this is an update to 8 weeks post op pics from my posting titled

I had a breast augmentation revision and it's been...

I had a breast augmentation revision and it's been 6 weeks post op. The left one feels tighter than the right and I am worried I developed capsular contraction. My areola scars are still healing and my doctor says that I am entering the ugly period of scar healing. I think they look so horrible!! I havent been able to show my breasts to my bf and i dont think ill be able to show them at all, if ever again!!


I think for 6 weeks out you look great! You're going to look amazing in a few months. Ask you PS about using Mederma on the scars after the skin is healed.
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I just had surgery on the 30 of Nov. I had my saline implants removed due to cap contracture and had silicone implants put back in. Cap C is painful and it will almost look like your skin is hugging the implant which I don't see from your pics.It will also pull tissue away from the skin (or atleast mine did) Did your doctor go above or below the muscle? C.C is more common when placed above the muscle. I'm having a horrible post op too. My PS was suppose to put my new implants below my muscle because the chance of me developing C.C again is higher but while I was asleep in the OR he changed his mind and I didn't find out till yesterday. Good Luck
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HI Cher, I dont see any of your pics. My doctor told me that getting cc has alot to do with the the implants and how sterile it is at the beginning of the surgery. As with any germs in the air, it already develops like a film once it is placed inside they say that they are supposed to double sterilize the implants. also, the smooth implants are more likely to develop cc than the other ones. alot of the time also, the PS will make some crucial decisions in the OR to ensure that you are properly looking right. sometimes, it is making sure the size looks the same, the position, etc. so i think on your part your PS decided you would look more natural if its over the muscle. can i see your pics?

This is an at 8 weeks post op and...

this is an at 8 weeks post op and you can see dimpling because of not enough fat injection and the scars are horrible. :( its so depressing


Just update your profile and scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a button to add more pics. I am so sorry this is happening but it is possible it will correct itself. What is the PS saying? Have you shown the doctors on this site to ask their opinion?
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i posted but havent got a reply
my PS said i will need another fat injection but i have to wait for all this to heal which is about a year! :( :(
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