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Helo, I will be very happy if u can recommand me....

I will be very happy if u can recommand me..
I had tubular breasts revision before 2 years
I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation
my left side was A cup, but very saggy
and the right was much more little
my doctor used 385cc and 325CC silicone imlants, moderate profile, benelli lift
I know its much better now than what I had, but I am not happy with th result

Do you think another benelli lift may help me achieve a better result?

thanka a lot!!!!!!
current photos would help. What is the issue with your revision are they still saggy? I have a similar story saggy left and next to nothing right. From what I'm learning benelli has it's limits and in my case the recommendation is a lolipop lift.



maybe now?

So here is my pic 2 years post op

Honestly, most women have some type of asymmetry. You have a very nice breast size. Do your bras fit properly? If they fit well, you might not really need a revision. Hope the community and the Doctor Q&A are helpful to you. Keep us posted if you decide to do a revision. Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!

thank you very much! my bras fit properly, the only thing I really want to achieve is round breasts, as much as possible because of my tubular shape.. I feel like my boobs still look odd Thank you!!!! a lot!!! :)

Keep us posted on what you decide to do!


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