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I always have the finest of experiences and results.

I have received the best of experiences with Dr. Arianna. Her staff is so warm and Tula Welness has become a place that I all one of my " home's away from home. Dr. Arianna is so dedicated to her staff that should you have a concern, even on a holiday, she will drop everything to meet you at her... READ MORE

Third Time's a Charm - Milton, ON

This was my third and last surgery, I have had almost all my teeth done. I have used AlloDerm and my own tissue, either way each worked wonderfully. Without the surgery I was afraid that one day my teeth would fall out of my mouth. You have to follow the rules for eating and brushing after... READ MORE

Teeth Sensitivity Due to Gum Recession - Toronto, ON

At first I was a little nervous and scared of the procedure, but it was worth it, this procedure avoids you from losing your teeth and it really reduces the sensitivity plus your teeth look much better, these are the pros, the only con is the recovery, but like all surgeries, it's a matter of... READ MORE

Alloderm for Breast Surgery

Did not need expander, constant visits, any skin or tissue taken from any other part of my body after single, simple mastectomy. Alloderm and implant was used on the inside, my own skin on the outside. So happy to have been the right candidate. Canada could not do it right, so I had to trael... READ MORE

Bad Infection - New York, NY

Had it put in my nose along with cartilage grafts from my ears. Within a few weeks it got infected and a big abscess formed on my nose near my right eye. It was cultured and drained. I was on Bactrim twice, Cipro and now Levaquin. Also using topical Mupirocin. The abscess is still there one... READ MORE

AlloDerm - Illinois

17 years ago I had Alloderm put into upper and lower lip and nasolabial folds. At 49 I still have no lines in the upper lip, which had at 32 begun. The nasolabial folds were very helpful as well. It didn't make my lips look bigger, but it firmed up the pesky skin that wrinkles around the... READ MORE

Alloderm to Smooth out the Lumps and Dents After Mastectomy

I had a bilateral mastectomy. i had alloderm put in my right breast to smooth out the lumps and dents. I had radiation on this right breast too 4 years ago. i also had alloderm put in my port scar to smooth it out. The first few months after surgery it looked good, now 6 months later... READ MORE

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