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Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas such as the eyebrows, jawline, and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, triggering the natural production of collagen. While some people might see an effect immediately after their treatment, most real results appear over two to three months as the collagen gradually improves skin’s tone and elasticity. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,675

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For anyone considering Ulthera or looking for a good doctor please read. I am going to be 37 years old, and consider myself to have a youthful appearance that I would like to maintain for as long as possible. Five months ago Dr. Asaad Samra at the Samra Group performed Ulthera on my face and... READ MORE

Hi All, Dr. Rahimi was referral to me by my Kaiser Permanente Dermatologist regarding poor chin lipo where the Dr. (David Amron) removed too much fat under the right side of my chin which caused a pronounced platysmal band and lopsidedness to the right side of my face. Ugh! I really hated my... READ MORE

I am 43 have tried all sorts of lasers and did not feel ready for a surgery. I have these cheeks that anyways I feel are too big but the turned into jowels and my neck became very turkey like. I had researched a lot on facial and neck PS but between the expense and the downtime was just not up... READ MORE

I am 7 days post Ultherapy of my lower face and neck. I can already see some changes and feel tighter through my jaw and upper neck. My only regret is that I didn't go for my entire face. The staff at the clinic did a fantastic job making sure my pain during the procedure was tolerable. It was... READ MORE

After reading reviews I phoned the medical spa to ask about the pain and was told that serveral months ago the protocol was changed and the procedure was much less painful now. I had Ultherapy - full face and neck - a few days ago and though it was very uncomfortable at times, it was not... READ MORE

I had the lower face and full neck done. I am very pain tolerant (I had an 8 hour double mastectomy and never took pain meds) but I was in a lot of pain during the full 2 hrs it took. Wish I was told how painful it would be so I could have either mentally or pharmacologically been prepared. Pain... READ MORE

I gave this a thumbs up but don't actually know yet what the results are going to be as I just had the procedure today. I just turned 55 and have been considering a lower facelift for sometime but just never seem to have the work downtime. I did however want to do something proactive to see... READ MORE

I had ultherapy in the lower face 4 months ago and have had only negative results. First of all it was way more painful a procedure than I thought. I was told that the company updated its method and it would be less painful than previous settings that they used. Can't imagine how painful it... READ MORE

I had my procedure done 4 days ago. During the procedure, there was one time I felt a sharp needle poking the nerve of my scalp. I actually jumped a little because I did not expected that sharp pain. On the second day, I felt numbness to the back side of my right scalp. Each time I touch my... READ MORE

Had it done TODAY 4/10/13 so the 'not sure' rating is the most accurate. Area is lower face: jowls/chin & upper neck. The experience does hurt, but was tolerable. Some spots were almost intolerable though. I had no medication. They told me to take ibuprofen but I forgot- was running late... READ MORE

I have been reading and considering Ulthera for quite some time. I scheduled my appointment for April 4th (yesterday.) After reading many of the reviews on this site I was really afraid to have it done. I am pretty tolerant of pain, but the reviews really had me stressing over it. I almost... READ MORE

I am 39 years old and the signs of aging were really beginning to bother me. I was looking for something non invasive and was confused with all the various.options out there. I came across this treatment and after much research and questioning I had this done on Tuesday 22nd Jan 2013. As most of... READ MORE

I had the Ultherapy procedure in October 2012. Personally I found it to be painless, but I was medicated and I have heard that others might feel some discomfort. My skin appeared tighter immediately after the procedure and has continued to improve. In my line of business I see clients once every... READ MORE

I will be 56 this weekend, and look 10 years younger. In the last year there's been more attention than I like to my sagging cheeks and () around the mouth, so decided to update my face to match my body. It is 3 days after full face Ultherapy… and I pray it gets better. It hurt much... READ MORE

The treatment is painful and can leave one with temporary sensations of numbness in treated areas. Communication is the key to successful treatment. During the treatment I experienced an increase sensation of discomfort from the prior pulses, I told the provider whom adjusted the head . Its a... READ MORE

I wont kid you there are times it actually really hurt (a lot) I had the numbing cream on prior for 45minutes to help but there are spots where the pain was excruciating. The good thing it is only for a few seconds and when they stop it stops too.Dont be afraid to stop them if it hurt too much,... READ MORE

Just finished my first full face Ultherapy treatment today and I have to say, the anticipation of pain, bruising, and swelling was way worse that the actual procedure. Yes, I started taking Arnica 4 days ago and yes, I took the "happy hour" cocktail of Xanax and Percocet right before they... READ MORE

$3,500 full face; $250 per area for follow-up four months later. So, it all depends on the Dr.. and technique of depth, criss-crossing the rays and number of rays. 4.5 depth is great for jowls and neck, 2.0- 1.5 eyes, 3.0 to temples and forehead. At least a 2 or 3 thousand clicks for the full... READ MORE

I had a full face and neck Ultherapy done in August. The results are best seen, I believe, from side photos. I am 56, slim, fair skinned. The difference is subtle but there is definitely an improvement, particularly around the brow. It wasn't painful except for the forehead, that was very... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy done on the lower face area 1 month ago and a second treatment of the lower and some of the upper face and it works! My face after 4 weeks was tighter and the skin did not sag at all anymore. I had a few lines or wrinkles that are gone too. The second treatment I am about a a... READ MORE

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