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Like breast implant surgery, butt implant surgery involves the placement of artificial implants either over or under the muscle to enhance the size and shape of the butt. This treatment differs from the Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person’s own fat (liposuctioned from other areas of the body) to naturally augment the backside. This procedure may also be called a butt augmentation. LEARN MORE â€ş

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Do Not Want a Sharpei Grandpa Butt

Procedure completed 1 pm on 13, October 2016 I think I got 320ml round. He was going to do the max the space allowed. 2 incisions no drains. I am at end of post op day 3/ staying on top of pain medications. Taking Norco every 4 hours only first day then weaned to 1 every 4 hours second. day .... READ MORE


Hi dolls, I had a BBL in July 2014 with a famous doctor in Miami. I always had extra fat on my body growing up and dreamed of having an hour glass figure so after doing endless hours of research i booked a flight and sx date and flew all the way to Miami without thinking twice - i just wanted... READ MORE

I Want Look Like a Woman ! - Spain, ES

I have always looked  kind of boyish I don't look feminine at all -girls in my family look that.the no curves clan lol...... I want to acieve a curvy figure not too drastic but noticable. Like most here I have been contemplating this for years and wanted to do a bbl originally when I first ... READ MORE

Booty Implants with Stanton

First, I have to say I did a review during my journey but hated having my before pics online. I decided that this site helped me go through my procedure so I am going to re-post my pics if it will help someone else. This review is strictly my journey and experiences. Some girls/guys healed... READ MORE

In Much Need of a Butt! - Manhattan, NY

Looking for the right Doctor to make me look beautiful again! I have 4 kids and lost a lot of weight and with that my butt, so I have being reading a lot and came across this awesome app, now I'm more confident about what I'm about to do, I have read about lots of different Doctors but I decided... READ MORE

Trying to Decide Which Size Implants to Get - Columbus, OH

So yesterday I went to Columbus Ohio and met Dr. Grawe for my consultation for a butt augmentation. I have decided on getting implants, with lipo on my flanks and fat grafting into my hips and butt to make it look more soft and natural. I am super excited for surgery and glad I met such an... READ MORE

Chicago Area - Any Dr. David Shifrin Patients?

Has anyone had butt implants with Dr. David Shifrin in Chicago, IL? I had a bad surgery once and had to have butt implants removed. I feel deformed, so insecure and sad! As time passes, i'm still healing, i feel the only way to correct this is to have this procedure again? Would like to know... READ MORE

59 Year Old Male, Happy with Results from Dr. Chugay - Orange County, CA

I had my implants 6 months ago, and never posted anything to this site before, however I read a lot of reviews and comments from other people, and this site has been a real help to me. I'm always especially happy to see a male getting this surgery because it is mostly women that I see here. ... READ MORE

5.1' 110. Changed from Dr. Ryan to Dr. Grawe

I will fly from Miami to have surgery with Doctor staton , im recovering from my last surgery and soon I will get a quote with him. I love his results with skinny girls , I hope I find a cheap place to stay there since I heard I super expensive area. Miami is the worst plan to have surgery or... READ MORE

32 year old mom of one year old wanting more curves. Columbus, OH

Im so confused as to what dr to go with ive chosen dr.collette stern in asheville nc cause shes the only one that does this procedure closest to home not that thats the whole reason but im curious if any other ladies have been to her and would love feedback as where to go wanting this procedure... READ MORE

Feeling Beautiful Isn't Cheap Journey to Implants

After a failed BBL about 2 weeks ago I have decided to get Implants. I honestly wish my surgeon would have just told me from the start that I was not a good candidate for the procedure and I would have looked at other options, but I had to learn the hard way. I cannot express my anger with my... READ MORE

Scheduled for Surgery!

Hi everyone! I have been a real self user for a couple of years. I found my previous surgeon on this site and stuck with him because of his reviews so I enjoy doing my research on here. I am interested in butt implants and found Dr. Stanton, I scheduled my consult with him and he was very... READ MORE

29 Year Old, Previous BBL, Wanting More with Butt Implants

Hello Beauties! So, I have slowly but surely put myself back together after losing around 100lbs after my 2ndaughter pregnancy. I lost the extra weight withas a strict diet, exercise and *breastfeeding. Sadly to say that after all of my hard work I was left with sagginess/extra skin in my... READ MORE

Endless Heavy Squat and Isolation Finally Giving In! - Beverly Hills, CA

I would love a nice full butt with lots projection! Been working so hard for 9 years squatting lifting isolation a lot of clean eating hard to grow them past what I have achieved! I will be chatting my journey with Stanton! He has reccommend new ovals 500cc I was wanting 600 rounds because I... READ MORE

Implant recovery journey and updates 22 years old very satsfied

Hi my name is China I live in Maryland I'm from Virginia had a fat transfer out va beach I t went away within a couple months I lost about 15 pounds and I totally couldn't even tell anymore so I decide to go to Dr. Widder in Tysons Virginia to get butt implants and I love my results honestly I... READ MORE

Dr.Aslani Implants and fat transfer- Spain, ES

In the game ! I have confirmed my surgery appointment with Dr. Aslani in Marbella for august,I have been considering for a long time whether to do BBL or implants but I feel that BBL depends on so many things we can't control and so many do two rounds. I still want to have fag transfer together... READ MORE

Bubble Butt

Hi every one!! I had done bbl almost 9 months ago. Spent 13k approx on that bbl but it turned out to be a total waste of of money. I lost all fats in couple months. Butt kept shrinking to the point where I started with. So bbl is a waste of money n to be honest lipo does gives you a v nice shape... READ MORE

24 Yo Male Wanting a Bubble Butt - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello all, I had been researching a reading several of the reviews prior to booking my surgery, I was super nervous but everyone here gave me the courage to actually go through with it. I am 5"9 roughly 128lbs. I also live in North Carolina. After doing my research, I realized that Dr. Stanton... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Mother of 3, 5"7, weight 123. - Beverly Hills, CA

Today is day 1 of post op surgery for butt implants. I am sore but the pain isn't very bad at all. Taking regular strength Tylenol as of last night. Some may feel different as we all feel pain differently. I am definitely loving what I see already!! Very professional office and the staff are... READ MORE

bbl or lipo with implants ???? uk girl cant decide

SO I am a 19 year old girl who wangs curves but don't think I have enough fat for BBL. finally have the opportunity to do this but I don't know whether to get just BBL or Implants with 2 areas of lip. I want a Latino/ethnic style butt and I really want hips!!! what would you recommend ? I think... READ MORE

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