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I had a BL/BA with Dr. Pousti on Sept.7, 2011. I...

I had a BL/BA with Dr. Pousti on Sept.7, 2011. I had always been unhappy with my breasts, especially after breastfeeding. I thought about having this procedure for about 8 years, but was always scared of the idea. The girls in the office made me feel so comfortable I booked my surgery that day. My skin tends to scar very red, so i am having a scar revision as well relifting. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with the first surgery. Dr. P and his office staff are more than caring and attentive. Dr. Pousti really listens to what you want. He is highly skilled in his profession! I already love my new breasts! So I know they are just going to get better! I am excited for my revision surgery, I know he is going to make them look amazing!


Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! Why do you feel that you need the re-lift at this time?

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I had surgery this morning and as always the...

I had surgery this morning and as always the nurses were wonderful, as well as Dr. Pousti. I was a little nervous this time around, but the nurses made me feel so relaxed and at ease. The nurses make sure your every need is met. Again, just like the first time, I had a very pleasant experience and the surgery center Dr. Pousti is such an amazing doctor! He really listened to what goals and "look" I wanted to achieve. I have no doubt that he did everything in his power to give me everything I asked for. I haven't seen them yet as I am bandaged up, but I am already happy with the upgraded size! Dr. Pousti is a incredibly AWESOME doctor! He is talented in creating beautiful breast! I would recommend him over and over again!!


I had my one week post op today! First of all, the staff is wonderful and inviting. I was so excited and nervous to see the revision! I met with wonderful Dr. Pousti and he gave me a peek of my new girls. I had to tell him that when I saw the 752cc written on my chest I was secretly so STOKED!!!! My breast are only one week out and the size and shape are AMAZING!!!! Seriously, my smile was beaming from ear to ear and was almost shaky I was so ecstatic. I mean I am a little swollen, but they looked so good I have I have to call Dr. Pousti a BREAST PERFECTIONIST!! LOL Of course, yet again, my recovery as been very easy. I feel very good other than being a little sore. My over all experience is wonderful as always. I gave Margie a hug, because she is so sweet and her phone call to talk about the revision was really reassuring and I wanted her to know how happy I was with the results. It almost made me teary eyed. They were so extra sweet and gave me flowers! I have to say that I can not thank them enough! I have and always will exude so much gratitude to Dr. Pousti and all of his staff, amazing nurses included! When I say this I mean it "They really treat you like family." Dr. Pousti followed my case personally very closely, because I had a minor complication with my areola. That is why we did the scar revision. He saw me once a week for the longest time, I cant even remember, 6 months or even more. Then still after that he would do frequent checkups. Dr. Pousti stands by his work, goes above and beyond to deliver what you ask for to truly bring happiness to his patients. I recommend him to anyone looking for a not only a highly skilled plastic surgeon, but also a caring,wonderful man.
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I felt I needed the re-lift because I wanted my breast higher and tighter. The right breast had a slight hang more than the left and I wanted that to be correct. I also chose to go larger for more cleavage!
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I was referred by a friend. I had an outstanding experience in every aspect and would use Dr. Pousti for any other needs!

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