Old Petite 102 Pounds 5 Feet Tall - Columbus,

Currently one day post op and loving my new body. Had lipo and butt implants with the fat bring grafted around the implants giving me also more waist. I chose aart 550 round mostly because I was afraid of the ovals rotating. As of right now I have no pain in my behind area mostly very soar... READ MORE

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