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After extensive research, I decided to have a...

After extensive research, I decided to have a breast implant revision surgery in March 2013. My left side was very low causing a double bubble on the bottom on the breast. It was painful and looked odd. Now, 9 months later, I'm looking at going back to fix the left side, yet again, because it is really high. It did not drop into the pocket. Hopefully, the same doctor can fix it. I went to Dr. Pousti. He was a little far for me but his ratings on Realself were 5 stars. No other surgeon has this high of ratings. So I am looking at getting another revision in Feb 2014. I don't want to do this but my left breast is so high, it looks funny. I just want them to look close to the same for once....
I'll keep updating as it gets closer....
I should talk to the doctor's office tomorrow and I'lll post more then.


Sorry you are having to go back again for revision. I went to Dr Stoker for my third revision, my previous ps who did the first and second surgeries was in NJ, Dr Stoker is in LA. I flew from VA for the surgery. So far it is good, the left breast is a little bigger still and I plan to have it checked, but overall considering what he had to work with I think he did an excellent job. Might not hurt to get another opinion. I do see a lot of people very happy with dr Pousti. Best wishes to you. I look forward to seeing your updates.
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So far Dr. Pousti's beside manner is great and my first revision surgery the whole team, office and all, treated me so wonderfully. However, my left side that he fixed because it was too low is now way too high. I do like the doctor very much, however, I am dreading spending more money and going through another surgery. I hope all goes great when I talk to them tomorrow :) I will keep updating with new info later....thanks!

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